Can You Join The Army With Depression History?

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I would not, character issues are very important in the army, or any job that is highly respected. You will not be in charge of others in the military with a history of depression, you will either work alone in a lab, or with a few other people in a similar situation..

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Can you join the military with a history of depression?

Yes, but military recruiters are often less likely to accept you if they know you have had any mental health problems, including depression. A history of depression will not automatically disqualify you; but you must be able to show proof that you are healthy and able to function well. You should note that while the military does not like to turn away anyone with the inclination to serve the country, you will be held to a higher standard. Therefore, if you were to get depressed within the military, your superiors would not give you the benefit of the doubt. Your superiors will only consider the fact that you are depressed to be proof that you cannot handle the stress of military life..

Can I join the Army with a history of mental health?

When it comes to mental health, you have to pass a battery of tests. These tests are the same tests that are used for all of the branches of the military. You can read more about them here . You will not be able to join the Army with a history of mental health if you have more than two of the following symptoms of mental illness..

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Does the army check mental health records?

The US army have the right to check your mental health records, but it doesn’t mean that they will. Besides, the US army does not have the right to tell you what is in your record. The military can order mental health records for review, but if they find something wrong, they will not inform you about it. Because of this, some people prefer to keep their mental health record clean by avoiding any psychological issues. If you have had some mental health issues in the past, you should seek help and treat them as soon as possible. If you have a clean record and the US army decides to check your mental health records, you don’t need to worry about anything. The US army will not tell you how they found out about your past..

Can you get a waiver for depression in the military?

You can certainly get a waiver for depression in the military. However, there are several things you must keep in mind before you bid for the same. Depression is not classified as an AIS, which means you will not get automatic consideration for a waiver. You must be able to prove that you are fit for service. The fact that you are depressed does not mean that you are unfit for service. It just means that you need some time off for treatment. If you do not get the waiver, you will be treated for your depression. After you are treated, you will be fit for service. So, if you get a waiver, you will be the only person in the military who is fit for service after you are treated. All the other soldiers who are not classified as AIS are unfit for service after they are treated..

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What disqualifies you from entering the military?

This article talks about how to get into the military and answers frequently asked questions: How long do you have to wait before joining the military If you want to join the military, you should check if you qualify for any free military loans first. This article talks about how to get into the military and answers frequently asked questions: How long do you have to wait before joining the military If you want to join the military, you should check if you qualify for any free military loans first..

What happens if MEPS disqualifies you?

MEPS is the Military Entrance Processing Command. MEPS is located at Naval Station Great Lakes and serves as the final step before members of the military serve their country. Serving their country through the U.S. Armed Forces is one of the most honorable and respectable things someone can do. But before you go off and dedicate years of your life to the U.S. Military, there are some things you should know about MEPS..

What mental illnesses can you get from war?

Mental health problems can affect anyone, but particularly those in stressful situations. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people who have served in the armed forces are likely to suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives. Examples of mental illnesses are depressive illness, PTSD, psychosis, bipolar affective disorder, anxiety, alcohol dependency, drug dependency, stress, low self-esteem, common stress reaction, adjustment reaction, post-traumatic stress reaction, social isolation, combat stress reaction..

Does PTSD disqualify you from the military?

I have worked for the military for just about ten years now. During that time I have worked many different jobs to include working with the police force. I have seen many recruits who have looked to enlist due to other options being limited. Many times I have seen the question of being able to handle the job being asked. My first question is have you ever been diagnosed with PTSD? If so have you been receiving care and is it under control? I am not saying this is the case with everyone but it is something we need to be aware of. With today’s society we need to understand the effects PTSD can have and how to control and treat it. If you have never been diagnosed with PTSD and you have no history of this in your family then it should not be a problem at all..

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Can you join the army if you are on antidepressants?

You can join the army, but you have to have a clean medical history of your health. The best thing to do is to discuss with your doctor who prescribed your antidepressants. Other than that, you can get more info on the army website..

Can you lie about medical history for military?

Lying is never a good idea and any lie is difficult to maintain. If the military is your choice, you may want to rethink. Lying will be easier, but you will have to keep telling lies and it will be found out eventually. This will hurt your record and possibly your career. You will be held to a higher standard than that of your peers and will be expected to lead others. This is difficult to do if you cannot be trusted..

Does MEPS really check medical records?

The Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPS) does in fact check medical records. Applicants are required to bring in all medical records that they have for the past three years in order to receive a military medical exam in MEPS. According to the MEPS website, “The Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DERB) will review medical records to determine if an applicant has any medical conditions that could potentially interfere with the applicants ability to perform military duties. DERB has the authority to determine medical qualification or unqualified for all applicants. Once the review is complete, the applicant will receive a MEPS Statement of Medical Examination Result letter.” For more information, please see the MEPS website at ..

Does the army allow tattoos?

According to Army Regulation 670-1, soldiers are allowed to have tattoos, but they must be placed in four areas of the body. The four areas are behind the ear, on the lower leg, above the knee, and on the neck. The tattoo placed in these areas must be smaller than the size of the wearer’s hand. Soldiers are also allowed to have temporary tattoos that last no more than seven days..

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