How To Deal With People With Bipolar Disorder?

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There are many good ways to handle bipolar disorder in my personal opinion. First, an understanding of what bipolar is. Bipolar is more than just mood swings. It’s more like a roller coaster ride. You can’t tell if the person is going to be high or low until the ride is over..

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What should you not say to someone with bipolar?

The following are just a few suggestions to help you avoid saying something that might hurt your loved one. When your loved one is in the manic phase, it’s important to not reinforce the behavior. Try not to comment on how fast they are talking, or how “good” they are at something. Don’t try to advise them, as this will most likely just cause them to be defensive, and they will not be able to hear you anyways. If you have something to say, wait until they have calmed down, and then gently approach the topic, giving compliments to acknowledge positive behavior. Avoid trying to talk your loved one out of their behavior. As said before, they are not in a rational state of mind, and their behavior is not under their control..

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Can a bipolar person control their actions?

Bipolar people can control their actions. They just need to be in control for the proper reasons. They should understand their illness and strive to be the best person they can be..

How do you talk to someone with bipolar?

Unfortunately, bipolar disorder is one of the most difficult mental disorders to treat and it can be painful and difficult for loved ones. I have learned personally how to cope with it in the family and I hope my experiences will help you too..

Why is it hard to be with someone who is bipolar?

I have bipolar disorder, and for me it isn’t so much difficult to be with someone who has bipolar disorder. Rather, the person who has bipolar disorder has a hard time being with me. It’s not that I’m cruel, or that I don’t care, or that I don’t understand. It’s just that I’m not well. It’s like having a cold, only a cold that lasts forever. And it’s not like I’m contagious. I’m not going to go around infecting everyone I meet, and then blaming them for leaving me. It isn’t worth it to me..

How do you make a bipolar person happy?

Bipolar Disorder, formerly known as manic depressive illness, is a serious illness of the brain that affects mood and energy. This is not something to take lightly; bipolar disorder affects approximately 15 million adults (about 5% of the US population) and it can have a devastating impact on relationships, work, school and the ability to enjoy life. The best way to make a bipolar person happy is to be a supportive friend or family member. Some other ways include:.

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How a person with bipolar thinks?

The thinking of a person with bipolar disorder varies greatly from one time to another. A person may have several episodes of mania or depression during the year which may last from a few days to a few months. The mood symptoms are the main parts of bipolar disorder. A person with bipolar disorder may have episodes of mania and depression at the same time or back to back. These episodes may or may not be separated by periods of normal mood..

Does Bipolar worsen with age?

It’s true that the risk of becoming bipolar increases with age. In fact, one study showed that the average age of onset for bipolar disorder is 26.5 years for males, and 23.5 for females. But interestingly enough, rates of mania (i.e., more intense symptoms) were shown to be more commonplace among women, while rates of depression were more common in men. So even though bipolar disorder can happen at any age, women are more likely to experience more intense symptoms than men..

Can bipolar really love?

It is not easy for a person with bipolar disorder to love someone. Usually the addiction to the drug, alcohol, sexual activity and gambling leads to the end relationship with the partner. But if the person with bipolar disorder remains strong then they can love their partner or partner can also take care of them..

Why do bipolar push partner away?

Bipolar can cause a lot of friction in relationships, and the person with bipolar disorder can do things to make it worse. I will try to explain this from the best of my knowledge. When you are in one of your manic/depressive episodes, remember that you are not your normal self. You probably don’t recognize that you are acting differently than usual, and that can cause you to push away your partner or friends. Try to remember that you are different when you are in a depression or manic episode, and that you are pushing people away because of your illness, not because of anything they are doing. Your partner is scared and confused. If you do not reach out to them, they will most likely push you away. There is no need to protect yourself from your partner when you are having an episode. You can simply say something like, “I’m having a bipolar episode right now. I love you, and I know that this is not me.”.

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Can someone with bipolar live alone?

Yes. Many people with bipolar disorder can live alone. However, it is best if you have a real friend or family member to live with, especially when you are just starting out. This person can keep an eye on you and help you identify early symptoms of a manic or depressive episode. You should create clear instructions for your friend or family member..

Is it worth dating someone with bipolar?

Many people might not agree or think that it is worth dating someone with bipolar. However, if you want to date someone with bipolar, then you should do a lot of research on the person, meet his/her family, talk to his/her doctor and this person’s therapist. You need to make sure that it is really worth the time and effort. In most cases, the person with bipolar is extremely devoted to his/her loved ones and family. The person will do anything to protect and make their loved ones happy. The person with bipolar has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life and dating. The person will try his/her best to make you happy, and you will not have to work as hard to keep the person interested in you. But, sometimes there are ups and down in the relationship since the person with bipolar has mood swings. You should know that you can’t always make the person happy, but you should be there for him/her when he/she is sad or mad..

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