How Many Types Of Coke Are There?

Delicious cheeseburger with beef, cheddar and lettuce, a side of potato chips and a glass of Coca-Cola drink on wooden board

There are 31 Diet Cokes and 33 other varieties.

Coca-Cola manufactured 13 cans of Coke for every person on earth during 2017, and we drink 1.2 billion servings each day around the globe. Originally containing natural ingredients such as coca leaves, cola nuts and kola nuts, Coca-Cola was first served in 1886 at the Worlds Fair in Atlanta Georgia by local pharmacist John Pemberton to cheer up an ill woman who wandered into his makeshift pharmacy looking for a restorative medicine to help her feel better. His brew combined all three ingredients with carbonated water to create then unknown “brain tonic.” The delicious taste of this new concoction quickly proved popular – even among those who had never heard of.

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