Does Cigna Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

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This is not a definitive answer , but my current understanding of Cigna’s coverage is that they will cover the surgery, but will not cover any weight loss program or counseling that may be necessary for the surgery..

Does Cigna Cover Weight Loss Surgery? – Related Questions

Does Cigna pay for weight loss programs?

Yes, Cigna reimburses employers and employees for weight loss and wellness programs. It has a point system where every certain amount of points earns customers $15.00. The e-Rewards program can help customers discover more healthy options. It also helps them stay motivated and reach their goals..

Which weight loss surgery is covered by insurance?

Gastric bypass, gastric banding and gastric sleeve are the types of weight loss surgery covered by most health insurance policies. Gastric bypass is a type of weight loss surgery in which the stomach is made smaller with a surgical stapling method. In this method, the size of the stomach is reduced by about 75 percent. Then a small pouch is created from the remaining stomach tissue, which is connected to the small intestine. This is where the digestive juices from the stomach enter the food stream..

How long does it take for insurance to approve weight loss surgery?

This is a complicated question, but there are some things that you can do to make the process go faster. If your insurance company denies your claim for surgery, give them a call and ask why. If they are dragging their feet, ask them if they can expedite your request. Some insurance companies are known for being extremely slow. Giving them a call will remind them to process your request, and you may have to do this several times. Also, ask them if there is anything you can do to help your case. If your insurance company is responsible for the lengthy wait time, you may be able to go over their head and contact your state’s insurance board. If you have been waiting more than ten months, you should give this a try. These are state-level corporations, so your insurance company may have to answer to them. You may have to file a formal complaint..

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What is medically necessary weight loss surgery?

Medically necessary weight loss surgery is where you lose weight because of a medical condition that can improve or be fixed by losing weight. You may be eligible for such surgery if you have morbid obesity, heart disease, diabetes, acid reflux/GERD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, stroke, osteoarthritis, or other serious medical condition..

How long does it take for Cigna to approve a surgery?

I don’t work for Cigna, so I can’t say for sure, but it doesn’t take long in the least. I’ve had Cigna in the past and it usually took no longer than a week to approve a surgery, and in most cases, it was approved much faster than that, sometimes the very next day..

What is the most effective weight loss program?

There are many different weight loss programs available, but not all of them work. The most effective weight loss program is the one you find most enjoyable. It is well known that dieting causes people to lose weight, but it is unfamiliar that people gain the weight back plus more after they finish. Bearing this in mind, it is important to try to find weight loss program that works for your body, your lifestyle and your needs. The most effective weight loss program is one that you will be able to stick to..

How do I get my insurance to cover weight loss surgery?

If you have checked with other insurance companies and other surgeons and you find them all offering the same coverage, then you should start looking into the possibility of switching health insurance providers. You should also look into switching your provider if you can because it will be very hard to get such coverage. If you do succeed, then you should be able to get covered for such procedures as well as other medical weight loss procedures as well. It is not easy to get insurance to cover weight loss surgery, but it is possible. You should keep searching for an insurance provider willing to give you what you need..

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How much does gastric sleeve cost out of pocket?

The price of gastric sleeve varies based on the doctor you consult, geographic location, and the kind of procedure you are having done. On average, gastric sleeve costs anywhere from $7,000 to $18,000..

How much do you have to weigh to get gastric sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve is a type of weight loss procedure in which the size of the stomach is reduced by creating a sleeve that goes around the upper part of the stomach. While this is not a very restrictive type of surgery, it can produce very dramatic results..

How can I get my doctor to approve weight loss surgery?

I do not mean that you should not lose weight, but if you do, it is not a good idea to do so via surgery. Losing weight through any surgery is risky and you should not go for this if you do not have the necessary information. It is good to go for a healthier diet and do some exercises to lose weight. You should also go for a surgery only if your doctor recommends it. If you are overweight, it is not a good idea to lose weight immediately because it may result in serious health problems. If you are obese, tell your doctor about it. Even if he is not willing to approve your surgery, you can still lose weight by following a healthy diet plan and doing some exercises..

How hard is it to get approved for weight loss surgery?

It is difficult to get approved for surgery. I know many people who have tried and failed. Every insurance company has different criteria for approval. The body mass index (BMI) is a measurement that insurance companies use to determine whether or not someone is a candidate for surgery. According to a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a BMI of 35 or greater for a person of height 5’4″ or more is a good candidate for this surgery. A person who has a BMI of 40 or greater is a very good candidate for surgery. In addition, health insurance companies look at the age of the person, as well as the overall health of the person. In order to be approved, a person should have some sort of documented evidence of the way they have been unsuccessful with diet and exercise. They should have tried a variety of weight loss programs prior to the surgery. In addition, a person must have a realistic plan for after surgery that includes a healthy, balanced diet and a plan for exercise..

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Can you make payments on weight loss surgery?

The cost of bariatric surgery can be a barrier for many people who are unhappy with their weight. Fortunately, some plans that provide coverage for bariatric surgery may allow you to make “payments” rather than have a large amount deducted from your bank account at the time of the surgery..

Does Fidelis cover weight loss surgery?

Fidelis does not cover weight loss surgery unless it is related to another condition. For example, weight loss surgery is covered if you have diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol. This is because weight loss surgery can address these conditions, which are covered. However, if you don’t have any of these conditions, weight loss surgery is considered cosmetic and is not covered by Fidelis..

How many pounds overweight for gastric sleeve?

It’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet and requires a lot of determination and discipline (scraping, chewing and swallowing)..

What can disqualify you from bariatric surgery?

I’m looking to get a Laparoscopic Gastric Band by Dr. Robert Jarvik. What can disqualify me from Bariatric Surgery? Are there certain medical conditions that may prevent me from getting a Bariatric Surgery by Dr. Robert Jarvik such as my heart, lung, kidney or liver condition?.

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