How Old To Join Army?

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You have to be 18 years of age to join the U.S. Army. They look at your birth certificate to make sure you are at least 18 years old. People who are 17 years old can apply, but they must turn 18 by September 30th of the calendar year they are applying..

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Can I join the military at 45 years old?

No, you cannot join the military at 45 years old. The age limit for recruitment is set at 17 to 42 years, though there are certain exceptions. People who are above or below this age limit must talk to the army recruiter at the nearest recruitment center. If they are rejected, they can always appeal to the board office..

Can I join the army at 35?

If you are 35 and have a clean record, you can enlist. The United States is an all-volunteer army, so whoever signs up for the military is an individual with a desire to serve their country. If you really want to serve your country, then the army is the way to go. It doesn’t matter what your age is, as long as you are physically and mentally capable of handling the tasks, you are eligible to join the military..

Can you join the Army after 40?

The Army has branches for many different jobs, from infantry to intelligence, from mechanics to medical. Some jobs are open to those as young as 17, but those who are 17 or 18 must meet height and weight requirements. The Army also accepts those between the ages of 35 and 39 if they meet Army height and weight requirements. The Army offers a variety of jobs, and the Army Reserve has the same jobs as the Army. To be a member of the Army Reserve, you must be at least 18. To be a member of the Army, you must be at least 17, but you need to be under age 40 to join the Army..

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Is 30 too old to join the Army UK?

No, you can join the army at any time of your life. However, there are a few things that the army will look for when you apply. First, you will have to be able to pass the physical training. So, you should keep yourself fit. Secondly, since the army is a technically advanced institution, the army always needs intelligent people. So, you need to have a good grade in your 10+2 or 12th standard examinations. Thirdly, you should have a good knowledge of computers. If you have these 3 qualities, you can join the army..

Is 30 too old to join the military?

The US Military will accept you regardless of your age , but you may not be able to go through basic training if you are over 30. If you are only interested in serving your country, then the age limit should not be an issue..

How long is Army basic training?

Army Basic Training: You can take any of these except the Airborne and Special Forces. There is no set time for Basic Training. It all depends on the recruiter. Some take 70-90 days and others take 140+ days. Here is a loose outline of the time frames:.

Can I join the Navy at 40?

A 40-year old man has a big advantage when applying for the Navy at 40 years of age. This is because the Navy is always looking for people with life and work experience. This makes older applicants like you more desirable, and they are more likely to be hired over younger applicants. The Navy is looking for people who can make decisions, and be mature and responsible. That is why we do not necessarily hire only the young. You will also need to pass their physical and IQ tests. You can apply to the Navy at any age, and it is always best to apply earlier rather than later. You will need to go through basic training, which can be very challenging for a 40 year old. The Navy can also allow you to move up in ranks faster than a younger candidate. The Navy at 40 is a good idea if you have a life and work experience that can help while serving in the Navy..

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Can I join the army at 37?

A: No. the minimum age established by the US Army is 17 years and 7 months. To be eligible to join the U.S. Army you must: Be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien. Be a minimum of 17 years and 7 months old. Have a high school diploma or equivalent. Have a valid state driver’s license. Not be married. Not have any dependents. Meet the weight standards for your height. Meet the vision standards for your age and ***. Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) with a minimum score of 31 on the general technical (GT) section and a 50 on the Army composite (AC). Have a high school diploma or GED. Have proof of immunizations (MMR and Typhoid Fever). Have proof of citizenship or proof of immigration status. Have proof of separation from the service (DD 214). Undergo a drug test. Undergo an alcohol test. Undergo a background investigation. Undergo a physical examination. Undergo a complete dental examination. Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test..

Is 28 too old to join the military?

28 is definitely too old to join the military. In fact, you have to be at least 18, with a valid driver’s license, and able to pass a physical exam at the time of enlistment. Even 18-year-olds have to pass a physical. Any [conscription|military service] recruiters who tell you differently are lying. I know some recruiters who have been fired for trying to get a 17-year-old to sign a contract. The main thing is, there aren’t going to be elves greeting you with hot cocoa on your arrival. You have to be in some semblance of good health and pass a physical at the time of enlistment, and there’s a good chance you’ll get more training if you’re male, but beyond that there’s no cut-off for age. Just don’t lie about your age..

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How much does military pay a year?

Military pay depends on the service branch, base pay, and time in service. Service members generally earn dollars per month. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard all have different pay scales. Military pay is tax free..

Is 25 too old to join the Army?

No, that’s not too old to join the army. In fact, the Army would love for you to join at 25 years old, rather than waiting until you’re 35, 40, or even older. Younger recruits have a definite edge over older recruits, and your youth is a distinct advantage for you. The average age of a soldier in the US Army is 23.2 years old. At 25, you would only be slightly more mature than the average soldier. Your youthfulness may give you an edge in some aspects of Army life, such as being more energetic and being better able to bounce back from the physical stress of Army life. In addition, your youthfulness may also help you to avoid thinking that you know it all and that you have more life experience than your peers..

Can I join the army at 38?

This may be a little bit late, however, if you have a previous military experience, you can join the army at the age of 38. If you have been a civilian for your whole life, you need to have a clean financial record, be physically fit and have a high school diploma. The process is quite straightforward, you just need to fill out some forms, take some tests and you will be enlisted as a volunteer..

Is joining the British Army worth it?

The British army is an excellent place to start your career. You will learn valuable skills, meet amazing people, and gain life-long friends. __% of the British army soldiers become officers after their service, so if you are one of the few who are lucky to get in, don’t miss the chance to gain wealth, power, and prestige. This service will also help you learn discipline, teamwork, and responsibility. It will also provide you with an amazing travel opportunity. The British army is one of the best army in the world, you will gain much experience, training, education, and much more..

Is joining the Army at 16 a good idea?

If you’re 16, but you’re mature, disciplined, and have a strong sense of responsibility, then the Army is a good option for you. However, if you’re 16 and you’re not mature, disciplined, or don’t have a strong sense of responsibility, then a military force isn’t a good option for you..

Can I join the army at 34 UK?

You can join the army at any age, if you are generally fit and healthy. You should be able to pass the CFT, which is the army’s fitness test, which you can take up to your 37th birthday. You can find out more about joining the army here ..

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