What To Eat With Hummus For Weight Loss?

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Hummus is a popular Middle Eastern dish that is made from chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and tahini. It’s a healthy food that makes a great dip, but it also has a lot of calories. To enjoy hummus without packing on the pounds, you can dip with vegetables or by using a smaller amount of hummus..

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Can I eat hummus while losing weight?

I have heard that hummus is good for weight loss, but I don’t know if it is true. Hummus contains calories, but it is also high in protein, which is what you need to lose weight, is it not? The protein is the important part. I’m not sure how much protein there is in hummus, but it sounds like it is more than most vegetables, which is good. However, there is also fiber in hummus, which is also good for the body. But I do not know if that is true. So I think you can eat hummus while losing weight. If you do not eat too much of it, then it will be good for you..

What is healthy to eat with hummus?

Here are some healthy things to eat with hummus. You can also use some spices for extra taste. Add some veggies on your wrap, instead of the meat. This way you will get more fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If you have a picky eater in your family, then you can hide the veggies in the wrap. Your husband or wife will not even notice that you are tricking them into eating veggies. You can even try making some quinoa instead of the wrap. This is a gluten free food, so if your family are gluten intolerant, then you can have some quinoa with hummus. It will give you energy throughout the day. These are some healthy things to eat with hummus..

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Is hummus good for belly fat?

No. While hummus is good for those seeking to lose weight , it is not helpful in getting rid of belly fat. On the other hand, hummus is great for those who want to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels as the chickpeas help control cholesterol and blood sugar levels..

What goes with hummus for dinner?

You can add anything from chicken to beef or even fish to your hummus. I love using hummus in place of mayo when making a sandwich. Pita bread, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and a spoonful of hummus make a very healthy and filling sandwich..

What goes with hummus as a snack?

Hummus is a tasty and popular Middle Eastern dip that is made from pureed chickpeas. It is low in fat and can be eaten with pita bread, crackers or veggies. Its combination with so many other foods makes it a very versatile dip. If you want to keep your hunger away, you can grab a snack of fresh vegetables or celery sticks. For a healthier option, grab an apple or an orange. And for something spicy and salty, you can grab a pack of mixed nuts and raisins..

What can you eat with hummus besides pita?

Try spreading hummus on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise, or serving it as a sauce with grilled chicken or beef. You can also mix it with yogurt or sour cream as a salad dressing or spread it on bread or crackers as an appetizer. Use hummus as a dip for raw veggies, chips, pretzels or bread..

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What can I mix with hummus?

Hummus is an extremely versatile food. It goes well with any type of bread, crackers, wraps, rice, pasta, quinoa, different types of salads, vegetables, meat, fish or seafood. Some of the popular ways to enjoy hummus are: – Hummus with pita bread, crackers or cucumber slices – Hummus topped with falafel, salmon, chicken or steak – Hummus with vegetable sticks – Hummus with quinoa, pasta, rice, couscous or salad.

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