A Soldier Who Serves For Pay In A Foreign Army?

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A soldier is a person who engages in military service. The term soldier can apply to a member of a military force, a person who is a member of a state’s armed forces. Some soldiers are professional soldiers, who are permanently involved in military service. In the Early modern period, men who volunteered for army service were either civilians or semi-professional soldiers. In the large majority of cases their enlisted rank was not a career..

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What is a term for foreign soldiers serving in the Roman military for pay?

The term for foreign soldiers serving in the Roman military for pay is ” auxiliaries “. The auxiliaries were made up of provincial people who were voluntary or forced into service. The army maintained a pool of diverse men who were capable of speaking Latin and who were skilled with combat techniques. They were mostly used as light infantry. The auxiliaries wore their native clothing and equipment, but they were paid and supported by Rome..

What does mercenary work mean?

A mercenary is a person who takes part in an armed conflict, who is not a national or a party to the conflict, and is “motivated to take part in the hostilities by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar rank and functions in the armed forces of that party”. <-Wikipedia.

Who served in the military in the Roman Empire?

The Roman military was always a mixed force of non-citizens and citizens serving side by side, including Eastern soldiers, who made up a good portion of the Roman military. Roman military ranks consisted of only two classes: the citizens in the Roman Legion and the non-citizens in the Auxilia. The citizens in the Roman Legion ranked higher in military rank, while the non-citizens in the Auxilia had lower rank in military rank..

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What does mercenary mean in history?

A mercenary, or a soldier of fortune , was a soldier who was hired to fight, for pay, instead of being raised within a national military..

How did Rome pay for its army?

Rome paid for its army by a property tax. All property owners were required to pay a property tax every year to keep the army going. If a property owner could not pay the tax, he could be forced to sell his land and property..

What was the function of Legionaries?

The legionaries, also called legionaries of Rome, were the highest-ranking soldiers in the Roman army. The average legionary was paid around 225 denarii per year, which was about the wages of two unskilled laborers. A legionary also received benefits, e.g. clothing, food, recreation, etc..

How do I join mercenaries?

A mercenary is a soldier who is hired to serve in the army of a foreign state. A mercenary group is usually “hired” by a foreign state to fight in an armed conflict, in exchange for money, goods, or other forms of payment. Mercenaries are sometimes employed by corporations, or by groups that oppose or are in competition with the official state. It is also seen as immoral to reply to warring groups with mercenaries, though this is changing in current times..

Does the US military hire mercenaries?

Yes, the United States military [does [hire [mercenaries [. [In [the [1980s [, [the [United States [government [paid [the [Contras [mercenaries [to [fight [the [Sandinista [government [in [Nicaragua. [Any [person [in [the [United States [can [now [fight [in [armed [conflict [in [the [Middle [East [for [pay. [But [if [you [go [to [fight [in [Syria [and [don’t [register [with [the [US [government [and [don’t [get [a [license [from [the [US [government [, [you [could [be [liable [for [criminal [charges [. [However, [you [can [fight [in [other [parts [of [the [world [as [long [as [you [don’t [go [to [Syria [, [Iran [, [Iraq [, [Afghanistan [, [Pakistan [, [Libya [or [Somalia. [The [US [government [does [not [pay [mercenaries [directly [, [but [does [provide [money [to [pay [mercenaries [on [behalf [of [the [government [of [the [Philippines [to [fight [terrorists [.

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What is Blackwater military?

Blackwater, now known as Xe, is a private military contractor that has gotten into the news recently because of an incident where they killed 17 Iraqi civilians. Blackwater is hired by the government for security, law enforcement, intelligence, etc. The contract is valued at $1 billion. Blackwater was founded in 1996 by Erik Prince. Blackwater has over 1,000 employees. The name Blackwater comes from the color of the water in Prince’s hometown. He was also the third fastest person to ever run a mile in high school..

What did Roman soldiers have to pay for out of their wages?

Roman soldiers got paid a specific amount of money each month. This is known as their subsistence or soldiers’ pay. They were often paid in an amount of money that would be equivalent to about $200 today. If they wanted to earn more than that, they would either need to pay out of their own money or rely on the charity of those around them. Even though they were paid a certain amount of money each month, it often took a while for this money to show up. As a result, many soldiers ended up going to a nearby town and getting a job. The townspeople would be more than willing to employ a man if they saw that he was a strong, hard worker who could help them out around the house or farm..

Who was the general of the Roman army?

The general of the Roman army in Caesar’s time was Publius Cornelius Scipio, who was also called Scipio Africanus. He was a patrician and held the military tribunate. He took over the army after the Battle of Ticinus and the Battle of Trebia. He went on to win the Battle of Ibera and the Battle of Zama. Because of his successful military and political career, Scipio was awarded the title of “Africanus.”.

Who started the Roman army?

The Roman army can trace its origins back to the Roman kingdom and to its early days when Romulus and Remus just started out by setting up the city of Rome. Romulus and Remus went on to establish the Roman senate and the Roman republic. The Roman army became just as famous as the Roman empire that followed. The Roman army was led by several Roman emperors until it eventually dissolved into an early Roman Empire..

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What is a soldier for pay called?

A soldier for pay is called a mercenary. A mercenary is someone who is employed as a soldier or fighter for a country or cause for which they do not really care, but only for money. Mercenaries fight for a variety of reasons, including money, political interests, and national interests..

Is being a mercenary illegal?

Yes and No. Its legal and illegal depends upon the country and the conflict situation. A merc is a soldier of fortune who is not affiliated with any of the warring parties, but serves any warring party for money. In some countries, it is legal to be a mercenary. In fact, countries like Switzerland, Iran and Russia even allows their citizens to be mercenaries. In the U.S., it is legal to be a mercenary when the conflict is not in the United States. It is also legal when the conflict is against a country in which the U.S is at war with. However, if a mercenary takes a job from a non-hostile nation in a conflict situation in which the U.S. is involved or has a mutual defense treaty with a country in the conflict, the mercenary is subject to prosecution. In case of a civil war within a country, it is illegal to be a mercenary. In the U.S., it is illegal to be a mercenary in a civil war situation, if the mercenary has been a U.S. citizen. In the U.S., it is also illegal for a mercenary to have been a U.S. citizen in the past five years. In addition, a mercenary is not allowed to have a passport from a country he is a mercenary for..

What is Merci ary?

There are two ways to pronounce this word. The first is the French way, which is set forth by Merriam-Webster. The other pronunciation, which is more commonly used, was just invented by the people who don’t want to learn how to speak French. Fortunately, both are accepted by society, so you can choose whichever you like..

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