Can You Customize Coke Bottles?

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Can you customize a Coke bottle?


The Coca-Cola Company will reject your design if it is not in direct conformance with its requirements, but you can upload a finished product for consideration. There are two points to keep in mind though – one is that they are unlikely to accept designs which are significantly different from the ‘official’ Coca-Cola style, and the other is that while they may be interested in your idea, there’s no guarantee that their marketing department or distribution team will approve it. As there are some constraints on what you’re allowed to do with original artwork of theirs. So before submitting anything please comply with these guidelines:
Coca-Cola logo must always appear as a standalone graphic element separate from any other logos or graphics; never.

Can I get my name on a Coke bottle?

The only way to get your name on a Coke bottle would be to take the time and write it out letter by letter. And even then, if you’re very fast with writing I don’t think there’s any guarantee that the person reading the bottle will actually be bothered to look down that closely. So no, you can’t just put your name on a Coke bottle. Sorry.

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Why do Coke bottles have names on them?

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the world’s biggest sellers. It generates billions in revenue for both itself and its partners on an annual basis – so it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a major player in the packaged beverage market.

The first step towards making sure you’re never lost for something to drink, then, comes from naming their individual products – with Coca-Cola bottles coming in multiple shapes, colours and flavours as a result. For corporate giants like these, reputation can be everything; if someone were looking for how to discuss them at cocktail parties but didn’t know what they made or how they tasted, one way would simply be mentioning the famous names of each product variety they offer. This also helps keep brands.

What names can you get on Coke bottles?

The bottle can be personalized with a name and up to 12 characters of text.
Custom names are printed in the same script as the Coca-Cola trademark. Names must be spelled correctly and may not exceed 12 characters.
Coca‐Cola is unable to use any text that implies personhood such as “happy birthday.” Customization charges vary by state or territory depending on what’s available locally. A certificate of authenticity will be given noting your custom name; we cannot change merchandise after it has been ordered, so please carefully review order before confirming shipment and providing payment information. Names on glass bottles can only contain capital letters and spaces, apostrophe ( ‘ ), hyphen ( – ), comma ( , ) and period (.

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Do they still make glass Coke bottles?

As of November 12, 2012, the company announced that it will phase out
coke bottles in North America. They plan to use recyclable aluminium cans for Coke (and Diet Coke) in Europe by end of 2013. This date is subject to change depending on “local circumstances”.

Coke switched from glass bottling to PET plastic around 1979, but only in the US and Canada. This was because they found it cheaper, more efficient to distribute and easier to store at retail points where shipping volume or space restrictions are an issue. But their research eventually confirmed what consumers didn’t want – a potential health concern with high acidity polycarbonate plastics known as Bisphenol-A chemicals that were used in manufacturing the.

Are old Coca-Cola bottles worth money?

What a great question! I have some information below on whether or not old Coca-Cola bottles are worth money, and also how to tell the difference between an antique glass Coke bottle and a reproduction.

There is no current market for vintage glass Coca-Cola bottles. If they do happen to be rare (i.e., red painted lettering), they’re often still displayed at museums like the Louvre; we can’t really see its condition from this photo, but perhaps your friend could find out more?
Old Coca-Colas do sometimes bring big bucks at auctions:

Is Share a Coke still a thing?

Yes, but only in the US
The Coca-Cola Company discontinued Share a Coke outside of the US because their target for this campaign was Americans. Stateside, they’re still having fun with it and just introduced two new flavors – “Share With Care” and “Mine.”
What’s your favorite Share a Coke flavor?.

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