How Big Do Armenian Cucumbers Get?

Cucumbers in the greenhouse

Armenian cucumbers can get pretty large, depending on the season and the growing conditions. The largest Armenian cucumbers grow up to 15 inches long and weigh over seven pounds. They usually look oblong and heavy. The skin is waxy and thin and usually ranges from green to dark green in color. The flesh is juicy and tastes like a combination of cucumber and zucchini. Armenian cucumbers are also known as “Persian cucumbers” and they are the most popular type of cucumber in Iran and Armenia..

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How Big Should Armenian cucumbers get?

Armenian cucumbers are one of the most flavorful cucumbers available. They provide a great crunch and a refreshing taste to salads and side dishes. This is why you should know how big Armenian cucumbers should get. Armenian cucumbers should get to be about 12-14 inches long and should be thick and firm. If they get bigger than this, then they will not be as flavorful and crisp. At this size, they should be removed from the vine and eaten or used in a dish..

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What to do with large Armenian cucumbers?

Armenian cucumbers are rapidly becoming a popular fruit in America. They are now grown and harvested in several different areas of the US and the demand shows no signs of slowing down. So what do you do with them?.

How long do Armenian cucumbers get?

Armenian cucumbers are among the most popular cucumber types in the world. Armenian cucumbers, however, are known for becoming bitter if left to grow too long. They are best when harvested when they are small and tender, but how long do Armenian cucumbers get before they become bitter?.

How do you pick an Armenian cucumber?

I don’t think anyone knows, because I’ve never seen one. This is a very literal example of a Googlewhack. I’ve never heard the question and I’ve never seen or heard of this item. So I can’t really say exactly how to pick one. Something I’ve come across in my experience is people want information fast. The best kind of answer is an answer that is specific and concise. There is definitely room for humor, but I would say to err on the side of the informative and let the humor come from the specifics rather than the tone than anything else..

Do Armenian cucumbers need a trellis?

Trellises for cucumbers can be of any size or shape provided that they are strong enough to support the weight of the cucumber vines. The trellis also needs to be tall enough to house several cucumber vines. Cucumber vines can grow up to 5 feet and more and it is best to let them extend vertically on the trellis. The easiest and most effective trellis is made from metal wires that are attached to a sturdy wooden structure..

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Why are my Armenian cucumbers bitter?

First of all, lets understand what makes an Armenian cucumber bitter. The answer is not simply because it is Armenian. It is because of the way they are grown. Armenian cucumbers are often grown on vines, which makes them susceptible to various toxins. These toxins are present on the plants. It can be easily removed by washing the veggies thoroughly with soap and water..

Do you peel an Armenian cucumber?

“Peel an Armenian cucumber?” you ask. I’ve never heard of such a thing. But after a quick Google search for “peel Armenian cucumber”, I found out I’m not alone in my ignorance. I found a few hits, both pro and con, but no definitive answer. So I e-mailed my friends on Facebook for some help. There are a couple of schools of thought on this one. Some think that the Armenian cucumber should be peeled, but they’re in the minority. Only two of my friends peeled it, while the rest said they didn’t. Many of them disagreed on whether or not the Armenian cucumber should be peeled, but all agreed it should be washed. So, I guess the consensus is, Armenian cucumbers should be washed, but whether or not you peel them, well, do what feels right to you..

What do Armenian cucumbers taste like?

Armenian Cucumbers are used in all kinds of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Slavic dishes, and they are liked by people of all ages. They are very tasty and crisp, with a flavor that’s more complex than just your basic cucumber. They’re usually eaten in salads, along with onions, tomatoes, purple onions, and lemon. Armenian Cucumbers are also used in soups, sauces, and even rice dishes. The Armenian Cucumber looks like a very long English Cucumber with a bumpy skin..

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Can Armenian cucumbers be used for pickles?

Armenian cucumbers are just another variety of cucumber that have thinner skins. This is the reason why they are called “thin skin” cucumbers. They are easy to grow. However, Armenian cucumbers are not used for pickling. They are not grown for this purpose. This is not because Armenian cucumbers are not good for pickling. It’s just because the type is not grown for this purpose. The cucumber variety called “burpless cucumber” is grown for pickling. This variety is best for pickling since its flesh is less gassy..

What are Armenian cucumbers good for?

Armenian cucumbers are good for skin. These are the best cucumbers in the world. I don’t think there is any cucumber better than Armenian cucumbers. Armenian cucumbers are the tastiest. Cucumbers are good for health. I think Armenian cucumbers are the best cucumbers for skin..

How much sun does an Armenian cucumber need?

Armenian cucumbers are considered bush cucumbers, and do not need much space. They can be planted in rows like tomatoes, or in individual holes like other cucumbers. The plants themselves are pretty short, less than 6 inches tall. With that, they do not need much sunlight. The amount of sun needed depends on the variety. Armenian cucumber can handle sun to moderate shade. Although, the more sun the better..

How often should I water my Armenian cucumber?

The answer is in the question. If you didn’t know. Armenian cucumbers are the pickling kind. Never heard of that kind? That’s because there is no such kind. A better way of wording the question would be, “How often should I water my cucumber?”.

How do I save my Armenian cucumber seeds?

All you need is to wash it with tap water, let it dry for some days and then pick the seeds with your hands. Do not use the cucumber for eating, though..

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