Is The Army Hard?

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I have never been in The Army, so I can’t know if The Army is hard. But I have spoken to quite a number of veterans, and I have learned that it is harsh, in poor conditions, in extreme temperatures, in boring and dangerous tasks. The soldiers’ mission is to kill and be killed. It doesn’t include shooting people, but it can include life and death situations. So it’s not for everyone. I know there are people who enjoy team coherence and challenging environment. You will be put in a situation where you will not be able to sit down and watch TV, you will have to do things, and you will have no right to be lazy..

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Is the army hard to get in?

Getting into the army is hard in most countries. Aptitude Tests are given in different countries. The aptitude tests have different names, but they are basically the same. The army takes in people with high marks, so you must pass the test. There are also Physical fitness tests. You must pass them in order to get into the army. If you are still in school, you are most likely to have to finish your schooling before you are allowed to join the army..

What happens if you fail basic training in the Army?

What happens to a soldier who fails basic training? That is a loaded question. The answer depends on the following factors. How serious is the failure? Is the failure the result of an injury, or is it because the soldier was not physically fit? How is the Army doing at the moment? Is the Army overworked, undermanned, or just fed up with the “bad apples”? Is the Army desperate for recruits? For example, during times of war, the Army has waivered on the standards, and has allowed soldiers to pass who should be classified as washouts. So, what happens to a soldier who fails basic training? It depends on the above factors..

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How stressful is Army basic training?

If you’re serious about joining the Army, you know that the Army Means Basic Training. Basic training is a period of intensive training during which new soldiers undergo various physical and emotional challenges to prepare themselves for the stress and rigors of military service. It prepares experienced soldiers and those with no military experience for military service and the responsibilities and hardships of military life. Army Basic Training is designed to be physically and emotionally demanding to give new soldiers a taste of military life and to reveal those who are unable to succeed. Basic training is very demanding. It’s more of mental challenge than a physical one. Stress of life can be very unbearable that sometimes a lot of recruits cry. If you don’t make it through the first three weeks, you will be released from active duty and transferred to a reserve unit..

Is joining the Army worth it?

Joining the Army is a good option for many young people who don’t know what they want to do in their future. You can become a soldier if you want a job with a steady income, a flexible schedule, and a good education. In addition, the Army is a respected profession full of opportunities for those who have a passion for helping others. However, the Army is not for everyone. It requires a lot of patience, discipline, and long hours. You have to be able to follow orders no matter what you think is the right course of action. You will have a lot of responsibilities, and you have to be prepared to take care of everything from loading a vehicle to cleaning a bathroom. In essence, being a soldier is a job that requires a lot of commitment, but the people who succeed are well compensated for their efforts..

Can you quit the army?

We have already discussed some ways to get out of the army. But if you are still determined to leave the army, then there are not much options for you. You might have to bribe your way out or you can get injured or sick, or get an insubordinate discharge. I do not recommend you to do anything illegal. As I have mentioned before, there are many ways to get out of army. You just need to plan and execute. Once you plan and execute, you will be able to get out of the army easily..

What happens if you cry at boot camp?

There is a running myth that if you cry at boot camp, then you will be thrown out. Although upon first glance this seems very unlikely, it is a fact. The reason for this is that most people who go to a training session are more worried about feelings and if they will be overwhelmed by the training session. Truth is, there is a lot of anxiety involved, but a training session is a very positive experience. There are ways to overcome this, which include researching the training session to calm your fears. If you are worried about getting along with your training party, then you can find out if they have a ranking system and find out more about your comrades before you arrive. This may seem silly, but this will eliminate any chance of you getting on the wrong side of your training party..

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Do you get to pick your job in the army?

You do not get to pick your job in the army. You will be assigned your job based on your preferences and the needs of the military. The army places great importance to each soldier’s aptitude and potentials in order to assign them a position that is relevant and useful in achieving missions and in the long-run, in the development of the country..

Can you quit Army basic training?

Yes, you can quit. As recruits we all heard horror stories about how we can not quit. The truth is that there is such a thing (and it’s usually your drill sergeant) as a “Profile”. A Profile is an indicator of your ability to successfully complete the training. It is not an indicator of how well you will do in the military. If you get a Profile, it will be due to carelessness and not preparing yourself for training. That said, you can quit and it is not a big deal. Just remember: if you quit, you will be labeled a “Short Timer” and you will be treated differently while at AIT..

Can you join the military if you are out of shape?

Yes, you can join the military if you are out of shape. If you are not able to meet the fitness standard when you report for basic training, you will be placed in a weight control program. This program will teach you how to eat properly and exercise properly in order to meet the fitness standard. If you are unable to meet the fitness standard after three months in the weight control program, you will be released with an other than honorable discharge..

Can you fail boot camp?

Absolutely! Passing is not a guarantee, and you might fail. But if you fail boot camp, you can still always try again. This is a process that teaches you a variety of skills that will better your life for a long time to come..

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Is basic training abusive?

Basic training in the Army is not meant to be abusive or harmful to your body. You are expected to follow strict rules like attending your training sessions, completing your work assignments on time, respecting the authorities, obeying commands etc. If you are not able to follow these rules, you can be punished. Punishment is meant to teach you how to follow the rules. However, there are instances when the military authorities are abusive. But it is completely wrong to say that basic training in the Army is meant to be abusive..

How long is Army boot camp?

The U.S. Army has two basic programs that qualify individuals to become members of the service: Basic Combat Training (BCT) and One Station Unit Training (OSUT). The length of the program depends on the type of training. Basic Combat Training (BCT) can range anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks, while One Station Unit Training (OSUT) can range from 14 to 17 weeks. For this reason, not everyone goes through the same training, but the overall training experience for recruits from both programs is generally the same..

Is 25 too old to join the military?

I believe you are either born conservative or not. That said, I don’t think that growing up means that one has to give up on serving their country. The military has always been known to be an equal opportunity employer; you don’t need any college education to join. Even high school drop outs are accepted. Of course, there are certain specialties like medicine, law or engineering that do require you to go back to college for advanced degrees, but they will pay you to go to school during your off time, and you will get a salary while you’re in school. It’s an opportunity that most people will never get, and I don’t understand why anyone would pass it up. I think that if you’re not willing to do your share and commit yourself and your career to protecting this country, then there’s no need to ask, “Is 25 too old to join the military?”.

Should I join Army or Air Force?

This is a complex question to answer without a complex answer. The Air Force and the Army offer a lot to the people who join them. There is no one right decision; it is a matter of your interest and preference. If you like tech, then joining the Air Force tech isn’t a bad idea. Similarly, if you like to work closely with people, the Army tech is for you. On the other hand, if you like tech, but want to do something less techy and more hands on, then the army tech will be right for you..

Is it safe to join the army?

Joining the army is a noble way of serving your country. Plus, you have a wide selection of career choices after you have completed your service. If you’re a high school graduate you can enlist to a branch of your choice. The payscale will depend on your qualifications, job experience and skills. There are civilian jobs that pay as much as the army if not better. The army pays for your medical, dental and vision insurance, but that doesn’t cover your prescriptions. So you have to pay if you want to have the prescription filled..

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