Why Was The German Army So Strong In Ww2?

Army tank crosses the water obstacle at the landfill

Germany’s military machine was strong because of its geography. Germany was surrounded on three sides by water. On the fourth side it had the neutral country of Austria and the impassible mountains of Switzerland to its south. This meant that Germany had no land borders with any other country. This led to only one conclusion, Germany would win a war because it could not be attacked through any of its borders. Another reason for Germany’s military strength was its excellent rail system. Because Germany was such a small country, it could be defended by a small number of men, but they could also be easily transported to the areas where they were needed..

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Why was the German Army so effective in ww2?

The German army was extremely effective in WW2 because of the use of Blitzkrieg and their use of tanks and armor. The German military (Wehrmacht) was the best in the world during the time, and its capabilities were instrumental in the success of the **** party. The German military used Blitzkrieg to gain territory extremely quickly, and took over France in a few months. Armor was the key in Blitzkrieg, because it meant that the enemy didn’t have a chance to think. The tanks and armor were so fast that when they attacked the enemy, they didn’t have a chance to think, and when they thought they were in a secure area, the army would attack with a massive force. The Blitzkrieg was a revolution in military strategy, and it was something that hadn’t been used against a military force in a long time. The Germans executed the Blitzkrieg perfectly, and it is a strategy that not only helped the German military gain power, but has been used before and even today. The Blitzkrieg was very successful, and it was what won the war, because the Germans were able to gain territory quickly before the Allies even had a chance to fight back..

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How was Germany so powerful in ww2?

Germany in WW2 was in many ways the dominant power in Europe, ruling over what was then the European mainland. Germany had a powerful military, which was stronger than any other in Europe. Germany had the strongest airforce, tanks, submarines, submarines and battleships in Europe. The German military was also well trained for war for much of the war. Germany also had the most territory in Europe, and was much larger than any other military power in Europe. It covered France, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and the whole of Eastern Europe. Germany was also a major industrial power, producing many products that other countries could not. The German war machine was also very advanced, being able to produce many military products that were extremely advanced. Germany was also rich in resources, with lots of coal, oil, iron, steel, and other important resources. Germany could also produce much more food than their enemies, which was essential for a possible war..

Did Germany have the strongest army in ww2?

Germany’s Wehrmacht was not the strongest army in World War II. It was the largest army-but not necessarily the strongest. If you look at the British or American armies, their strength was in their weapons. Most of the major weapons used by the allies in Europe were made in America. If you look at the Wehrmacht (Germany’s army), they did not offer much in terms of weapons. Their tanks were outclassed by the allies. Germany did not develop the atomic bomb during the war. The weapons they did offer to their soldiers were not necessarily the best. Their soldiers did not necessarily get the best training. For example, the allied soldiers (British, American, Canadian, etc.) were taught to fight in the trenches. They used what was sometimes called the “wave attack” where wave upon wave of soldiers would attack an enemy position. This is not how the Wehrmacht typically fought. They were more accustomed to the blitzkrieg, or lightning war. Their soldiers were also taught to attack and retreat, and never to surrender..

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Who was the most feared soldier in World War II?

Heinrich Himmler was the most feared soldier of the German army during the World War II. He was the chief of the SS. Heinrich Himmler had a thorough hatred for Jews. He was said to have killed millions of Jews. Himmler saw the membership of the **** party as means of personal advancement for himself. He was also the one who created all the concentration camps across Germany. Himmler organized the entire camp system by himself, leading some to believe that he was the real mastermind behind the Holocaust..

Did German soldiers respect American soldiers?

Respect is earned, not given. Any German soldier would be stupid not to respect Americans because your average GI was tough fighting infantry. However, respect does not mean like. The average German soldier was taught to despise Americans, but very few openly showed it. So not all German soldiers respected American soldiers, but they didn’t hate or dislike them either..

How strong is the German army?

The German army is one of the largest and best-equipped in Europe. It has close to 180,000 soldiers and over 1,130 tanks and armoured vehicles. German soldiers are recruited for a term of service of six years. The country has a unified command structure and is governed by the president and parliament. The chief of the German military is the chancellor, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the army. The chancellor, as the Commander-in-Chief, holds the highest rank in the German military, the rank of Federal Minister of Defence..

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Why is Germany so economically powerful?

Germany’s economy is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Its economy is also one of the most productive in the world, generating $3.4 trillion in output in 2014. Its economy is fueled mostly by its export industry. For instance, in 2014, Germany exported $1.2 trillion in goods. As a result, it has the largest trade surplus in the world..

Who were the best soldiers in ww2?

We all know that the soldiers of World War II had to be tough – after all, they were battling for their lives – but the bravest of the brave didn’t just survive, they thrived..

Who had the strongest Navy in ww2?

The United States Navy was the strongest navy during World War II, with a number of aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers. The Royal Navy or British Navy, led by Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, was a formidable force as well, as it later proved at the Battle of Taranto. The German Navy, led by Admiral Erich Raeder, was the third strongest navy during World War II, as it faced several problems that slowed its progress..

What Germans think of British soldiers?

Germans are, on the whole, open-minded, fair people. The vast majority of Germans are more concerned with themselves, their family, friends and hobbies than they are with politics. Let’s be honest, most people are that way. This means that, despite what history books and X Men movies might teach you, most Germans have no personal hate for the British..

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