How Long Is Army Airborne School?

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Army airborne school is pretty tough. You will be in school for 170 days. You will spend 45 days learning Air Assault skills and 135 days in the static line progression – that is, learning how to jump. The school is located in Fort Benning, GA. The class begins in the later part of June and finish in December. Most students attend from mid June to mid December. This makes for a six month cycle. The class is limited to 36 students per class..

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How long does it take to complete airborne school?

The U.S. Army uses two different programs to qualify soldiers for the Jumpmaster course. You can qualify as a static line Jumpmaster or as a free fall static line Jumpmaster. Static line Jumpmasters train with the 82nd Airborne Division and free fall Jumpmasters train with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. The static line Jumpmaster training cycle is 8-10 weeks. Free fall Jumpmaster training is 4-6 weeks. You must pass the Airborne School Physical Fitness Test to attend Jumpmaster training..

Is Army Airborne School Hard?

First off, Airborne School is not designed to be hard or to make you fail. The courses are designed to ensure that soldiers get the most out of the parachute training and the greatest chance of success when they get to their units. There are very few things that will get you kicked out of Airborne School, the most common reasons are: – Lack of Motivation – Lack of Desire to Succeed – Failure to Follow Basic Rules and Instructions – Failure to Follow and Understand the Current Training Syllabus – Failure to Meet Expectations – Medical Disqualification There are no flat-out “failing” grades in Airborne School, and what we decide to use for grading is simply designed to help you succeed in the end. If you find yourself in the above situations, then you will be removed from the course. You will then be placed into a different training program, which will allow you to continue to serve in the Army..

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How long is Airborne School at Fort Benning?

Airborne School is an intense 10-week program that covers everything from small unit tactics to battle drills, weapons qualification, land navigation, rappelling, and a week-long airborne jump school. It’s intense, but it’s worth it. If you get through, you get to wear the “Airborne” tab on the left of your jump uniform sleeve for the rest of your career. After Airborne School, you can go on to Air Assault School, which has a very similar curriculum..

What is the pass rate for airborne school?

Interestingly, the Airborne School has the highest attrition rate of all the United States Army schools. In other words, there are more people who start this school but do not finish it as those who finish it. In fact, the school admits that the attrition rate hovers around 50% and the only way to finish the Airborne School is to make sure you can finish anything. You need to be mentally and physically strong. If you do not reach the standards of the Airborne School, you fail and leave the Airborne School without becoming a paratrooper..

Where do airborne infantry get stationed?

Airborne infantry, for the most part, are stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia (United States). It is home to the Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence, which is the core of our nation’s infantry training. Airborne infantry are more often than not, part of the 82nd Airborne Division and the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team..

What Asvab score do I need for army airborne?

The ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is a timed test that measures your skills in the following areas: General Science, Arithmetic Reasoning, Word Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Mathematics Knowledge, Electronics Information, Auto and Shop Information, Mechanical Comprehension, and Assembling Objects. The Asvab is used to determine the best job for the applicant with the highest scores in each area. There are ten sub areas of the ASVAB – Verbal, Math, AWAR, Coding Speed, Coding Accuracy, Mechanical Comprehension, Electronics Information, Auto Information, Shop Information, and Mathematics Knowledge. You can take the ASVAB anywhere. It is handled by an independent testing facility that is not affiliated with any branch of the military. They are only concerned with the accuracy of the testing equipment and validating your scores. Your scores will be sent to the military, though. The military will use the scores to determine if you are qualified for certain positions. The scores you earn can be used to help you qualify for financial aid, admission to college, enlistment opportunities, and more..

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What is the most badass military unit?

Your Army Green Beret is not just a hat. It’s a very tough job that requires an immense amount of discipline, skill, and toughness. For that reason, it’s viewed as one of the most hardcore military specialties. Green Berets are deployed to the most dangerous, high-risk areas in the world, including combat zones. They are trained to lead small units against the toughest enemies. The training is intensive, but it will make you capable of doing anything. You can never be a part of the Army Special Forces, but you can emulate their toughness through training. Here are some ideas..

What happens if I fail airborne school?

For every 100 who try, only about 50 of them will graduate. About 70% of all failures will be due to a single problem area: failure to complete the water confidence swim. This is the final test in the 3rd week of school and it is designed to prove that you can swim across a body of water and get out safely if you had to. If you fail the swim, you will be given a new time to complete it and if you do not, you will be washed out. Another major reason people fail is the last test (jump week), and that is due to “high” or “low” jumps. If students are not prepared for the free fall by the instructor, they will be washed out. These are the two most common reasons that people will fail. So if you are just starting, you are in the majority..

Does Airborne School make shorter?

The Airborne course makes you a better soldier. Its not about making you shorter or giving you wings. You will be part of a small group of soldiers who will be prepared for any tasking that is given to them. You will be a better soldier for having gone through the course. If you have a good head on your shoulders and common sense, then you will excel in the course. Being a good soldier will have a greater impact on your life after the course, because you will have a skill that not everyone has. You will have knowledge about airborne operations. You will also have a chance to see this country from above, because the training will take you to some pretty cool places..

Can any MOS go to airborne school?

No, after a certain time period a Soldier must qualify for a skill he has, but airborne is the exception. There are two scenarios for airborne qualification, the first is if one of the MOS’s for example is infantry, they must attend airborne school. The second scenario is if one of the MOS’s is airborne. If someone is airborne qualified, they will be granted clearance to go to airborne school..

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Does airborne get paid more?

Yes, Airborne gets paid a lot more more than a normal person. Airborne has a salary of atleast eight grand a year. Airborne gets paid more because Airborne has a special ability to fly. If Airborne does not get paid for it, then Airborne will not fly. Airborne does not need to respond to a question saying, “Does Airborne get paid more?”.

How many pull ups do you have to do in airborne school?

The minimum requirement for Airborne School is 15 satisfactory, consecutive, un-assisted pull-ups. There may be times when you do not have an opportunity to accomplish this, for example, while on a work detail. There are always alternatives to training, so don’t let it bog you down. Your primary goal is to graduate airborne school, so master the other requirements. After airborne school, you will take the PAST test. The minimum passing score for this test is 800..

Can you get dropped from airborne school?

Yes and no. While it is true that you can be dropped for not making the grades, what they mean is that you can be sent back to your unit. While most airborne positions are now desk jobs, if you are dropped from airborne school you can be sent back to your unit as a desk jockey. I’ve also seen a number of cases where a soldier was washed out of airborne school, but was later assigned to a position as part of a 2nd line airborne unit..

Is there a packing list for airborne school?

Yes there is a packing list for Airborne School. You will be issued a rucksack at airborne school to store your things in. However, the rucksack must conform to the dimensions of the rucksack issued. (20″ (expandable) x 12″ (depth) x 10″ (height) x 6″ (width)) You should try and keep your weight to the “regs” (99lbs) This means your rucksack, helmet, basic issue items (BOI), boots, webbing will not exceed (99lbs) . When you get to Ft Benning you will be issued short trousers (fatigues) which you will wear during airborne school. The only time you will wear the jump trousers is during your jump. However, you can still wear your ruck to chow, class etc..

Can you quit airborne school?

Here are some things to consider when contemplating getting out of the Airborne program: -If you are still in basic training, it’s pretty hard to get them to let you out. Fortunately, the Airborne School is now part of basic training, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting out after you pass jump week. -The Airborne School doesn’t show up on your DD form 214, which means that if you want to go back to another MOS, you won’t have to be switched to another unit or MOS. -It’s advisable to do the Airborne training first because it teaches you to jump. Having to retrain later on might take several months and might even mean that you’ll have to be sent back to basic training. It’s not easy to get out of Airborne School, but it’s possible..

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