How To Donate To Salvation Army?

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The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization dedicated to meeting human need in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ. Community centers, known as Citadel’s, are located in most larger cities across the nation. You can also visit your local Salvation Army for numerous services. Things like shelter, food, clothing, job search, spiritual guidance, and other programs are available to all who need them..

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What things does Salvation Army not accept?

The Salvation Army does not accept mattresses, upholstered furniture, box springs, computer monitors, computer keyboards, printers, personal computers, TV’s, radios, stereos, tape decks, any device with a cord of any length, stereos, automatic scales, beds, dressers or any items with glass or mirrors, including framed artwork or mirrors, fax machines, printers, musical instruments, tools, appliances, exercise equipment, air conditioners, ceiling fans, room air conditioners, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, non-working irons, ironing boards, safes, lawn mowers, cooking ranges, water heaters, hot water tanks, humidifiers, air conditioners, ceiling fans, air purifiers, trash compactors, room air conditioners, box fans, video game systems, musical instruments, bicycles, skis, golf clubs, sleds, snowblowers, or any vehicle..

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What kind of donations does Salvation Army take?

Charities are suffering because of the economy too. They are suffering the same financial crisis as the rest of us. But they are suffering even more. So, today I had to make a decision on whether to donate money to help the suffering people in the country, or to donate money to a charity that helps the suffering people in my country. So, what kind of donations does Salvation Army take?.

How does donating at Salvation Army work?

Salvation Army is a faith based charity. Salvation Army essentially does everything for charity and provides temporary relief for those in need. Salvation Army has centers all over the United States and has around 1,300 centers in 27 countries. The mission of Salvation Army is to preach the gospel of Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Salvation Army is a member of the Christian Church(Disciples of Christ) and also serves the needs of all who come to its doors..

Can you donate used socks to Salvation Army?

Yes, you can donate your old socks to the Salvation Army. The organization receives about 100,000 pounds of socks every year, every pound of which is distributed to the homeless. According to the organization’s website, keep your socks in good condition by turning them inside out before you donate them, because the crew needs to be visible, but the toe can’t be worn out. If you are worried about germs, wrap the socks in a plastic bag first..

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Does Salvation Army have a drop off box?

Yes. Salvation Army has set up drop-off boxes at all of their stores across the country. These boxes are for clothing, shoes, toys, books, CDs, DVDs, and small household items. These programs are in high demand by people who can not afford to purchase clothing and other items, so charitable folks are welcome to help out by dropping off items in person or by mail..

What items should not be donated?

There are some items that may look like they can be donated, but actually, they cannot. For example, clothes that have sentimental values must be thrown out. This is because people receiving them will not want to wear the clothes and thus, the clothing will just sit in the storage. Another thing that should not be donated is food. If you have some food that does not look like it can be eaten, you can donate it to animals or maybe some animals groups. If you have some food that you want to donate you can always ask around and see if any homeless people would like to take it. Those are the things that you should not donate..

Where does my money go when I donate to The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is a Christian Charity organization. Their goal is to take care of people who are facing poverty, homelessness, addiction, depression, etc. Here is the breakdown of how your money is actually spent..

What happens to donations to Salvation Army?

It is not my business to tell what they do with my donation. But I do know this for sure. They are not recognized by US gov for tax purposes at all, so they are not required to file taxes, or report publicly anywhere on any amount of money they receive. This is my main concern. Also I know that some people working there are on drugs, some are not honest, and one of the managers was arrested recently on fraud charges. I don’t want my money to help anyone like that, nor do I want it to pay some slick executive who really has no idea of the need in the community at all..

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