Is Diet Coke Lime Being Discontinued?

It is true that Diet Coke Lime was put on “Holiday Hiatus” in November 2017 when the soda was taken off the shelves for unknown reasons. However, there were rumors in December 2017 about Coca-Cola reintroducing Diet Coke Lime in March 2018. Currently, there has not been an official announcement of whether or not this will happen so it is best to wait and see if they reintroduce it come March.
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Why was Diet Coke Lime discontinued?

Why was Diet Coke Lime discontinued?
Diet Coke Lime’s discontinuation reflects a decision to offer 3 tiers of flavor – Original, Cherry, and Vanilla..

Which diet cola is discontinued?

You won’t see “7up Zero” for sale anytime soon, but there are some other choices.

Pepsi Max might be the best choice for you right now if you’re trying to get your ketone levels elevated. Caramel Cola is also an option, but our advice would be to drink Pepsi Max sparingly—as it’s actually got more than double the amount of sugar than even Coca-Cola or Dr Pepper! It might just leave you feeling tired and lethargic after drinking it. Drink Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke, which has saccharin in it that some people find harder on their taste buds than aspartame-based products like diet sodas or Crystal Lite..

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Why can’t I find Diet Coke in cans?

Diet Coke is available in all carbonated drink cans and plastic bottles. Like most soft-drink manufacturers, we currently offer Diet Coke for sale both as a canned and bottled beverage. Cans, however, require higher packaging volumes than bottles do because of their larger surface area relative to height. It is not economically feasible to expand our current manufacturing operations with the necessary beer bottling equipment or soda canning equipment to increase production of cans at this time. That said, Diet Coke remains one of our most popular products so you will find it in many retailers.”.

What happened to the Diet Coke flavors?

Diet Coke Originals is a bold, flavorful refreshment that reflects the brand’s roots and takes it back to its original form. The classic Diet Coke flavor blends with waves of crisp mint, which gives you the perfect mix of flavors for an invigorating moment. Each can offers a more refreshing take on this favorite beverage and features updated packaging and labeling with hints of vintage red.

Speaking as someone who does not like the taste of diet coke, I am very excited about this new idea!
Coke Zero Sugar is now closer than ever to Coca-Cola Classic in terms of taste and we’ve talked about how hard aspartame was as an aftertaste which led people to switch brands. Those days are over.

Do they still make Tab diet soda?


Yes, they still make Tab diet soda. The ingredient list for this carbonated beverage is as follows: Carbonated water, citric acid, oxidized carbohydrate sweetener (sucralose), phosphoric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, potassium benzoate and methylparaben..

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Is Diet Coke still available?

Many people don’t know that Diet Coke is actually still available. It’s not as widely available as it once was, but over time tastes change and there are now an increasing number of consumers who want this product. Local Coca-Cola franchisees or beverage distributors might be carrying the product if you ask around..

Is Coca-Cola discontinuing Diet Coke?

Sources on the subject cannot be confirmed.

It is quite possible that diet coke has not discontinued, but it’s also quite possible that sources are unavailable or unreliable at this time. Diet coke was once thought to have been discontinued back in 2017 but resurfaced with claims of “new and improved” tasty flavor hit the shelves again only six months after discontinuing. Alongside these claims were warnings about using up all remaining stock before they “ran out.” There are many rumors circulating online which claim Coca-Cola has gone completely out of business – however, these allegations seem unlikely as they appear to come from one source only – a satirical article claiming to be BBC News published by BBC Radio 4’s own news site Bugle Online.

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