Can Substance Abuse Cause Bipolar Disorder?

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The short answer to the question is: Yes. The long answer is that this is very complex issue and it depends on the substance one abuses..

Can Substance Abuse Cause Bipolar Disorder? – Related Questions

Can drugs trigger bipolar disorder?

Drugs can cause bipolar disorder, but that’s not the only way to get it. All you have to do to get bipolar is to have a significantly different mood from day to day. Bipolar is the result of the brain receiving too much stimulation from the neurotransmitter called dopamine. So when you have an episode of mania or depression, that’s your brain sending you an important message about the level of dopamine. Drugs can make both mania and depression worse. But in the case of mania, the drug isn’t the root cause..

What is drug induced bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder. During the manic episodes, the person with the condition will undergo feelings of extremely high energy, euphoria, irritability, sleeplessness, and little need for sleep. It is the opposite of depression. During the depressive episodes, the person with the condition will undergo feelings of sadness, social withdrawal, low energy, difficulty concentrating, and hopelessness. It is completely treatable. Often medical experts prescribe medications to treat the disorder. The most commonly prescribed medications for bipolar are lithium, valporic acid, divalproex, and carbamazepine. You need to take them daily and they help to stabilize your mood. They also help to prevent episodes of mania or depression. Antidepressants are used to treat the depressive episodes. Many people have found success with alternative treatments such as yoga, acupuncture, and meditation. If you think you need to be on medication, it is best to consult with your doctor..

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How many addicts are bipolar?

Research shows that between 40-60% of addicts also suffer from bipolar disorder. This is a higher than average number, as only 2-3% of the general population is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. There is a genetic component to the disease, and some of the most common addictions that can be found with bipolar disorder are food, shopping, ***, gambling and drugs. People with this dual diagnosis have more intense feelings of depression, mania and impulsiveness. They also tend to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, and are more likely to suffer from addiction than those who do not suffer from bipolar disorder..

Can a person be a trigger for bipolar disorder?

Yes, there are triggers for bipolar disorder. In fact, many people who suffer from this condition can usually trace the origins of their bipolar disorder to a specific event or stressor that set off the illness in their lives..

What can mimic bipolar disorder?

The following chart shows the symptoms of the two disorders (manic-depressive condition and the hypomanic state) and the mood changes that occur with certain medications..

What is the most misdiagnosed mental illness?

The most misdiagnosed mental illness is the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). There are many other disorders, which are related to ADHD. All these disorders are listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, text revision (DSM-IV-TR), published by the American Psychiatric Association, and all have the same symptoms as ADHD. The most common disorders among these are oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder..

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What is the most common cause of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental disease characterized by extreme mood swings from mania to depression. The manic phase is characterized by an excessively “high” or euphoric mood, self-confidence, and an extreme amount of energy. These feelings are often accompanied by impulsive, unwise behavior that may be embarrassing or harmful. The depressive phase is characterized by feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, hopelessness, loss of energy, and in many cases thoughts of suicide. The causes of bipolar disorder are not entirely known, but it is believed that a combination of genetic and environmental factors contribute to its development. The exact causes of bipolar are not known..

What drugs cause manic episodes?

There are a number of drugs that can cause manic episodes. These include amphetamines, desipramine, dextroamphetamine, methadone, norepinephrine, phenelzine, phenethylamine, psoralens, reserpine, and stimulants..

How long does drug induced bipolar last?

Drug induced bipolar is caused when a person takes a drug that leads to the person having a manic episode and an episode of depression. This is not the same thing as the official term for bipolar disorder. That is called bipolar 1. Bipolar 1 is a condition in which a person can have an episode of mania and depression that last for a substantial length of time. How long does drug induced bipolar last? Well, it depends on the type of drugs the person took. Drug induced bipolar can last for a couple hours or days, and even up to a couple years, but that is very rare. Drug induced bipolar ends when the person stops taking the drugs or they are taken off of the drug..

How a person with bipolar thinks?

Bipolar disorder (or manic-depressive disorder) is a mental illness in which people have periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. Manic people often feel euphoric, have racing thoughts, and are easily distracted. A person with bipolar disorder has mood swings that are more severe than the normal ups and downs of life. Manic people can be irritable and may lose their temper easily. They may be aggressive, hostile, and violent, as well. They may make impulsive decisions, spend a lot of money, and engage in risky behavior. Mania can be disruptive to normal life and relationships. If a person is manic, he or she may have trouble sleeping or may sleep too much. If a person is depressed, he or she may lose interest in people or activities that he or she used to enjoy..

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Does stress trigger bipolar episodes?

Stress does NOT trigger bipolar episodes. Stress is a normal part of life and does not cause bipolar disorder. If a person with bipolar disorder has a stressful life (e.g. loss of a job, illness, etc.), then mood symptoms might get worse. Sometimes, stress can make symptoms worse, but it is not the cause of the disorder. For more information, please see the following links:.

Why do bipolar cut you off?

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was told that if I stop taking my medication, I’ll end up in the hospital or the morgue. It’s not easy living with this type of illness, but it also means we have to take extra care when it comes to our personalities and behavior. Here are a few reasons why bipolar cut you off:.

Does Bipolar worsen with age?

Bipolar is a condition that can worsen with age but the individual is not doomed to a life of severe mood swings. With proper treatment and regular follow up, there is hope of recovery. According to the statistics, Bipolar disorder affects 1.4 % of population below the age of 18 and 5.9% above the age of 18. However, only 30% of the cases diagnosed in these people can be successfully treated. This means for one in three people suffering from Bipolar, the condition is so severe that medication does not help them. If a person does not develop the disease till early 20’s, it is generally a good sign that he/she can lead a normal life with regular treatment. This is especially true for someone who has the genetic makeup that makes him/her more prone to developing Bipolar..

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