How Can I Join The Army?

Want to join the army? See the first step of getting you career started on the right foot. Despite the training you received in boot camp, the first year of duty can be a daunting one on the job. The first few months on duty are considered training, but if you succeed, you can make up to $60,000 per year once you are certified. To become certified you need to simply pass the test, which consists of an essay of no more than 500 words. Your essay must be about how you would effectively fulfill the duties of the job. This is not too difficult of a task, but you need to pass..

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What qualifications do you need to join the army?

A person can join the army in several ways. One of the most common ways is to join via an Army National Guard or Army Reserve unit. Those who do not want to join the Army National Guard or Army Reserve can join the Army directly..

Is it hard to get into the army?

The United States military is the largest volunteer force in the world. The fact is, over 200,000 people join the U.S. Army every year, making it an attractive employer for many to join. But how hard it is to get into the Army? To get to the Army, you must fulfill the qualifications, pass physical examinations, and get to the Army recruiting station..

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How do I start joining the army?

Join the military to get a college degree by serving for four years in the army. The military offers free tuition to soldiers who want to go to school. If you want to become an officer, you should pass the OCS (Officer Candidate School), which is conducted by the US Army. You should complete the ten weeks of training for OCS after the basic training. Then, you have to apply to a college or university of your choice. The tuition will be paid by the military. The financial support lasts for the four years. The US Army will pay for your college, and you just pay a nominal tuition. The colleges usually charge a very low tuition. It is a very good deal..

Can anyone join the army?

No, not everyone can join the army. Although the US Armed Forces are composed of volunteer soldiers, there are many regulations to follow. Members of the military have to follow regulations regarding tattoos, habits, and other regulations. For example, anyone interested in joining the army must have a high school diploma or GED. An important term used in the military is the Beehive State. When someone is considered to be “in the beehive state” it means that they have served honorably for one year. So if you have served for your first year, that means that you are now in the beehive state..

Can u join the army at 16?

This varies from country to country and also depends on the specific branch of the military you’re interested in joining. In the United States, for example, it’s possible to join the military at 16 years old, but only if you’re a citizen, enlist for an active duty position, and have your parental consent..

Is the Army a good pay?

Army as a profession is very tough, but no doubt it is one of the best paying jobs in India. The Army offers a good salary and the tough working conditions and tough standards to enter into this profession make it difficult to compete and harder to succeed. Moreover, the Army also provides one of the best and most comfortable and luxurious life style to the personnel it employs. For more information, please share this question on Quora..

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Can you quit the military?

Sometimes, they say no. The military is not like a normal job, you can not quit or get fired. So you do not always have a choice in the matter. Also there is a possibility of military prison for soldiers that desert the Army. There is a way to quit, in most cases you can get released with a general discharge under honorable conditions. This means that you were in the Army and in most cases you can get a job afterwards. This is a last resort thing, but if you plan to do something bad, you will still go to jail, so what’s the point in even trying?.

How long is Army basic training?

Army Basic Training is 10 weeks long, and starts with Basic Combat Training (BCT), and then Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Another important thing to note about Army Basic Training is that it is divided into two 10-week segments. First, there is Basic Combat Training (BCT), which is done at Fort Benning. During this period, be prepared to learn the Army values and the Army way of life. In addition to the training, there is also a lot of military history and traditions that will be taught to you..

What’s the age limit for the military?

Each country sets its own age limits for military draft and recruitment. In general, men and women can join the army starting at the age of 18. Military conscription — the drafting of individuals — was abolished in Sweden and Norway in 2010 and in Finland and Iceland in 2015. The last draft took place in Israel in 1956. Today, Israel has a voluntary program for those who choose to serve. In the United States, the minimum age to join the military without parental consent is 17, according to the Department of Defense. Men and women between the ages of 17 and 27 can join as active-duty, reservists or as a delayed-entry program. As of 2014, the U.S. Armed Forces allowed those born on or after Dec. 31, 1997, to join..

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Is joining the Army a good idea?

The short answer is, no it is not. The long answer is that joining the army is not a bad idea if considered for the right reasons. The most common reason that most people join the army is that they feel they do not fit in at home, they feel like they are not understood, they do not fit in with their peers etc. If you are looking for this answer, you are probably not in the right place. There are many reasons for this, but one of the reasons is that it is not predefined..

How much does military pay a year?

The U.S. Department of Defense pays its military members with federal money, which is how it can control the pay of military members. Total pay is calculated by combining basic pay with various allowances and bonuses. Pay levels for military members are determined by rank. The following is the current pay scale for the U.S. Army:.

How much money do you get from joining the army?

The basic salary for an Indian citizen joining the Indian forces is Rs. 17,700 per month. However, if the person passes the Flying Wing, he/she gets Rs. 20,500 per month. But there are other allowances as well. If he/she passes the Best Shot, he/she gets Rs.21,200 per month. Now, if he/she passes the Commando Wing he/she gets Rs. 23,000 per month..

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