Can You Have A Mustache In The Army?

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Strictly speaking, growing a mustache is illegal for soldiers. Why, you may ask? It has something to do with hygiene. It can be very difficult to properly maintain your mustache, and if you cant properly maintain it, it can cause problems for you and your comrades. No one is saying the military is looking to make your life difficult. It’s just one of those little things you have to do, especially when you are part of something larger..

Can You Have A Mustache In The Army? – Related Questions

Can you have a mustache at basic?

No. All Marines, regardless of current MOS, have a mustache prohibition when they arrive at their first unit. You can grow a mustache after a few months once you have a job..

How do I get a military mustache?

Shoot for a big, bold mustache. If you want a clean-shaven look, you will have a military mustache. The key to a perfect military mustache is a steady hand and a sharp blade. Trim your mustache daily with a pair of good, sharp scissors. If you have a long, wiry mustache, you can use a light, direct current to set the hairs in place. In a pinch, you can always use a small amount of hair spray or a light soap to hold the hairs in place. If you have a short, thick mustache, try using a stiff-bristled brush to hold your mustache hairs in place..

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Are mustaches allowed in boot camp?

A big no! Mustaches are not allowed in base, but you can grow a mustache after you get discharged. Why? Because facial hair can make it harder to wear and handle gas masks and it is also a threat to the safety and health of others. To be more specific, facial hair can actually trap toxic gasses and thus put the wearers and their fellow soldiers in danger..

Do you shower together in the army?

Every platoon has two latrines. Platoon members are required to shower in one latrine, but sometimes they are allowed to use the other latrine for privacy. The reason is the same in all the militaries, which is hygiene. A latrine is a room with a toilet, a sink and a shower head. The toilet is in the center of the room, the sink and shower head are to the right and left of the toilet. The room is usually used by more than one person and the room has more than one toilet and sink. Because of this, hygiene is of utmost importance. A soldier is required to clean himself after using the latrine. So it is important to shower in order to get rid of the bacteria that get on your body when you use the toilet..

Does the army shave your head?

The Army does not shave your head until you get to basic training and they issue you a new hat. At basic training the barber will shave your head and your hat size is measured..

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Can Marines have mustaches?

Yes, Marines can have mustaches after Boot Camp. Before then, recruits are required to be clean shaven. Most Marines consider a mustache a symbol of a seasoned veteran, an image established during World War II, when infantrymen displayed a week’s worth of scruff to ward off the bitter cold. For a Marine to have a mustache in dress blue uniform is a crime, but a mustache is permitted in the utility uniform, which is worn more frequently..

Can you have long hair in the military?

Long hair in the military is always a controversial topic. Just like any other profession, it’s an ongoing battle between professionalism and aesthetics. There are two types of military men with long hair, the first one is the hair on their head, which is perfectly fine, and the second one is hairstyle on face, which is considered completely unacceptable, especially during official occasions..

Why do soldiers shave everyday?

There are several reasons why soldiers shave everyday. Case in point, the real reason that soldiers shave everyday is because soldiers are paid by the army not by the day or month, but by the ‘head’, hence, all the men in the military are required to keep their faces clean-shaven. There are other reasons why shaving is encouraged in the Armed Forces. For one, it makes men look more presentable and professional. Military uniforms are usually extremely neat and well-tailored. A clean shave also serves as an indication of discipline. Discipline is one of the military’s highest values; without discipline, no army can be complete, and any army can’t win battles. Likewise, a soldier who has a shaggy, unkempt face gives the impression that he has no discipline. This, in turn, leads to poor performance in the battlefield. Finally, soldiers are required to shave because it is an easy way to keep track of the number of days that have passed. Without keeping track of the days, all the men in the military would go AWOL, an action which is punishable by imprisonment, fines, and dishonorable discharge..

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Why do you have to shave your head in the Army?

If you want to join the army, you’ll have to shave your head. This is because you’ll need to keep your hair short for health and safety reasons. It also makes it easier to identify you. The hair regulations are very clear – no hair can be longer than 2cm. You’ll be given a hairbrush so you can keep your hair tidy..

What is a military shaving profile?

A military shaving profile should have a close or zero tolerance on getting a zero shaving profile. It involves a code of conduct which is an integral part of the military discipline. It is a set of orders to all the service persons in the military. These orders include grooming instructions for a soldier’s uniform, personal life, and behavior. A military officer or soldier is to be clean shaven at all opportunities. The reason behind this is grooming a Military person is a task which a soldier has to take seriously. It can be a form of a seriousness test for a soldier. A military shaving profile includes a warning or a zero tolerance policy for shaving..

Can you have painted nails in the army?

No, female soldiers are not permitted to wear nail polish. THe Army policy allows female soldiers to wear nail polish if they are on leave, but not when they are on duty. On the other hand, nail polish for women in the Army is permitted during physical training PT if they are wearing gloves..

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