Do Orgasms Help Headaches?

Yes, ******* do help headaches. The reason behind this is the same reason why ****** helps tension headaches, which are caused by increased stress and anxiety. ****** helps by releasing endorphins and oxytocin, both of which relieve pain..

Do Orgasms Help Headaches? – Related Questions

Do orgasms worsen headaches?

Yes, ******* can worsen headaches. Many people experience mild headaches or migraines prior to reaching climax. This is because the brain is tensing in reaction to sexual stimulation. The same thing happens during a migraine. As the sexual tension reaches its highest point, the brain’s tension increases. The reason for this is a matter of debate..

Does a BJ help a headache?

There are two kinds of headaches: Migraine and Tension Headache. __% of people who have migraines experience their first headache before the age of ___. A tension headache is a headache that’s not a migraine and is caused by stress & tight muscles in the neck/upper back/forehead. It is characterized by a band of pain that feels like a vise squeezing the top of your head. A tension headache can be caused by a tight neck or shoulders, fatigue, stress, overwork and not enough rest. A doctor or a pharmacist may be able to give you simple home treatments for your headache pain. A ******* can indeed make your headache blow away (pun intended). However, this is a temporary solution. It is best to see your doctor if your headache persists so he/she can check if you have done any damage to your head or spinal cord. If you have a tension headache, going to bed earlier and drinking lots of water can help..

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Can an orgasm cause a brain aneurysm?

The word ‘climax’ is the scientific term for ******, which is defined as one of the most intensely pleasurable experiences that a human being can undergo. This is caused by a release of tension in the genitals, which is akin to the release of endorphins and oxytocin, a chemical that is also released during breastfeeding. However, while ******* are very positive, they have been associated with a few negative side effects as well, one of which is that a strong ****** may lead to heart attacks in patients with cardiovascular diseases. There are also rare cases of men suffering from cerebral vasospasm, a condition that could result in a brain aneurysm. This is caused by the excessive release of neurotransmitters which causes the blood vessels around the brain to dilate, increasing the risk of a brain hemorrhage in these patients. While there are a few negative side effects, the good news is that it is nearly impossible for someone to die from an ******..

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