Does Godiva Chocolate Deliver?

Does Godiva Chocolate Deliver?

Does Godiva Chocolate Deliver? Yes, Godiva does deliver. They send gifts to anyone you want, in addition to shipping to store, shipping to store and shipping to the recipient’s home. You can order their products online, over the phone or by mail. You can also shop in person at their shops, which are located throughout the United States. See the link below for more information..

Can you still buy Godiva chocolate online?

Godiva still got a retail store in the U.S, but it is a lot more difficult to buy Godiva chocolate online. On the other hand, you can very easily find online stores selling Godiva candies. If you want to buy Godiva chocolates on their official website, you can go on their “Store Locator” page at On the “Shop by Location” page, you can easily find a store near your location..

How is Godiva shipped?

Godiva chocolates are shipped in a 1.5 lbs clear bag with a 1.5 lbs clear bag of cocoa beans. The bags are shipped in a 1.5 lbs box with a styrofoam cooler inside and a small ice pack inside to keep the chocolates and cocoa beans fresh..

Why is Godiva going out of business?

Godiva Chocolate was founded in Belgium in 1926 by the Van Thillo family. It was acquired by the Canadian food company Lindt & Sprungli in 1990. The company was acquired by the Italian Ferrero SpA in 2008. Reason that the company is now going out of business is that it has failed to grow with the times. Godiva was better known for its chocolate products than for its image. With the advent of the Internet, it became easier to market the chocolate products for lower prices. It also became easier for customers to look for cheaper products..

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What happened Godiva chocolate?

Godiva chocolate was started in Belgium in 1926 by a man named Joseph Draps. He named his company after his 11-year-old daughter, Godiva. She was so fond of horses that she named her own foal ?Godiva’- the only mare in Belgium to have survived the harsh winter of 1914. The company was started with a single shop, but it slowly garnered popularity due to the quality of the chocolate it sold. In 1929, Godiva opened a factory to produce chocolate, but the factory was destroyed during the second world war. By then, the company had grown considerably. After the war, Godiva re-established its chocolate shop in Brussels. The shop soon became popular with the royal families of Europe, which helped Godiva to grow further. The first store outside Belgium came up in London in 1954. From there, the company began expanding its reach to other countries. Godiva now has more than 300 shops and factories across the world. The company has also diversified into other products like cosmetics and skin and hair care. Even though Godiva is no longer owned by the family, it still adheres to the principles of quality and innovation that were started by Joseph Draps..

Does Godiva offer free shipping?

Godiva does offer free shipping, but only within the continental United States. Customers can enjoy free standard shipping on purchases totaling $75 or more..

Is Godiva chocolate made in USA?

The Godiva website says that the company is owned by the Belgian based company, Groupe Lindt & Spru?ngli, Inc. They also say that Godiva is an “American chocolate tradition” which means that Godiva chocolate is not made in the USA. The ingredients are made in the USA, but the product itself is made in Europe..

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What country is Godiva chocolate from?

The Godiva Company was founded in Belgium in 1926. It’s now part of the Lindt & Sprungli Group, which also owns brands like Lindor, Toblerone, and hundreds of other chocolate brands..

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