Does Coke Still Make Glass Bottles?

New York, New York, USA - December 11, 2011: A Christmas Holiday Coca-Cola trucked parked below Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan.

Coke hasn’t manufactured glass bottles for years.

Many bottlers over the past decade have shifted to producing plastic bottles or large steel containers, which offer some advantages at twice the price of glass – they’re impervious to shattering if they fall and are easier to transport on trucks. They’re also more cost-efficient for shipping weighty loads because less material is needed for production..

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When did they stop making glass Coke bottles?

Glass bottles have been phased out as technology has improved. The first major innovation was PET plastic bottles, which are now produced from a blend of 25% recycled material. To stay on the cutting edge, Coke will soon introduce its new beverage package-Coke Life-which is made with stevia and cane sugar sourced responsibly (the plant extracts don’t require the harvesting of crops that deplete soil quality) and is fully compostable in commercial facilities or backyard bins.
The Coca Cola Company announced their most sustainable packaging for 2014, “Coca-Cola Life.”.

Why does Coke still make it in glass bottles?

Coke started out in glass bottles because they didn’t want their product to be contaminated with all the bacteria and fungus floating around in municipal water supplies.

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That’s why, in 1898, when Dr. John S. Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in Atlanta, he used sugar syrup that was dissolved in Carbonic Gas (Carbon Dioxide) imported from Germany – an expensive obsolete method of production which limited distribution due to heavy packaging costs–and added the decocainized extract of African kola nut for flavouring instead of any caffeine or other stimulants so it could be classified as a non-alcoholic drink by law when distributed at soda fountains, creating our emblematic red Coca-Cola drip logo when labels.

Why glass bottles are discontinued?

As of today, the company is still not willing to give a comment.

Glass bottles are been discontinued because it has been found by scientific studies that there is a link between Bisphenol A (commonly known as BPA) which can disrupt hormone levels in the body and cause infertility in men and women. However later researches confirm that plastic products with this kind of chemicals have same effects on health. These days different type of materials may be safer for consumers, but they all need to be examined more closely before they can be deemed safe definitively..

What is a 1915 Coke bottle worth?

The value of a 1915 Coke bottle ranges depending on the condition of the bottle. If the soda has been bottled in it and is unopened, then theoretically there would be no physical signs that it has been opened and consumed. In such a case, such bottles could be worth thousands of dollars due to their rarity..

What Coke bottles are worth money?

In general, the collectible Coke bottles require a certain condition to be worth money. Most of these are commemorative bottles from after 1988, and they would have been made with real glass. If you have an older or common bottle from before 1988, it will not be worth much.

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If you take your bottle and hold it up to the light, and see that it is made of transparent glass then you may want to look into what old Coca-Cola collectibles might sell for today. These glasses can often fetch between $10 and $50 in pretty good shape if they haven’t been opened or put in a dishwasher before due to fading effects on their graphics as known as ghosting. For those interested in figuring out how.

Is soda still sold in glass bottles?


Although many companies are switching to these new “enhanced” plastics for soda packaging, sodas are still sold in glass bottles. Soda companies such as Pepsi and Coke emphasize their control over the production process and they don’t want it diluted by distributors who might not use quality materials to package their product or stores that might put ingredients such as ice or water into the bottle they offer for sale..

What happened to returnable bottles?

There is no information on the returnable bottles please contribute with answers..

Where are glass Coke bottles made?

Glass Coca-Cola bottles are made in Hazelwood, MO.

According to the company website, the plant employs around 600 people and approximately 15 million pounds of material goes into making just one glass bottle. The process begins with molten tin that is drawn out into the desired length of the finished hollow vessel by a spinning pipe. Dipping ends are created at each end of this vessel, followed by an extensive acid wash system before being heated back up to a more manageable temperature for adding any final decorations such as texture or coloration if so desired. After this process is complete, more liquids are injected from both ends of the vessel before being cooled from both sides even further until they cool below their glass point and become solids for cutting and.

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