How Much Is Bah In The Army?

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Bah is common in the army and you will hear it a lot. But what exactly is Bah? Bah is a simple and direct way of saying something is bad. The word, ‘Bah’ is also used to describe things like mean and cruel, and similar actions. The use of Bah is often used in conjunction with the word ‘****’ to describe something you don’t like. For example: “This food is Bah ****.” When saying ‘Bah ****’ you can add in a number to describe how bad it is. For example: “This food is Bah **** One” or “This food is Bah **** Five.” Bah is also used in the army when you don’t like to do something. For example: “Bah, I don’t wanna clean,” or “Bah, I don’t wanna go to the chow hall,” or “Bah, I’m cold,” or “Bah, I’m hungry,” or “Bah, I don’t wanna get out of bed,” or “Bah, I don’t wanna go on a run,” or “Bah, I don’t wanna get up,” or “Bah, I don’t wanna go to work.” The list can get very long but these are common examples of Bah being used in the Army..

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How much BAH do you get in the Army?

Basic Allowance for Housing is a monthly monetary allowance that varies depending on where you live. You can choose to live in government quarters, a private apartment, a house, or other type of residence. The cost of living varies across the United States, and BAH is calculated using a certain amount of money for each military member based on their location and rank. The way BAH is calculated is almost the same as the cost of living allowance, or COLA, so you can look at this article for more information. The only difference is that BAH is given out to any member, not just those who live in high cost-of-living areas..

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How much is BAH usually?

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is a monthly allowance that the military pays to military members who are not living in government-owned housing. BAH is not a payment for rent or a mortgage, but rather a component of military compensation to lessen the burden of off-base housing costs. It is paid to Military Service Members who are eligible to receive basic pay and who do not live in government quarters. In other words, if you live in government-owned housing, you don’t get BAH. On the other hand, if you live off-base or overseas, your BAH is a portion of your basic pay..

How is BAH calculated?

The calculation of Basic Allowance for Housing is dependent on location. There are different BAH rates for locations based on the area cost of living. The Department of Defense states, “BAH rates are determined by considering local economies, housing costs, and civilian pay levels.” There is a three-tiered system based on rank and location. The three tiers are: Tier I: This includes OHA (Overseas Housing Allowance) rates and CONUS (Continental United States) rates. Tier II: This includes remote areas and outlying islands. The BAH rate for 2017 for an E-9 with dependants in a CONUS location was $3,948.73. The BAH rate for 2017 for an O-9 with dependants in a CONUS location was $4,537.86. The BAH rate for 2017 for an O-9 with dependants in an OHA was $4,882.38. The BAH rate for 2017 for an E-9 with dependants in an OHA location was $4,631.72. The BAH rate for 2017 for an E-9 with dependants in a remote area was $3,948.73. The BAH rate for 2017 for an O-9 with dependants in a remote area was $4,537.86. The BAH rate for 2017 for an O-9 with dependants in an outlying island was $4,.

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How does military BAH work?

BAH stands for “Basic Allowance for Housing.” Like most things in the military, BAH is a calculated monthly stipend that is given to armed forces members in lieu of a higher taxable salary. BAH is paid in addition to a servicemember’s base pay and is a significant portion of a person’s income..

Do you get BAH every paycheck?

Yes, We all get BAH every paycheck. BAH is a tax free allowance to soldiers in a combat zone. It is a fixed amount based on rank and family size. I have included a table in the answer to show you what the limit is for each rank and family size. You can also see a detailed list here:

What is Bas pay for military?

Bas means basic, or military pay basics. So BAS Pay means Basic Pay. Bas pay, Basic pay, Base pay – all these are the same thing. They are the basic pay received by a soldier. There are two types of Pay as such: Basic Pay and Extra Pay. Basic Pay is the regular pay received at regular intervals, as it is for all other government employees. Extra Pay is the uniform allowance, uniform maintenance allowance, family accommodation allowance, canteen allowance, uniform shop discount, uniform to home delivery allowance, uniform cleaning allowance, uniform replacement allowance and uniform travel advance. These are some common types of extra pay received by a soldier..

Is military Bah prorated?

Military pay is not prorated. In the absence of a specific law, a general law takes precedence. You can find a copy of the Military Pay Tables by going to the following link:.

Does the military pay for your rent?

Yes, the military does pay for your rent if you live in subsidized housing on a military base. If you live off post, you would get housing allowance, get a free place to live or a mix of both. In addition to that, you get a free meal at the dining commons, a gym membership, a discount at the commissary, a military gas card and a lot of other perks. Even if you live off post, you can get a free place to live if you serve a minimum of 4 years..

How often is BAH paid?

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is given at the beginning of the month and pays for the previous month. So if your BAH statement says, for example, that you were paid $1,500 BAH for October, this means that you were paid $1,500 in November for that month..

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How much BAH do I get for 10 credit hours?

According to the Army, active duty soldiers who are full time students will receive the following amount of monthly BAS:.

Does BAH cover rent?

BAH rates are adjusted with each change in rent by about two years. So yes, BAH covers rent. Thats why it is called Basic Allowance for Housing. BAH rates are adjusted annually, by adding about 2 years worth of rent increases to the current rate..

Is BAH per month?

BAH is Basic Allowance for Housing, which is one of the military pay, given to the soldiers in order to pay their rent. BAH is calculated based on zip code (Permanent Duty Station) of the military member. The BAH is based on calculation of “Fair-market rent” in the zip code. BAH will not be used to pay the rent of the soldier. It is used in order to pay the rent of soldiers who are not married or living with parents, or who are married or living with parents, but both are government employees..

Do both military members get BAH?

Yes, Both active duty members as well as the dependents will get BAH. In fact, those who are retired from military but still drawing their retirement pay, will also get BAH..

Does your BAH stop when you PCS?

No, your BAH won’t stop when you PCS. BAH is not based on the area you are living in, but on the zip code you are using. The zip code you are using will determine your amount of BAH..

Do you need a lease to get BAH?

No, you don’t need a lease to get BAH, but you do need to be married, single with dependents, or at least 21 years old to get BAH, and you must be serving in an area for which BAH is authorized..

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