How Much Does An Army Recruiter Make?

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The U.S. Army offers a wide range of careers and jobs to fit the diverse skill-sets and preferences of its recruits. And the salary of an army recruiter depends on several factors such as the position or rank that he or she is holding, the location of assignment, and the experience of the applicants. The pay of army recruiters may be as low as $19,000 per year and as high as $57,000 per year depending on the rank and whether the applicants are holding a technical or a non-technical position. The applicants also receive an allowance of $600 per month; however, this allowance is not included in the salaries..

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How much does military recruiters make?

U.S. Army recruiters are paid an annual salary of $49,460. That is the same salary as the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Air Force. However, if you are in the Navy or in the Coast Guard, you will make $42,220. All of these salaries are in the mid 30% range. The military has a very generous health program, and their time off is non-existent. The benefits are great, and you will be fighting for your country in some of the most dangerous areas of the world..

How much do Army recruits make a year?

Army recruits make $16,000 annually, or $1,000 per month, as of 2014. Pay for new recruits depends upon the person’s rank within the army. For example, army recruits who are basic trainees (also called privates) with no prior service start out at the very bottom of the pay scale, with the lowest-ranking privates earning just $1,000 per month..

How long can you be an Army recruiter?

The Army offers a wide range of perks and benefits for its active duty members. Some of these include excellent pay, free personal training, free medical care, free food, and free housing. However, the Army also requires recruits to participate in duty for extensive periods of time. The amount of time required for duty changes depending on the type of duty (training, active duty, active duty for special work, or active duty for special work in support of the Reserves). The following is the maximum duty time by duty type, as of April 1, 2018..

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Do recruiters get extra pay?

__% of the recruiters will get the fee from the client company. But the rest __% of the recruiters will get the fee from the company they have recruited. The standard fee is __% of a new hire’s salary. So the more salary the new hire brings in, the bigger the recruiter’s income..

What rank is an Army recruiter?

___ is the highest rank that an Army recruiter can achieve. The very next rank is ___. Recruiters always serve in the rank of ___ and will be promoted to ___(Rank) after they perform duties and tasks for a certain period of time. The vacancy for the rank of ___ will be posted on the Army’s online recruiting web site. You can check for the vacancy through the regular method of checking on the website. If you are already on active duty and wanted to be promoted, you must submit a DA Form 3442 to your commander. You can also submit it through the web site..

Do Army recruiters get deployed?

Certainly many Army recruiters go into combat as do many other soldiers. I’ve been in the Army now for over 20 years and have answered this question many times. I’ve talked to recruiters who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of our recruiters have been deployed and we have had recruiters killed in action. Just because a recruiter’s job is recruiting and not tactics and fighting doesn’t mean they aren’t in harm’s way. They could be in the middle of a fire fight and not even be aware of it. The bottom line is that if you’re in the Army, you’re in the Army and that means that you could go into combat. It’s not a coincidence that the Army has the highest percentage of casualties and deaths in the Armed Forces. The Army has the most people and the most high profile jobs and the most training to prepare for things like this. So I hope this answers your question..

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Which military branch pays the most?

According to the latest data, the highest military pay is enjoyed by the members of the Air Force followed by the Navy. The Air Force pays their officers an average salary of $95,000, while the military pay of the Navy personnel fluctuates between $70,000 and $80,000. The Marine Corps and the Army offer $60,000 to $65,000 salaries, while the Coast Guard gives $63,000..

How much does an E 2 make?

Enlisted soldiers’ salaries are based on many factors including time in service, time in grade, full/part-time status, and contract type. The two most common pay systems are basic pay and basic military pay . These are computed based on your rank and time in service. Basic pay is the same no matter where you are stationed. Basic military pay includes BAH (if entitled) and BAS (if entitled). All soldiers are entitled to BAH and BAS, though not all soldiers are eligible for Basic Pay. Compensation levels tend to rise with time in service and time in grade, though not all soldiers are eligible for these either. Basic pay is computed on the “High-3” pay system. This means the highest consecutive 36 months of basic pay received are averaged to compute the basic pay. Some soldiers will make more than their basic pay because of OHA (Overseas Housing Allowances), BAQ (Basic Allowance for Quarters), or their ISPC (Incentive Special Pay Compensation). Those soldiers will see their paychecks increase by the amount received in OHA, BAQ, or ISPC..

How much does the military pay a month?

There are three ways to pay as a recruit: the first is the “basic military pay chart”, which is based on rank and time in service; the second is the “basic allowance for housing”, which is based on rank and family status; and the third is the “basic allowance for subsistence”, which is based on rank and family status . The total compensation ranges from $1,224.80 a month for a recruit to $4,761.60 for a six-year veteran..

Is it hard to be an Army recruiter?

It is a difficult job, but it is a special kind of difficult. The best way to explain it is that it is a difficult job in an easy jobbing-binging kind of way. In other words, the work itself is very hard, but the day-to-day tasks are not terribly difficult. Recruiters spend most of their day doing the same things over and over again. The work is not physically demanding or dangerous, but it can be exhausting. You get tired of talking to people all day long..

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How are Army recruiters selected?

Selections for Army recruiters are done by the Army Recruiting Command, which is located at Fort Knox, Kentucky. How are Army recruiters selected?.

How much do recruiters make per recruit?

The answer to this question depends on what type of recruiter you are. Internal recruiters would make $250 to $1000 per hire. External recruiters could easily make $2,000 to $20,000 per hire. These numbers depend on salary level and compensation packages..

Where do military recruiters live?

Military recruiters live across the country in cities and towns, usually close to college campuses. So, if you want to know where military recruiters live near you, the best way to find out would be to go to the local college campuses, check out the college newspapers, or just ask around. The second way is to look up the military recruiting website..

What do Army recruiters do?

Army recruiters are solely responsible for the screening of prospective Army volunteers. The Army recruits are classified, medically tested, and accepted into the Army based on their physical and mental ability to continue to serve within the Army. Those who are accepted will go through the course, which spans for about one year. The Army recruiters are also responsible for the care of the recruiters. They are expected to be their leaders, boost their morale, boost their confidence, boost their motivation to do well, and boost the pride of the Army..

How do Army recruiters work?

First of all, you should realize that no recruiter can legally force you to join the army. They do have some leeway, of course, but they are not allowed to deceive you in an effort to get you to enlist. Understanding that, there are a few things that they may do to try to convince you to join. These are common tactics that they use, but there are no guarantees, of course, that you will get any of these..

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