Can You Join The Army With Flat Feet?

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Absolutely – the Army will take anyone who is physically able to complete basic training. However, if you are deemed to be at risk for developing flat feet, you could be assigned to non-infantry assignments. If you’re later found to have developed flat feet, you could be released from the military with a General Discharge. If you’re otherwise qualified for enlistment, you can join despite being rejected by a previous recruiting station..

Can You Join The Army With Flat Feet? – Related Questions

Is Flat foot accepted in army?

Flat foot is accepted in the army. However, with some necessary precautions, Flat foot can be easily handled. The recruits with flat foot are referred to physiotherapists who are trained to help them learn how to walk properly. Also, there are orthopedic boots that are specially designed keeping in mind the kind of foot problem that the recruits have. These boots are very comfortable and are easy to move around with. The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that flat foot does not affect your fitness or stamina. As long as you learn how to walk properly, it is more than fine to serve in the army..

Why flat foot is not allowed in military?

Flat foot is an affliction where the arch of the foot is not developed properly. There are many different types of flat foot, but the medical term for flat feet is pes planus. Flat foot can affect anyone , but it is much more common in people who are overweight . Toeing-out is very common in people with flat foot..

Is flat foot permanent rejected in army?

Flat foot is permanent, but it is not the sole reason for rejection. The army takes into account many factors that could affect a soldier’s ability to function during service. Such factors include previous injuries, localized pain, motor skills, and other physical attributes. For instance, an individual with flat feet will be given a medical exam to determine the degree of flatness and the level of pain. Upon evaluation, if the person’s condition is deemed to be manageable, he or she will be allowed to join the army..

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Is flat feet a disability?

Flat feet is the condition in which there is a flattened arch of the foot, which might cause pain and discomfort. However, this is not a disability. But it can make walking more difficult. If you have flat feet, you should wear proper shoes. Nowadays, there are shoes designed specifically for people who have flat feet. You can get prescribed shoes from your doctor. It is also recommended to get the children examined for flat feet while they are still young. An orthopedist can prescribe custom insoles..

Can I run with flat feet?

It is true that the normal arch is the best arch for your body to support your tissues, bones, blood vessels, muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments. However, there are ways to run with flat feet without facing any problem. Avoid running on hard surfaces for a longer period of time. It is better to alternate between hard surface and surfaces that provide more cushioning. You can wear supportive shoes or in-shoe supports. You can also buy foot arches to support your feet. You can have arch support with ‘Orthotics’ with the help of a ‘Podiatrist’ or ‘Chiropodist’. If you are ‘Overweight’, you can ‘Lose Weight’ with ‘Diet’ and ‘Exercise’..

Can you be a cop with flat feet?

While it’s true that nearly all departments have a minimum height requirement, they are often more flexible than most people think. Many applicants are able to show they are still fit to do the job with an accommodation letter from their doctor. These letters are required to prove the applicant can perform the required functions of the position with the condition, and can submit a letter stating that they are capable..

Can flat foot be corrected?

Yes, flat foot can be corrected. However, it helps to know exactly what type of flat foot you have. There are two main types of flat foot conditions. So let’s take a look at both of them. If you have flexible flat feet, your arch can be stretched, strengthened and improved over time through certain exercises. However, if you have rigid flat feet, the condition is more serious and requires medical treatment..

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Is it better to have flat feet or arched?

Normal arched feet are much healthier than flat feet. Normal arch means that there is slight bend to the foot, which allows you to stand on your tiptoes without your toes touching the ground. This is important because it allows you to run faster and jump higher. It can also reduce the risk of injury. On the other hand, flat feet have no arch, so the foot flattens out completely when you stand on your tiptoes. This can cause you to have trouble walking around for a long period of time, and you are much more likely to get injured..

Do any professional athletes have flat feet?

Athletes who play physical sports such as basketball, soccer and football are more likely to suffer from flat feet. However, many basketball players like Dikembe Mutombo and Yao Ming had flat feet and they turned out to be great athletes. Since they specialize in physical sports, they were able to recover from flat feet and still succeed in their careers. One reason for this is that Mutombo and Ming had a coach who worked with them and they were committed to the training and the exercises. It is possible for most people with flat feet to still participate in physical sports, but it is important to be treated and do the necessary exercises..

Why flat foot is bad?

Flat foot can be both a cause and an effect of certain problems. The main cause is when the tendon in the foot becomes detached from the bone (the tendon is responsible for the arch in the foot). This condition is known as tendonitis. Here are some ways in which flat foot can affect your health:.

Are there any benefits to having flat feet?

There are several benefits. Flat feet, also known as pes planus , is the condition in which the arch of the foot is not present or is very low. Persons with flat feet are more likely to have fallen arches. Having flat feet may cause discomfort in some circumstances, but for the most part it is not a serious condition..

Can I join Indian Army with flat feet?

In the Indian Army, you have to pass a number of physical tests to be eligible to get selected. You have to pass a complete medical examination, including a thorough eyesight test, a hearing test, a psychological evaluation, a dental examination, a chest X-ray, a urine test and a general physical examination . Flattened feet is a common ailment. It is a genetic trait that does not change. No matter how you treat your feet, it will not change that. You can get a second opinion from a sports medicine expert. If you have a reasonable chance of passing the physical tests, then you should give it a shot..

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Is Flat foot genetic?

I am assuming you are asking this question because you or your child has flat feet and you want to know if this condition is genetic. Let me tell you, regardless of whether it is genetic or not, you can change it by wearing support. Many people think it is genetic, but the truth is that your feet tend to flatten at young age because you stand or walk all day long in shoes, but this is not something that is in your DNA. If you take off your shoes, you can notice your feet are not flat at all. If you want, you can stand barefoot on the floor for few minutes each day. This will keep your feet strong and flexible. After few days or weeks, you will see the difference..

Can flat feet damage knees?

Yes. Flat feet could damage knees. It is not certain, but flat feet can contribute to knee pain. Even, according to some doctors, your foot structure can cause different knee problems. Some of the most common reasons why flat feet can damage knees are: – Having flat feet can increase the load or pressure on your knees. Flat feet are usually wider than normal feet. This means the force of your body weight can concentrate on one area of your body, your knees. The constant pressure could eventually damage the cartilage in your knees. – Over pronation is another reason why flat feet can damage knees. As you step, flat feet tend to roll outwards. This abnormal motion could cause your kneecap to rub against the sides of your knee. The friction could cause inflammation and pain to the knee. – Flat feet can cause knee pain. For example, if there is pain at the inside of your knee, this is an indication that your foot might be causing the problem. If you have flat feet, you should make sure you wear properly fitted shoes. Check the arch support. If it is not good, see your podiatrist..

Does having flat feet make you slower?

Having flat feet (pes planus) is a condition that has no known link to running speed. It is a genetic skeletal variation and may be slightly more common in athletes than in non-athletes. It is simply a matter of anatomy and is similar to having wide or narrow hands and feet. While it may be associated with a slightly increased incidence of injuries and pain in some individuals, it does not impair speed..

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