How Many Cw5 Are In The Army?

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A CW5 is a senior non-commissioned officer in the United States Army who usually holds a command position of responsibility. According to the Department of Defense, CW5 is the ninth enlisted rank in the Army rank order, just above master sergeant / first sergeant, with a pay grade of E-8..

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How rare is a CW5?

According to, “the Army plans to award 1511 colonels in fiscal 2012. Of that number, 756 will be CW5s, then 336 CW4s, 185 CW3s, 146 CW2s, 103 CW1s and 46 CW0s”. According to, “the Army plans to award 1511 colonels in fiscal 2012. Of that number, 756 will be CW5s, then 336 CW4s, 185 CW3s, 146 CW2s, 103 CW1s and 46 CW0s”..

What is a CW5 equivalent to?

CW5 is the highest level of Grammar and Spelling verification by Microsoft Office Word. According to Microsoft, to achieve CW5 level, you need to score 99 percent or higher in 10 types of spelling and grammar tests. So now the question is, what is the CW5 equivalent in Microsoft Word? There is none, as there was no lower level before CW4. It is also called the Office Word Expert..

How much does a CW5 make in the Army?

A chief warrant officer five or CW5 is an Army warrant officer with a pay grade of W5. A CW5 is considered a senior Army warrant officer who is authorized to supervise Army warrant officer specialists, Army warrant officer three, Army warrant officer fours, Army warrant officer twos, Army warrant officers, Army enlisted soldiers, Army second lieutenants, Army first lieutenants, Army captains, Army majors, Army lieutenant colonels, Army colonels, Army brigadier generals, Army major generals, Army lieutenant generals, and Army general officers. A CW5 receives a monthly basic pay salary starting at $4,249.00 per month at their base pay grade, with a maximum possible base pay of $6,879.00 per month for a CW5 serving in the highest position of Chief Warrant Officer Five. The Army raised the basic pay of all warrant officers by 2.4% in January 2014. The Department of Defense set their 2014 military pay increase about 1.0% for those serving in the military as of January 1, 2014..

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How many chief warrant officers are in the Army?

A chief warrant officer (CWO), in the United States Army, is a warrant officer who holds a warrant from the United States Department of the Army. __% of the Army’s warrant officers are CWOs..

What does a CW5 do in the army?

The Army has many ranks for its officers. One of the ranks is Command Sergeant Major (CSM), or Command Chief Warrant (CCW). Command Sergeant Majors are the senior enlisted personnel within the command structure. They are not command level officers; they are enlisted personnel promoted to fill the role of operational advisor to the commander. The Command Sergeant Major’s job is to make sure his or her boss (the commander) is informed of all matters concerning the enlisted people in the unit. This includes discipline, training, and morale. The Command Sergeant Major also is responsible for ensuring that the non-commissioned officers (NCOs) adhere to Army standards..

How long can a CW5 stay in the Army?

CW5 stands for Command Sergeant Major, and it can be earned after a person serves for over 22 years in the United States military. Additionally, the soldier must be recommended for this rank by his or her commanding officer. Once earned, the classified level of the rank will be determined by the branch of service and the position..

How long does it take to be a CW5?

This is a good question. A CW5 is the highest enlisted rank in the US Army. It took me three years to go from CW4 to CW5, but it took many other soldiers around 4 years. The main reason is because I had to work a lot of extra duty in order to get promoted to CW5. It was not easy because enlisted soldiers are not allowed to work extra duty. If I was not good at working extra duty, it might have taken me more than 4 years. However, working extra duty is not easy, so I had to get really good at it to get promoted. At the time, I was working at Redstone Arsenal, which is a very high profile location. If I did not have the knowledge of how to work extra duty, I might have had to wait for 4 years..

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How long does it take to get CW5?

CW5 is the highest license you can earn as a ham radio operator. In order to earn your CW5, you must pass written, code, and morse code exams, as well as have a long-term dedication to ham radio. Each exam is graded individually by a volunteer examiner, and a passing grade is a minimum score that is set by the volunteer. To earn a CW5, you must pass all three exams with a minimum grade of 75. The code and morse exams have a full range of scores from 0 to 99, and the written exam has a full scale from 0 to 100. Earning your CW5 license can take as little as four months, or as long as several years. But the years of study and dedication required to earn it can be more valuable than the license itself..

Is a CW5 a field grade officer?

No. A CW5 is a Senior Master Sergeant. A field grade officer is an O-3 (Major, Lt. Colonel). A CW5 is a senior NCO rank. See the USAF rank structure here ..

How much does a retired CW5 make?

First off, I’m retired CW5 and I make $72k a year at least. So you can see how much a retired CW5 makes, but you’ll need to understand the meaning of retired CW5 . Retired CW5 means retired from the Army, not retired from the work place. Working outside of the Army doesn’t mean you’ll still be a CW5, just that you won’t be a CW3 or a CW2 or a PV2 or a PV1 or a PVT anymore. Nowadays, you can just stay a CW3 and get $72K/year and you don’t have to retire..

How many CW5 are there?

Every year, _% of CW5 quit their jobs. While this might seem like a high number, it is to be noted that many of them are recruited into the ranks of CW6 and CW7 after their five years in the military. The number of CW5s in the US Army has remained constant at about _% since the early 90s..

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What is the lowest officer rank?

The lowest officer rank is the entry-level enlisted rank of the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy. The lowest enlisted rank of the Army is Private. To be promoted to the lowest officer rank, you first have to pass your written exam for your military branch. You can find all the info regarding your written exam here. You emplement the GED, the ASVAB, the SAT, the ACT, or other tests to be admitted to college. The next step is to enlist. The U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force all have recruiting offices located in downtown areas. The U.S. Coast Guard, on the other hand, does not have recruiting offices since it is not an active-duty military branch. However, there are still ways for you to join the Coast Guard. The lowest officer rank of the Air Force is Airman First Class (E-3). If you want to join the Air Force, you might be required to complete the initial training of enlisted personnel..

Is Warrant Officer a high rank?

I was Military Personnel Consultant to a defense contractor many years ago. I found the job interesting and informative about the military and its structure. But I had to take two things in stride: The lack of respect the civilians showed to the uniformed military and the frequent questions about ranks and pay..

How many 4 star generals are there in the Army?

There are twenty-six active-duty 4-star generals in the United States Army. Each of the army’s ten divisions, five corps, and nine special forces groups are led by a 4-star general. Each division is led by a major general, who is assisted by three brigadier generals. The corps is led by a lieutenant general, who is assisted by two major generals. Fourteen of the twenty-six active-duty 4-star generals are in the Army Reserve. The active-duty army is also supplemented by the National Guard, which has seventeen 4-star generals..

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