What Country Is Known For Its Cheese?

According to me it the country should be the France. France is known for its cheese and also it’s a kind of crime to visit France and not visit its world famous cheese shop..

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What place is best known for cheese?

France boasts thousands of cheeses, some aged for years. The best known of these types of cheese is Brie. France is the largest producer of brie in the world, making it the best known variety of cheese. Although brie is not the largest variety of cheese, it is the second most popular, behind cheddar. Brie is a soft, buttery cheese that is perfect for snacking. It is also a great addition to a cheese platter or a side to a main dish..

Which country originated cheese?

Cheese was first discovered many years ago, but exact date can’t be traced. According to historical evidence, the origin of cheese is closely connected to that of mankind. There are some evidences that show that cheese making had been around for much longer than one can imagine. A history of cheese can be traced back to 7000 B.C. Cheese has been found among the ruins of ancient Egyptian tombs. Until present day, cheese is considered as an important part of the Paleo diet, which is the main diet eaten by the Paleolithic Man. It is also highly recommended by many doctors to people with lactose intolerance..

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Where is the cheese capital of the world?

Till this day, the cheese capital of the world is in fact __% in the world. I know it may seem like a trick question at first, but try searching google for it and it will come up with the answer you need. I’m sure you will be surprised by the answer..

Which country is the largest producer of cheese?

According to the data provided by “The World Factbook”, “China is the world’s largest producer of cheese, followed by the United States, France, and Germany. Mexico is the largest exporter of cheese, followed by France, Germany, and the United States.”.

Who first made cheese?

We don’t know for certain… but historians have some ideas, and it’s hard to be certain because there are so many different kinds of cheese, with varying degrees of lactose intolerance, so it’s hard to tell if our ancestors were eating unflavored milk or milk products..

Which country produces the best cheese?

The best cheese in the world is produced in France, but there are many other countries that also produce wonderful cheese. When it comes to quality, the three best cheese producing countries in the world are France, Italy, and Switzerland. France produces approximately 640,000 tons of cheese annually. Cheese is an important part of French cuisine and is one of the most exported products in the country. During the 18th century, France took the lead in the production of cheese. Today, France produces 7 to 8% of the world’s total cheese production. Italy produces about 400,000 metric tons of cheese every year. It is the second largest producer of cheese in the world. This country is regarded as the producer of the finest cheese in the world. It also produces the largest variety of cheese. Switzerland is the third largest producer of cheese in the world. It produces approximately 170,000 to 200,000 metric tons of cheese every year. In 2013, the country exported more than 1,400 tonnes of cheese..

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Which country has the most varieties of cheese?

As of today, France is known to have the most varieties of cheese in the world. It has over ___ different types of cheese. France is loved and loved around the world and is one of the largest exporters of cheese. The variety and the taste of the cheese is loved by the people of France and other countries around the world. France is known to be the best cheese producer in the world..

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