How To Join The Army?

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To join the army you should be a United States citizen and at least 17 1/2 years of age. There’s a lot to consider and investigate before joining the army. The physical demands, pay, and other benefits all should be taken into consideration before joining. The healthcare and housing benefits as well as the retirement and educational funding are also things to look into before joining the army. If you’re serious about joining the army it’s important to be as prepared as possible before doing so. It’s easier to make the right choices and decisions if you know exactly what you can expect and what it’ll take to join and stay in the army..

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What qualifications do you need to join the Army?

You need to be a UK citizen, be at least 16 years old, and have a secondary education. To join the Army you will need a C in GCSE Maths and English Language, a Grade C in GCSE Maths and English Literature or a Level 2 Apprenticeship Skill in Maths and English Language..

How do I start joining the Army?

__% of young Americans between 17 and 24 years old are ineligible to join the Armed Forces. The reasons are mostly physical or educational. However, the U.S. Army has specific recruitment standards that may not disqualify you if you are interested in joining..

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Is it hard to get into the Army?

Getting in the US Army in not easy task and it is not like the WW2 days when almost anyone in the US can join the army and participates in war or military campaign. These days, we have computerized and complicated methods of analyzing peoples mental and physical status. It is not easy to enter the US army and it is definitely not an easy task to get in to any branch of the military. The only way to get into the army is to go through an extensive process that involves a lot of paperwork, rigorous physical test and psychological examination..

How long does it take to join the Army?

The official process to become a member of the U.S. Army will take a total of 12-14 months. For the majority of recruits , this will include a 4-month boot camp, followed by a stint as a Private, 2-3 months as a Private First Class, and finally 3-4 months as a Specialist. In addition to this, you will also need to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) before you can complete basic training. You can take the APFT up to three times, and if you fail a second time you will be disqualified. This means a total of 15 months before you’re a fully fledged member of the U.S. Army..

Can u join the army at 16?

Yes, you can join the army at the age of 16 as a cadet. You have to have a desire to serve the nation, be confident and fit. In the army, you will be trained as a soldier and will be able to pass as a soldier has you grow..

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Is the Army a good pay?

The army is a good pay, but life in the military is not easy. You should join if you are interested in serving your country and you should be willing to sacrifice and even die for your country..

Can you quit the military?

You can quit the military at any time. However, the military is not obligated to let you quit. There are times in which the military will force you to stay, in which case you can get court-martialed for unauthorized absence..

How much does military pay a year?

As of 2017, an E-4 with two years time in service to an E-4 with four years of time in service , the difference in base pay will be $854.10. This does not include the other benefits such as medical, dental and other financial benefits..

How long is Army basic training?

Army Basic Combat Training (BCT) is composed of ten weeks of intense training during which you will learn basic Army skills. You will learn how to shoot, move, communicate and survive in a combat environment. Army boot camp is an intense experience. It is mentally and physically demanding, but at the end of it, you will be a better soldier. Army BCT time depends on whether you are attending a 1 or 5 day a week BCT. The Army BCT may vary in time because of the number of hours spent in field training, shooting qualification ranges, reveille, inspections, haircuts, etc..

Is joining the Army a good idea?

Yes, it is a good idea for a lot of people. The army doesn’t take any criminals. They have a criminal background check to ensure this. The army looks for people who have completed high school, have a good attitude and have a clean criminal record. In the army, you will have a job and a place to live. You will get paid every two weeks, and you will have medical and dental insurance. They will even help you get a car and a loan to buy a house. Even if you get deployed, chances are that you will be back home in a couple of months. You will never have a normal schedule, but you will get a lot of vacation time and can travel. You can also take military training vacations..

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At what age can you join the Army?

You should be at least 17 years old to join the Army. You can join the Military Academy at the age of 16. But you cannot become a soldier until you are 18 years old. The age limits can vary, depending on the service you want to join; the marines accept people as young as 17..

Can anyone join the army?

Anyone can join the army. You are not required to have any special qualification or certifications to be enlisted. All you need is to demonstrate your commitment to the armed forces by understanding what it means to be a soldier, and you can get the job..

Do you get paid for basic training?

The US military ensures that all new recruits are trained in the section of the military to which they are assigned. You are entitled to a salary while you are in your training. This salary is called Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS). This money is paid to you while you are in training, but the amount will vary by your rank..

How much money can you make in the army?

It depends on how long you have to serve in the army. But you can earn up to $ 1,500 to $ 3,800 per month. Plus you get really good vacations (one to two months off every year) that you can take any time you want. And you get free medical insurance, housing, food, and clothing..

Is ASVAB hard?

No, the ASVAB is not hard to take. All you need to know is how to study and practice, and it is actually very simple. The ASVAB is used for all military jobs. Quorans sometimes claim that the ASVAB is hard, but this is just an attempt to intimidate people into not taking the ASVAB..

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