Why Is It Easier To Remove The Ice Cubes From Cold Lemonade Than It Is To Remove The Sugar

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Why Is It Easier To Remove The Ice Cubes From Cold Lemonade Than It Is To Remove The Sugar

The sugar and ice cubes form a solute and solvent, respectively, with the water and lemon juice. The sugar and water dissolve to form a sugar-water solution, and the ice cubes and lemon juice form an ice-lemon juice solution. The pressure (atmospheric) is increased as you go deeper into the water, and water’s natural tendency to dissolve. This draws the sugar and the ice cubes into the water..

Whats the difference between pure and mixed matter?

Pure matter is matter that is not combination with any other substance. Examples of pure matter are heavy water, heavy oil, heavy metals, etc. Mixed matter is matter that is combination with other substance. Examples of mixed matter are regular water, regular oil, regular metals, etc..

Can be combined to form of various substances quizlet?

An atom may be grouped into various categories. These categories are based on the number of electrons in the atom’s lowest energy level. The two main categories are the inorganic or non-living atom, which includes things like rocks, metals, etc. and organic or living matter which includes things like plants, animals, people, etc..

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What is difference between H * * * * * * * * * * mixture and heterogeneous mixture?

Heterogeneous mixture is a mixture of substances which are physically separated from each other. On the other hand homogenous mixture is mixture of substances which are physically mixed. For example H2O, sugar, salt, milk are heterogeneous mixture of substances. But water, salt, oil are homogenous mixture of substances. Heterogeneous mixture of substances can be of two types like solid mixture and liquid mixture. Solid mixture of substances are like sugar powder, Salt powder, dust, sand etc. Liquid mixture of substances are like oil, juice of fruits etc..

What is liquid made of?

Liquid aka water is a chemical substance. It is a compound made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. These atoms are called “molecules”. In order to become a liquid, molecules must move freely and quickly from one place to another. In a solid, the molecules are tightly packed. They normally move very slowly. This is because they are locked into a particular shape or pattern. When it comes to metals or rocks, you can actually see the molecules locked into place. Ordinary liquids like water, vinegar, olive oil, etc. are in fact made up of very close packed molecules. They are not locked in place. They are free to move. That is why they are so fluid. That is why they can be shaped. That is why they can drip through the capillaries in capillaries in plants. That is why they can pass through cell walls in plants and animals. They can also dissolve into many substances that are not liquids..

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Is air a pure substance?

Many of us assume that air is a pure substance, but it’s actually a complex mixture of gases. Air actually contains voids, as well as elements such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon. This is easy to understand if we examine the composition of air..

Can a mixture be separated by physical means?

In a word, no. A mixture can’t be separated by physical means. But a mixture can be separated by physical means. After all, a mixture is a mixture. The ingredients don’t all dissolve or mix together. In fact, a mixture isn’t a solution. A mixture is a combination of 2 or more substances that don’t dissolve together. A mixture can be separated by physical means. You just have to know what to do. You can either separate it through filtration or you can separate the mixture by melting the substances and letting them form different layers. Melting a mixture is pretty straightforward. It’s the same process I use to make chocolate liqueur. It’s easy to do, but it’s not advisable to do it at home..

What is easier to separate a mixture or a compound Why?

A mixture is a collection of two or more different substances, while a compound is a substance made of two or more elements. A compound is chemically bonded together, while a mixture is not. In order to separate a compound from a mixture, you must use a chemical process. In order to separate a mixture from a compound, you must use a physical separation method. A mixture could be separated by filtration or by centrifugation. A compound could be separated by chromatography..

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