How Much Does A Specialist Make In The Army?

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The starting salary for an Army Specialist is $18,131 per year. This amount increases depending on what type of specialty and rank you have. A Specialist is an E-4 ranking soldier. It takes about two years to reach that rank and there are approximately 4,500 specialists serving in the Army. A specialist is a non-commissioned officer. Specialist duties include: (1) receiving and giving orders (2) organizing and inspiring the personnel (3) managing and operating equipment (4) maintaining supplies (5) keeping records of military equipment and personnel (6) training personnel. Therefore, the specialists in the Army are very busy and hardworking. The army is looking forward to receiving the best and the brightest and the U.S. Army has over 1,400 military occupational specialties (MOS). The MOS consists of five main areas: (1) infantry (2) armor (3) artillery (4) combat support (5) combat service support. Therefore, if you want to show your patriotism, then you can join the U.S. Army..

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How much does a specialist make an hour in the Army?

The Army pay scale for a specialist depends on his rank and role. The monthly pay will be $1,805 to $2,943 for a specialist. An E-4 receives $1,805 each month, while E-5 and E-6 receives $2,943 and $3,795 respectively. According to pay scale, a specialist receives $28,000 to $38,000 annually..

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How long does it take to make specialist in the Army?

Specialist is the third rank in the US Army, ranking below Sergeant and above Private. Soldiers with this rank receive increased responsibility, as they now serve as section and team leaders. Promotion to Specialist is based on a soldiers’ performance, not rank. Promotion above this rank is based on performance and time of service, but a soldier cannot advance beyond the grade of Master Sergeant or Sergeant First Class without a competitive promotion process..

What is an Army specialist?

The term Specialist was originally used in the British Army. It began to be used in the US Army later on. The Army specialist is considered as part of the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) ranks. The Specialist is the new term for the rank of Specialist 4. A specialist is considered as one level above the rank of Private (E-2) and one level below the ranks of Sergeant (E-5)..

What pays the most in the Army?

The Army is a large organization, and because of that, there are a lot of different jobs available for those who want to serve. If you’re curious as to what pays the most in the Army, a few of the highest paying jobs consist of a Special Forces Officer, a Food Service Specialist, a Civil Affairs Officer, a Satellite Communication System Operator, a Flight Surgeon, a Signal Support Systems Specialist and a Field Artillery Firefinder. Each of these jobs can earn you around $100,000 a year..

What rank is Army specialist?

Army specialists are enlisted soldiers who have been promoted from the rank of Private. Army specialists receive a monthly salary of about $1,350 per month for a total of $15,700 per year. In addition to salary, Army specialists also receive several benefits including medical care, food, housing and clothing..

What do Army specialists do?

Army specialists (also referred to as NCOs or non-commissioned officers) are soldiers of pay grade E4 or higher who have leadership responsibilities. This rank is just above that of a non-commissioned officer trainee, or NCO trainee. Army specialists are normally assigned to specific jobs, each of which has a unique set of duties. These jobs are specific to the Army and are described in greater detail, below. They are not general jobs that can be done by any soldier, regardless of their MOS. To be promoted to this rank, a soldier must go through specific training, which is provided by his or her respective branch of the Army. Army specialists are further defined by the following MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty code, numbers:.

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How do you rank up Specialist in the Army?

It’s a bit different in the Reserves, but in the regular army you have to be in for three years. In basic training, you are all privates, after that you have to have a good soldiering record to get promoted. There are two ways I know of, you can volunteer for a leadership position, or you can get a good score on a promotion test. Good luck..

How do you address a Specialist in the Army?

A Specialist in the Army is addressed as either ‘Specialist’ or ‘Specialist Smith’. The rank insignia of a Specialist is a three-pronged chevron, like that of a Corporal. After earning a promotion to Specialist, you will be addressed either as ‘Specialist’ or ‘Special Ranks’ and your rank as per the same as a Corporal..

How long do you have to be a SPC to get Sgt?

Hello and welcome to Quora. It depends on the branch. The Army has several career management fields (CMFs) that provide a promotion path to the rank of Sergeant (E-5). Each CMF requires a different amount of time in service and has own time in grade requirements. Army National Guard promotions can be found here: The Army Reserves’ promotions can be found here: Here is a link that explains how rank and promotion works in the Army:

Is specialist a high rank?

Yes, specialist is a high rank in the army. The army has various ranks depending upon the rank of the individual. Generally, one can join the army as private or private first class. Before one gets to the rank of specialist, there are other ranks that he must climb. A soldier is promoted only after the completion of his tenure in the army. While promotions in the army are based on merit, it is also ensured that there is no favoritism in the promotions..

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Is specialist a good rank?

Specialist is a good rank, in my opinion. First of all, because there is a large probability that you will be promoted. Specialist is a good rank to set your sights on because you only need to progress in about three or four more ranks to reach the top (Master Sergeant, or E-8). While many other ranks require much more progress to make it to the top. The second reason why I think Specialist is a good rank to strive for is because when you make Specialist, you get a small Security Force Income Bonus (SFIB) benefit of $300 a month. That is of course if you have previously worked in the Security Forces. Not only is this of course an extra $300 a month, but it is also tax free..

How much does a SPC get paid in the Army?

The salary of an E-4 (SPC) is $2,577.95 per month. Hazardous duty pay, assignment location pay, and clothing allowance are not included in the base pay. E-4s with over two years of service begin earning a Basic Allowance for housing. The amount allotted is based upon rank, location, and pay grade. The chart below details the initial BAH allotments for an E-4 with no dependents..

Can you make 6 figures in the military?

Most military members cannot make a great living, a great middle-class living, but a good patriotic living. Most military service members receive many benefits and rewards for serving. Most military members have health care benefits and separate retirement programs. In addition, military members have a variety of job opportunities. Most people who enlist in the military have the opportunity to be trained to do a job (trade) or learn to operate a vehicle..

How much do seals make?

The annual income of a seal can vary widely depending on the species and the ***. Males are larger than females and can be more aggressive. These factors tend to favor higher wages for males. Smaller species tend to have lower wages. A seal working in a water park in Germany earned around $20,000 in a year. Another animal in New Zealand earned $5,000 in a year. The wages in these cases are in the range of the highest in the world. The wages in Canada are lower, ranging from $800 to $1200 for a full year..

What is the best job in army?

There are many job options available in Armed forces. The best job in Army is based on your preference, requirement and the jobs available in the Army. Here is the list of best Jobs in Army..

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