Can You Have Facial Hair In The Army?

Yes, you can have facial hair in the army. But, the rules on facial hair are very strict in the US Army. Your hair should not be too long. It should not be thicker than the width of two fingers. You can’t mix any color with it. And finally, you cannot have any tattoos on your face..

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Can I have a beard in basic training?

If a serviceman chooses to wear a beard, the beard must be neatly trimmed and closely shaved, so facial features are still visible. Failure to comply with this regulation results in a non-judicial punishment under Article 92. In addition, National Guard Regulation 600-1, paragraph 4-18 prohibits the wearing of beards, except when an exception is granted by the Adjutant General..

Which military branch allows beards?

Until April 2014, beards were forbidden for all members of the US military. However, the ban has been lifted for some military personnel. For instance, sailors of the Blue Angel flight demonstration team are now allowed to sport beards. The US Marine Corps allows beards for women..

Why can’t police have beards?

Police beards have been a controversial topic for a long time. In certain countries, beards are prohibited for police. USA is one of those countries, but police can grow a beard if they wish to do so. But very few officers actually do it. The first reason for this rule is to show a professional appearance. Professionalism is a first impression for a first time offender. This will make them think about the consequences of their actions, and may prevent them from committing a crime. Second reason is to avoid the possibility of suspects hiding any weapons under their beards. This is a common practice in some unstable areas. In addition, beards can be a mild form of identification as the growth pattern of hair is as unique as fingerprints..

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Do you shower together in the army?

Yes and no. The traditional showers in the army were no more than a tub with a shower head. Everyone got in the tub and washed. Nowadays, they’ve got things like private shower stalls with curtains and such. You don’t shower together in the army. But… Depending on the unit and the situation, there is a time and place for… well… male bonding..

Can you have long hair in the army?

Yes, you can have long hair. It is not part of the uniform. However, you can’t have long hair while wearing a combat helmet. If you are wearing a field cap or patrol cap, you can have braids or dread-locks. You may also have long hair if you are wearing a dress or service uniform. But, remember that your hair should be neat, clean, and well-groomed..

Can you have tattoos in the army?

You can have tattoos in the army but not on your head or hands. Yes, I’m serious. According to Army Regulation 670-1, soldiers are not authorized to have tattoos anywhere on their head, face, neck, or hands. Any tattoos on these areas must be covered with bandages at all times. The rest of the body is fair game, though, so you can ink up anywhere below the neck..

Do you have to shave every day in the army?

Yes, you do, and you will. The US Army standards of grooming is to keep your face and head clean shaven at all times. Army regulation 670-1, chapter 5, section 11c: “The maximum length of hair allowed at any time for soldiers is no more than two inches. (This does not include sideburns or moustaches). Out of control or noticeably unkempt hair shall be considered unprofessional and shall not be worn. Each soldier will be held accountable for his or her hair, fingernails, and shaving habits.”.

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