What Is A Lebanese Cucumber?

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The Lebanese cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) is a variety of cucumber developed in Cyprus, forcing the fruit to grow straight. This is unlike normal cucumbers where the fruit is allowed to grow long and curved. The Lebanese cucumber tastes similar to the regular cucumber but it is usually longer and more orange in colour. They are available for sale in the spring and summer months, some varieties are also available in the fall. Lebanese cucumbers are believed to be healthier than regular cucumbers because they contain more Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Calcium..

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What’s the difference between continental cucumbers and Lebanese cucumbers?

Lebanese cucumbers are thin-skinned, dark green, 6-10 inches long, and naturally grow in clusters. They are commonly pickled or served in Middle-Eastern salads. The whitish-green cucumbers, also called American pickling cucumbers, are the ones you typically see in grocery stores. These are thin-skinned, 8-15 inches long, typically have rounded ends, and are more often found in salads than Middle-Eastern recipes..

What can I use instead of Lebanese cucumber?

Lebanese cucumbers have a taste and texture which is considered more desirable amongst most people, but there are several other options. One is the more common, American cucumber, which is a bit larger and thinner than a Lebanese cucumber. This cucumber is more apt for a salad since it is less juicy. Another option is a cucumber of any origin which has been pickled. Cucumbers of any origin can also be sliced and placed on a bed of ice cubes in a pitcher of water, the resulting concoction is known as a “Cucumber Water.”.

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Why is it called Lebanese cucumber?

It’s called Lebanese Cucumber because it originated in the Middle-East. One of the longest living cultivars of cucumber, they are very popular in Lebanese cuisine. There is also a long-standing debate whether it is really a Lebanese cucumber or is it just called that way. There is even a Facebook group called Lebanese Cucumber. Here I found this information..

What type of cucumber is Lebanese?

The cucumber brings a refreshing and aromatic twist to Lebanese cuisine and is the foundation of Tabbouleh, a national dish with an Arabic origin. Cucumber, which is not very juicy, is served fresh and sliced as an appetizer, as well as cooked in stews, grilled, pickled and served as a main course..

Why we should not eat cucumber at night?

Cucumber is very good for health. It is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, potassium, manganese, and fiber. It helps in the treatment of cystitis, diabetes, rheumatism, skin diseases, cancer, boils, and constipation. It also helps to cure the skin diseases like eczema, freckles and pimples. It helps in reducing the body heat and helps in skin improvement and also in weight loss and is also good for the eyes and hair. And we should not eat cucumber at night because it contains a lot of water and we will feel thirsty and we will keep on thinking about it and we will be unable to sleep..

Which cucumber is best to eat?

Kirby cucumbers are the best cucumbers to eat because they are smaller, faster vines, thinner-skinned, and have a better flavor than the other varieties. If you have tried this variety of cucumber you have experienced the outstanding flavor. The kirby cucumber will taste so much better than the other varieties. The other varieties are just too big to taste good. That is one of the reasons that this particular cucumber is called the best eating cucumber..

Are mini cucumbers and Persian cucumbers the same?

Yes, They are the same. So if you accidentally bought a Persian cucumber thinking it’s a mini cucumber, you can go ahead and have it. If you have a garden and have a mini cucumber variety, you can pickle them or can them. Just follow the same techniques as for a Persian cucumber, and you’ll have no problem. They are the same kind..

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What is telegraph cucumber?

Telegraphese is a telegraphic shorthand originally developed as a way to save time and money when using the telegraph. At its most basic, it is a system for cutting out extraneous letters from words to reduce the number of key presses needed to send a message. It was first developed by a man named Willoughby Smith, a partner in a commercial telegraph company in the United Kingdom, around 1852. It was an attempt to streamline the process of telegraphing messages by eliminating letters that have no impact on the message. In this way, messages could be sent faster and more efficiently..

How big is a Lebanese cucumber?

Lebanese cucumber is long and slender, it is dark green, thin skinned, not bitter, no seeds. It is about 4-8 inches. Lebanese cucumber can be used in salads, soups, sandwiches, cocktails, or cooked with rice, fish or chicken..

Is Lebanese cucumber good for you?

Lebanese cucumber is popularly called eggplant or aubergine. Lebanese eggplant is slightly round in shape and has white or purple color. These types of cucumbers are available in two different tastes. One is bitter while the other is sweet. It’s known to contain dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, copper etc. It contains phytochemicals that are said to prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, inflammation, arthritis etc. Lebanese cucumber enhances the appetite by stimulating the production of stomach acid. It has lots of health benefits to human body..

Do Lebanese cucumbers need a trellis?

Lebanese cucumbers need trellising to grow up instead of hanging down. This prevents the fruit from touching the ground, which can cause them to become dirty. Lebanese cucumbers are usually used for pickling, so the extra time and care needed to grow them on a trellis are well worth it..

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Are Lebanese cucumbers Burpless?

Lebanese cucumbers are not Burpless. Also known as the Long White Lebanese cucumber and the Lebanese white cucumber, they are a popular and unique variety of cucumber, and cannot be considered Burpless. These cucumbers are grown in Israel and Syria, and are considered by some to be the best cucumber variety for pickling, as they have a much smaller seed than the standard cuke, and a thin flesh. They are also known as the Long White Lebanese cucumber and the Lebanese white cucumber..

How do you tell if it’s a cucumber or zucchini?

You can easily tell whether you are holding a cucumber or a zucchini by touching it. The skin of the cucumber is tougher compared to that of a zucchini. A zucchini can also be spotted by its growth. Cucumber is vine-like in shape with spiky edges. However, zucchini is seen to be crescent shaped with rounded edges..

Where do Lebanese cucumbers grow?

Lebanese cucumbers are grown in the world famous Lebanese Valley. It’s known for its lush green fields that stretch to the horizon, blending seamlessly with the sky. It’s home to the rich heritage of the Lebanese people. It’s an historic land where time stands still, where people live in peace and harmony, close to nature. The majority of the valley’s inhabitants are Lebanese Christians. They live in simple homes that were built into the mountainsides. It’s home to the plethora of the famous Lebanese cedars. It’s an area of natural beauty that attracts thousands of tourists every year..

How do I know what kind of cucumbers I have?

You can easily tell what variety of cucumbers you have by looking at the githoles. The three main types of cucumber are burpless, English and picklers. The pickler cucumber has small, dark colored githsoles. The burpless cucumber has light colored githsoles. The English cucumber is mostly green, without the dark stripes that the other two have. The thickness of the cucumbers can also indicate what kind of cucumbers you have..

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