Is Combat Engineer A Good Job In The Army?

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I am a Combat Engineer Sergeant. If you look at the Army’s MOS list, you see a surprising amount of jobs within the Engineer field. Do a little research on each of the jobs and you will find out which one is best for you. Being a Combat Engineer is a good job, but a lot of people don’t really know what a Combat Engineer does. Instead of clearing mines and other forms of Anti-Armor systems, we do a lot of construction missions. We build bridges, clear out underbrush, build ammo dumps, and also build FOBs (Forward Operating Bases)..

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How much does a Combat Engineer make in the army?

A Combat Engineer typically makes around $40,039 per year. However, actual salary ranges can vary widely based on many factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. With more online military salary resources becoming available, it is possible to find out what your military pay could be, or at least get a pretty good idea. We recommend using online military pay charts like the one offered by PayScale..

Do Army Engineers see combat?

The idea of “combat” is somewhat an overstatement. Engineers are soldiers and are prepared to defend the world. The field of engineering is very broad. It encompasses many things like designing, construction, demolition, etc. Each of them is needed in combat. But, you will find engineers doing almost all the jobs in military. They make everything possible..

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What is it like being an Army Combat Engineer?

“I am a combat engineer with the U.S. Army and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. My job here is to look for Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and set up and blow up the ones that we find. I am stationed in a FOB (Forward Operating Base) and we patrol for militants and IEDs each day. The job is very stressful and it’s hard to be away from my family for such a long time. But it’s also very rewarding knowing that you are helping to save American lives and aid the citizens of Afghanistan.” “I like my job because it gives me a chance to go out and do something other than sit in a FOB. I get to blow things up too!”.

Are combat engineers in demand?

There are multiple kinds of combat engineers, and each of them is in demand in the military. The highly trained combat engineers are in high demand. The combat engineers are responsible for demolitions, clearing mines, counter-battery fire, and other tasks. The other kind of combat engineers are the construction engineers, who are responsible for building or restoring roads, bridges, airfields, dams, and other infrastructure. The combat engineers are in high demand in all combat units, and the construction engineers are also in demand in all units that are not deployed overseas..

Do combat engineers fight?

Most definitely. Combat engineers are trained to be fighters as well as builders of bridges, roads, and fortifications. They are already trained as infantry soldiers. During war, they fight as infantry soldiers under the direction of the infantry commander..

Where do combat engineers get stationed army?

Mostly, Combat Engineers and Special Forces soldiers go to where the fighting is at. They typically go to the front lines and the most dangerous places in the world. But if you ever ask a Soldier ” Where do you want to go” they will typically say, anywhere but Afghanistan or Iraq..

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What rank is a combat engineer?

Combat Engineers are part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, but are not considered to be members of the Army. The USACE is an engineering, design, construction, and emergency response organization that provides the Army with the means to build, sustain, and improve its readiness. The Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiences (AEWE) wrote an article explaining what Combat Engineers do. Combat Engineers are responsible for the survival, mobility, and counter mobility of field armies. They are usually deployed with other combat units. They design, construct, operate, and maintain buildings, roads, airfields, water supply systems, and other infrastructure. They are highly trained in demolition, booby traps, land mines, bridging, and amphibious operations. They are also trained in specialized tasks that are critical to success on the battlefield including chemical warfare, biological warfare, communications, and electronic warfare..

What is the life expectancy of a combat engineer?

Qualified Combat Engineer can expect to command a platoon and stay in for at least 20 years. There are quite a few combat engineers that serve for more than 30 years..

Do combat engineers carry guns?

Do combat engineers carry guns? Well, it’s not that simple. History has shown that many men who are great at engineering are also great at fighting..

Are combat engineers real engineers?

Combat engineers are indeed real engineers. They belong to a special occupation of the army and their job is to ensure mobility on the battlefield, assist in the construction of bridges, the clearing of minefields and the breaching of obstacles. They are responsible for planning and executing a range of engineer projects, which is just as important as the more famous combat roles. If you want to know more about combat engineer jobs, visit

How long is Army combat engineer school?

Army combat engineer school is a thirteen-week course, which includes two ten-week training cycles. The first ten-week cycle is the standard training for combat engineers. The second ten-week cycle is devoted to advanced training..

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Do combat engineers defuse bombs?

Combat engineers are deployed to conduct a variety of missions, but their primary role is to breach minefields and conduct route-clearance missions to maintain, or reestablish, lines of communication, which allow friendly forces to move safely and freely. Although combat engineers use a wide range of nontraditional combat arms skills, they are mainly involved in using explosives, demolition, and a variety of mechanical and hydraulic tools..

What Army MOS is combat engineer?

Combat engineers are soldiers who specialize in minefield clearing, roadside bomb removal, building demolition, etc. The primary function of the combat engineer is to breach, demolish obstructions, and clear mines to make way for friendly troops and equipment. The engineer’s weapon of choice is the M4 rifle with the M203 grenade launcher attachment. Although the combat engineer is more of a combatant than a construction expert, these soldiers are required to understand the basics of mechanical and structural engineering. This gives them the ability to assess and repair military infrastructure and equipment on the fly. Combat engineers can be assigned to any branch of the military and deployed to any area on the planet. The standard combat engineer is a rifle trooper, and like all soldiers, they will spend a good deal of time training and exercising to ensure that they will be ready to accomplish the mission at any time, anywhere..

How do you become a combat engineer in the Army?

The best way to become a combat engineer in the army is to volunteer. Many people think that becoming a combat engineer in the army is tough. But in fact, it is not. You will get all the necessary training in the army. You will be given courses like how to shoot, how to make traps, how to do surveillance patrols, how to defuse mines. The key to becoming a combat engineer in the army is to volunteer, and follow the training procedures..

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