How Do I Know If I Have Bipolar Disorder?

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If you are experiencing any two or more of these symptoms simultaneously, then you might be facing Bipolar Disorder: Irritability and feeling impatient, even angry or aggressive. You might be saying “No” for everything that you do and it might be difficult for you to control your anger. This mood can be unsettling for other people and the way that you are acting might seem out of the ordinary. Experiencing this mood for over four weeks is a sign of having bipolar disorder..

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How do you check if you’re bipolar?

One of the common symptoms of bipolar disorder is alternating periods of feeling depressed or down and manic or overly happy. If you have been feeling unusually happy or have been having a lot of unusual risky behaviors, even if it’s a normal aspect of your personality, you may want to get evaluated for bipolar..

What are 5 signs of bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is characterized by sudden, extreme changes in mood, energy and activity levels. Bipolar means having extreme emotional highs and lows. Mood may be elevated, irritable or depressed. Energy may be low, extremely high or constant. Activity levels may be slowed down or they may be accelerated. There are five major signs of bipolar disorder. The first is physical signs – agitation, fatigue, lack of sleep, weight changes, changes in *** drive and increased risk taking. The second is emotional and behavioral signs – sudden changes in mood, increased sensitivity to criticism, irritability, distractibility, aggression, and impulsivity. The third is cognitive signs – racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, disorganization and indecisiveness. The fourth is psychotic signs – hallucinations and delusions. The fifth is medical signs – cardiac abnormalities, rapid speech and body movements, constipation, urinary symptoms and gastrointestinal changes..

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What is a person with bipolar like?

The emotions of a bipolar person are like a pendulum. They go from extreme highs to extreme lows. The highs, or manic episodes, are exuberant, upbeat, and highly energized. People who are manic are mainly interested in impulsive activities that give instant gratification. The lows, or depressive episodes, are just the opposite: the person feels hopeless, helpless, and like they have no energy. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that affects your ability to control your emotions. Having a bipolar disorder is complicated. And while it can be controlled, it is not cured. Most people who have this disorder will experience episodes throughout their lives. If you or someone you love is experiencing mood swings that are causing problems in their life, it is important to talk about it with their doctor and have it treated properly..

What are the signs of bipolar in a woman?

Bipolar is a mental health disorder characterized by extreme shifts in mood. Signs of bipolar disorder include flakiness, impulsive behavior, low self-esteem, and a tendency to get overly excited about things, to name a few..

What are the 4 types of bipolar?

Sometimes, it may be hard to tell if someone is actually suffering from bipolar disorder or some other psychological or physical condition that mimics bipolar disorder. In such cases, it is advisable to get a thorough medical evaluation from a doctor. At the same time, you should educate yourself about the various bipolar types. Here are the common types of bipolar disorder:.

Am I bipolar or do I have ADHD?

People can certainly share symptoms of ADHD and Bipolar Disorder, however this is not always the case. Here are a few symptoms that you can check yourself to decide whether you have ADHD or Bipolar Disorder. ___#1. How Do You Handle Stress?__.

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Can bipolar people love?

Bipolarity affects a person’s capacity to love, and it may be difficult to find love if the condition is not properly understood. For most bipolar people, their condition interferes with their capacity to maintain close personal relationships, so it’s hard for them to have a loving relationship with a partner. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any bipolar men or women who have a successful love life and well-developed intimate relationship. There are a number of reasons for this, such as the ability to maintain a sustainable love life, ability to develop intimate love relationship with a partner, and the desire for intimacy..

Does Bipolar worsen with age?

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that is typically reported in between the ages of 15 and 25. People who are now aged between 35 and 65 aren’t immune to the disorder, but they may experience the onset at a later age..

Is Bipolar 1 or 2 worse?

Bipolar 1 disorder is more severe than bipolar II disorder. This disorder is characterized by manic episodes. On the other hand, bipolar II disorder is more common than bipolar I disorder. In bipolar II disorder, patients usually experience hypomanic episode which is less severe than a manic episode..

How serious is bipolar?

In the last couple of decades, the number of people living with bipolar disorder has been growing. This is due to the fact that more people are willing to talk about it, it is being more recognized as a serious condition, and more doctors are recognizing the signs and symptoms. There are many who don’t understand what it is and what it is like to live with it..

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What age does bipolar symptoms start?

It is very important to inform that bipolar disorder is a treatable form of mood disorder. It is also very important to know that it tends to develop during teenage and young adulthood years. No one really knows what causes bipolar symptoms. It does not show up overnight but it develops over a period of time. Bipolar symptoms shows up in the early stages when the person is a teenager. The symptoms can be various things like increased energy, quick mood swings, unexpected bouts of crying, sudden change in sleeping habits, obsessive thoughts and restlessness..

Do bipolar people hear voices?

Most people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder hear voices, but not all of them. The voice might be telling you to harm someone, or to harm yourself. This is what is known as command hallucinations. Schizophrenia is considered a hallucination disorder so it is not surprising that people who are diagnosed with this disorder might hear voices telling them to do something harmful..

Are you born with bipolar?

Research has shown that the disorder is rooted in a person’s genetic makeup, but environmental factors also play a part. The following environmental factors could likely trigger the disorder:.

Can bipolar be cured?

Bipolar disorder is usually treated with prescription medications. The doctor may also recommend counseling. The symptoms and severity of bipolar disorder must be monitored with a combination of medication and therapy. Because bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition, it’s important to work with your doctor to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and those of your family..

Is it safe to date a bipolar person?

Dating someone with bipolar disorder is risky, but it’s possible to date someone with bipolar and have a healthy relationship. The risk is that the person might have a manic swing, and suddenly decide the relationship is over. The way to reduce the risk is to try to build a relationship with a person before they were diagnosed, and watch them closely during their manic swings. Bipolar disorder is one of the most treatable disorders, and with proper treatment and commitment, it can be managed and dealt with. If you have a healthy relationship with the person for a long time before the diagnosis, and the person is taking medication, you can have a healthy relationship with them..

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