What Does The Army National Guard Do?

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The Army National Guard is a reserve force of the U.S. Army, made up of members of the Army National Guard, which are the reserve force of the Army. It is distinct from the Army Reserve, which is made up of members of the Army Reserve who are not part of the National Guard..

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What is the main purpose of the National Guard?

The National Guard is a reserve military force for both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. The National Guard is not necessarily a part of the U.S. Army or the U.S. Air Force, but individual soldiers are federal government employees. The National Guard serves as an additional security force, and it is intended to replace the U.S. Army Reserve and the Air Force Reserve. The soldiers of the National Guard are members of state-sponsored military organizations; they are not necessarily employees of the U.S. government. The National Guard is unique in that its members can be deployed internationally or domestically, but they are still U.S. citizens..

What do you have to do in the Army National Guard?

If you’re considering joining the National Guard, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. It’s not just about summers off and weekends in the field with your friends. It’s not that easy. While you can make a lot of friends, you’ll also make a lot of enemies. The National Guard is committed to the support of the Reserve Component of the Armed Forces of the United States. It offers an array of positions for men and women, and the most common positions are combat, combat support, combat service support, combat health support, and combat sustainment..

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Are National Guard soldiers paid?

Yes, soldiers in the National Guard are paid for their work. The payment depends on the length of the particular service. The active duty pays for up to 12 months. If you are part of the active duty force, you are eligible for the federal military salary. This salary is the same as the salary of the other military branches. If you are part of the inactive force, you are eligible for the State military salary. This allowance is paid according to the law of the state..

Does the Army National Guard get deployed?

The National Guard does indeed get deployed. Both the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard receive federal mission orders for overseas deployments. They are not assigned to combat. Their mission is to provide support for the Army or Air Force units they are sent to help. It’s common for Guardsmen to be trained to support fellow service members in the field..

How much does a National Guard make?

According to the California National Guard website, the basic pay is $1000 per month, not including any bonuses, allowances, or other in-kind benefits. There is also a $50 allowance for uniform maintenance per month, in addition to the $13 per day that the soldiers is paid for meal and incidental expenses while on duty. The soldiers in the National Guard are also eligible for all allowances, skill incentives, and benefits that are granted to active-duty soldiers..

Is the National Guard armed?

The National Guard is not a military force of its own. The National Guard is a reserve military force of the United States Federal Government. Each state National Guard is composed of units with military units, called “Army National Guard” units, and “Air National Guard” units. The National Guard is subject to the orders of the President of the United States, unlike units of the United States Army or United States Air Force. Under federal law, the National Guard is part of the Army and Air Force and takes its orders from the Secretary of Defense and the National Command Authority..

Can you join the National Guard at 17?

Yes, if you are 17 years old, you must be a U.S. citizen to join the National Guard. You can enlist in the National Guard if you are 17 and live in the state in which the military facility is located. You do not have to live close to the facility because you can request that basic training be waived. Note that you cannot join the National Guard if you are a dropout or have been expelled from school. Finally, in order to enlist in the National Guard you must pass a physical and mental exam and a background check..

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Is the National Guard worth it?

The National Guard is a reserve branch of the US Army. The Guard is made up of volunteers who are mostly ex-military. They are trained for domestic emergencies, rescue operations, and homeland security. By joining the National Guard, you can receive a salary, good benefits, and gain work experience. The National Guard is worth it if you are able to balance your work life with your personal life. But you should sign up only if being called for weekend service is not an issue. Also, you should be ready to devote two weeks per year for training. You should also be aware that the Guard may deploy you for active duty to other countries..

Do you have to cut your hair in the National Guard?

According to the Military.Com, No, you do not have to cut your hair in the National Guard. Here is an excerpt from the article “There are no regulations with respect to hair length. You must be clean shaven. You may or may not wear a mustache. You may wear a neatly trimmed beard. You may not grow your sideburns or facial hair below your lower lip and you must be clean shaven under your lower lip.”.

How long is National Guard boot camp?

How long is National Guard Boot Camp? According to the official National Guard website, an enlistee is to undergo ten weeks of training, and will be placed in one of the following NCO (non-commissioned officer) positions: Squad Leader, Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, or Anti-Armor Specialist..

Does National Guard get free healthcare?

Yes, but it depends on the state. Some states offer free healthcare to veterans and/or their families, while some don’t. In fact, there is a __% difference in some states..

What branch pays the most?

Everyone has always wanted to know what is the best branch to pursue. Some say it’s Mechanics, others say Law, Business, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, etc. Based on my experience, I’d say it’s Marketing. Yes, the same marketing that the other 99% of the world thinks is bull. The reason I say this is because Marketing is an extremely diverse field. Every other branch is one-dimensional. I’ve taken courses in Marketing that would cover Accounting, Economics, Management, even Math (statistics) and that’s not even half of Marketing. This is why you can market anything to anyone, if you’re good at it..

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Is there a weight limit to join the National Guard?

If you are looking to join the National Guard, then the first thing you should know is that there’s no weight limit needed to be in the National Guard. There’s no strict height limit either, but you must be able to pass the National Guard physical fitness test. This test consists of push-ups, sit-ups, a 1.5-mile run, and a 2-mile run. You must also be able to complete several other physical fitness tests. This includes a test designed to evaluate your upper body strength. The score you receive on this test will determine if you can continue in the program. If you fail the fitness test, you will be offered a chance to re-test and improve your scores. But if you fail all of the tests and do not improve your scores, you will not be eligible to join the National Guard..

Did National Guard go to Iraq?

The short answer is NO, the National Guard did not go to Iraq. As of 2014, Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) members of the National Guard have been led to believe they will be called to serve on the ground in Iraq. In a 2013 survey conducted by the National Guard Association of the United States, more than 70 percent of guardsmen believe their services will be asked for. However, contrary to popular belief, the National Guard is a reserve component of the United States Army and does not deploy anywhere without a direct request from a combatant commander. In the past, the Guard has been asked to serve in places such as Bosnia, Kosovo, and Somalia. However, these were all of a non-combat nature. In the case of Iraq, the National Guard was never called upon to serve on the ground. In fact, the National Guard memebers who were deployed to serve in Iraq, were actually pulled from their positions and replaced by active duty soldiers..

Does 6 years in the National Guard make you a veteran?

I served in the National Guard for 6 years after basic training. My time in the Guard was full of weekends, two-week basic trainings, and being gone all summer training. I can’t count the amount of times my drill sergeant, Captain, First Sergeant, or the company commander told me that my service is not enough to call me a veteran. I now hear many people my age say they are veterans. They are not. Many of these people have never seen combat. I watch all these pictures on Facebook of people in the Guard getting out of vehicles with their rifles up. If you are not in combat you are not a veteran. You are there to support combat troops no matter what the mission is. I have worked, fought, bled, and sweat with real veterans. They are true heroes. I have not. I would never step on an American flag, but I’m proud to call myself a veteran when it is deserved. Be proud to call yourself a veteran when you are in combat. That is when you earn that title..

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