Does Salvation Army Pick Up Donations?

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No, Salvation Army does not pick up donations and they do not send a truck to your house like other charities. They will not come and take your donation, but you can give your donation to them directly. If you know of a pick up location, then check their website for other locations . If you don’t know of any place, then just go to their website and click on the link to “donate” with a form. This form asks you what you are giving, the amount, and how you are paying for it. You can pay by mail or over the phone..

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What items does Salvation Army not accept?

The Salvation Army does not accept the following items: Plasma or Plasma TVs of any size or type Mattresses or box springs.

Does the Salvation Army collect donations?

The Salvation Army is a unique Christian organization that has been around for more than 125 years. The best way to collect money for the salvation army is by going into the local salvation army and request a donation canister. The Salvation Army does indeed allow donations to be sent in the mail as well as online through the Salvation Army website. The Salvation Army reviews all monetary donations and use those funds to fund various programs for those in need. Some of these programs include church services, financial aid for those who cannot afford housing, educational and spiritual classes and free meals and clothing for those who need it..

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What items should not be donated?

In general, there are 2 types of items that should not be donated. One is the clothing that no longer fits or is worn out, and the other is leftover groceries from your refrigerator. While it is nice to think of donation as a way to give to the community, it is important to think of the recipient. If you didn’t want the item anymore, then you probably don’t want them to have it either. If there is a chance that the organization you want to donate to may not have a use for your old clothing, think of someone you know who could use it. If you have a dress that is too small to wear, then find a friend that wears that size and give it to her. You can also donate those items to a thrift store, where the money from those items will be used to help those in need..

What will salvos collect?

Salvos collects used clothing, new clothing, books, CDs, DVDs, homewares, sporting goods, kids toys etc. Salvos supports thousands of disadvantaged people by providing opportunities for training, work experience and employment which helps them to move forward in life. Salvos also makes a difference to many lives through emergency services, programs for the aged, homeless, refugees, children and young people at risk, people with disabilities and prisoners..

Does Salvation Army have a drop-off box?

Yes, Salvation Army has drop-off box. Salvation Army offers two convenient drop-off boxes. Customers can drop off clothing, shoes, housewares, appliances, books, toys, and seasonal items at the donation center locations. Salvation Army has three donation center locations in Portland..

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How do I donate to the Salvation Army?

You can read your local Salvation Army website to find out the location of your nearest donation spot. If you can’t find one then you can either mail your donation to the local Salvation Army office, or call them directly to make a donation using a credit card..

Does the Salvation Army take video tapes?

This is the second question. The answer is affirmative. They do take VHS tapes to support their welfare programs. But, before you go there, you must check what they are accepting. Salvation Army is not accepting any damaged tapes or broken tapes or tapes with missing case or missing manuals or tapes with labels. These tapes will be returned to you..

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