How To Become An Army Nurse?

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In order to become a military nurse, an individual must first enlist into the Army. The Army Nurse Corps is one of the two corps within the Army Medical Department, which provides healthcare both to the military and civilian populations..

How To Become An Army Nurse? – Related Questions

Can you train to be a nurse in the Army?

Yes. The Army Nurse Corps trains military nurses. If you have a high school diploma or a GED, you can go to an Army Hospital and train to be a nurse. You must be a U.S. citizen, have a current driver’s license or be willing to get one, and have a high school diploma or GED..

Will the Army pay for nursing school?

Yes. The army will pay for nursing school. You must complete Basic Combat Training (BCT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and the nursing school. When you complete your nursing school, you will be commissioned as a nurse. Then you will become a member of the Nurse Corps and move on to your first assignment (MOS). You will be paid as a full-time student and you will receive a monthly stipend that is calculated by your rank and the amount of time you spent in AIT..

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What rank are Army nurses?

Army Nurses are the leading medical professionals, who are dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare for our military men. You might think that Army Nurses are nothing but female soldiers, but that’s not true. Army Nurses are much more than that. They are the members of the military who have completed the schooling in the field of nursing. They are trained to provide medical care to the patients in the battlefield..

How much does a army nurse get paid?

The average salary for a U.S. Army Nurse is $3,305/month, although this can vary greatly with rank and time in the army..

Do you have to be fit to be an Army nurse?

In order to be an Army Nurse you do not have to be fit. The fittest people in the Army are the fittest people in the world. The Army will look for someone who is physically capable, but they do want individuals who have a medical background. If you have a medical background, the Army will want you to apply for Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) which require someone with a medical background..

How old can a nurse join the military?

There are different rules for the different services. Here are the basic rules. For the Marines, the maximum age is 35, but there are no maximum age requirements for the Navy or Air Force. For the Army, the maximum age is 42, but there are no maximum age requirements for the Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard..

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Do Army nurses make more than civilian nurses?

Army nurses make more money than most civilian nurses. All military nurses, including Army nurses, typically make more than the average civilian nurses. The Department of Labor states that the average salary of a civilian nurses is $64,340. The salary of a military nurse is based on the nurse’s rank and the benefits that she receives. For example, as of 2009, the pay for a nurse first lieutenant with less than four years of service was $4,198 per month or $54,034 per year. The pay of a nurse captain with over eight years of service was $5,534 per month, or $67,030 per year..

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