Con Leave Army?

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Con Leave Army is a club for the ex-serviceman. It provides a platform for ex-servicemen to connect with each other and to provide a support group to all the ex- servicemen. To join, call them at 9810103429 or email them at

Con Leave Army? – Related Questions

How do you take con leave in the Army?

You can take con leave in the army. There are two types of con, short and long. Short con is 4 days per year. Long con is 7 days per year. Both short and long con can be combined with leave. (Holidays) You must be on the list of the seniority. And you must be on leave for 4/7 days. You can take con leave anytime you want, with one condition � your leave should not exceed 4/7 days per year. So, if you have 3 unused days of leave, you can take 1 day of con leave. If you have 24 unused days of leave, you can take 8 days of con leave..

Do you get paid on convalescent leave?

Indeed, you get paid on leave. Your employer pays you your full salary from your first full day on leave. If you have been on leave for more than a week, you will also be paid a weekly rate of €61.38 for each week that you have been on leave. This weekly rate is paid from the first week of your leave..

What is chargeable leave in the Army?

Chargeable leave means additional leave (extra to what one is entitled) which is counted for pension purpose. So it is leave which is added to the total service for calculating pension..

How long is military convalescent leave?

A military convalescent leave is an official absence from active duty. A military convalescent leave is granted by the Department of Defense to allow injured military personnel to recuperate. Each branch of the Armed Forces has different regulations regarding the convalescent leave..

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Can I go home on Con leave?

According to the Army’s policies, you can go home on leave for a period up to seven consecutive days. This period is often cut short for military service members to attend to a family emergency, or because of a medical situation. But soldiers who were stationed overseas are given the opportunity to go home for a period of 14 days. However, soldiers from one station can be granted a leave of up to a month but not exceed 21 days. This leaves a maximum of only 10 days to use in the next year..

How long is con leave?

Con leave is used to describe two different but related things. Firstly, it is used to describe maternity leave. Most countries now have laws guaranteeing mothers a period of time off work, usually between 4-6 weeks after giving birth, although this is not universal. Maternity leave is paid leave. Secondly, it is also used to describe paternity leave, which is leave given to fathers after their partners have given birth. This is not guaranteed by law in the UK, although some companies do offer it. Paternity leave is usually one or two weeks. Some countries do have laws which force employers to give employees paid paternity leave..

Can army leave be denied?

Yes, the army leave can be denied, but it is very rare. All soldiers are given annual leave according to their rank. For example, a Colonel with 15 years of service is given 44 days of annual leave. A Private with less than two years of service is given 40 days of annual leave. The army does not have the right to deny the application of an individual soldier for leave, but they can deny the leave itself, if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the army..

Do you go to jail if you quit the military?

If a soldier enlists in the military and then quits, they must comply with the regulations put in place by the military. The regulations state that a soldier must complete their enlistment. If a soldier does not want to do this, then they can ask for a hardship discharge. A hardship discharge is considered a medical discharge from the military due to health or family problems. At times, a hardship discharge can be given if there are mental health problems from the service member. The regulations also state that salesmen, clergyman and others who have a similar reason for quitting can get out early. There are quite a few other reasons why a soldier can be given an early discharge. We should also state that there is a difference between quitting and being discharged or separated from the military. When a soldier quits, he or she is leaving of their own accord. When a soldier gets discharged, they are kicked out for some reason, such as bad conduct..

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Can you leave the army after 4 years?

A soldier can apply for discharge at any time after completing 4 years of service. A soldier may be discharged before the completion of 4 years of service for any of the following reasons: 1. The soldier is discharged for dependency or hardship. To apply for discharge for dependency or hardship, the soldier must have served at least 6 months of active duty in an active duty for training status. 2. The soldier is discharged in accordance with the Service member’s Protection Act. To apply for discharge in accordance with that Act, the soldier must have served 180 days of active duty in an active duty for training status. 3. The soldier is discharged in accordance with the Armed Forces Discharge Review Board provisions of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). 4. The soldier is discharged in accordance with the provisions of 10 USC 1171 for fraudulent enlistment. 5. The soldier is discharged for the convenience of the Government (only.

Do soldiers have to pay for leave?

Yes, soldiers have to pay for leave. They have to pay for leave according to their basic pay. The leave credit system was introduced in the British Army in 1960. Leave credit is the number of days a soldier is entitled to take leave. It is calculated at the end of each month, based on the length of service in that month, and includes rank progression. The number of days of leave that can be taken is not included in the leave credit, but is left to the discretion of the commanding officer..

Can leave be denied?

Yes, leave can be denied under any of the following conditions: It is very important that employers should be very careful while denying leave to their employees. If you are the owner of the company then it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are taking leave as per the company rules. If any employee is found misusing the leave, you should first issue them a warning letter. If they are found guilty for the second time, it is better to deny them leave. If you are not the owner of the company then it is the duty of the management team to ensure that leave is not misused. If an employee is found misusing the leave then it is the duty of management to deny leave to that particular employee..

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What qualifies as military leave?

Military Leave covers a host of entitlements that provide a financial and/or scheduling benefit to a service member. The more common entitlements are:.

What happens after your 4 years of active?

After your 4 years of active duty, you will get to choose your next step. If you want, you can stay in the active reserve, which means you will be expected to get back to training within 6 months to 1 year. This is called drilling. It will count towards the 8 years of total service that you need to get benefits like healthcare, travel pay, and disability pay. You can also choose to stay in the inactive reserve (6 years to 1 year of drilling), which means you will not get paid during this time..

Do soldiers get weekends off?

Basic training is the only place when soldiers work seven days in a row. Soldiers get to spend one weekend off each month when they are in the active service. On the weekend, the soldiers are allowed to go to the recreation center where they do various activities like billiards, playing pool, watching movies, video game, pool, reading books, dancing, singing, enjoying the outdoors, listening to music, playing board games, playing cards, watching TV or chatting with friends. Each weekend is packed with activities and soldiers are always looking forward to the weekends..

Can I take 120 days of terminal leave?

You can take 120 days of terminal leave. Up to 30 days of terminal leave is the legal entitlement. However, you can negotiate with the employer for more time off. There are no statutory restrictions, so this can be done. The company should take into account how long you have been there and the reasons why you need an extended leave. If you are in a senior position, then you will be able to negotiate for more time off..

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