Should I Join The Navy Or Army?

A army soldier water canteen used for caring water only.Green in color.soldier must hydrate using water or they will become ill.

It’s hard to make a decision on whether to join the army or navy or not, since there are advantages and disadvantages to each, but it all depends on what you want. Navy: If you like to travel and see the world, this might be the choice for you. You will get to visit many places while on leave and while on shore leave. On the navy, there are many career options that you can choose from. Army: If you enjoy guns and shooting, you can get this experience while in the army. They have career options that you can choose to specialize in, so you can focus on what you like to do. You can also get technical training while you are in the army..

Should I Join The Navy Or Army? – Related Questions

Is it easier to join the Army or Navy?

So, you want to join the military, but you are not sure which branch you should join. The Navy and the Army are both very similar. You will be trained in survival, first aid, navigation all while getting paid for it! Both branches are very athletic and will challenge you physically and mentally daily. Both branches put their soldiers through challenges that can limit them to strictly working in their field, (ex. communications, intelligence, medical). However, the Navy is more of a social branch where you can interact with people better than the Army. The Army is more strict and doesn’t allow much family time..

Which is tougher navy or army?

It is subjective that which is tougher. It depends on your interests, skills, overall personality etc. Here are few factors to support your decision: Navy Job requires long period of time of training, so if one is interested in this field, he has to spend some time learning. On the other hand, Army job is more on the action side. Your duty schedules are more flexible. If you are more on the problem solving side, Navy job is for you. If you are more on the action side, Army job is for you. If you do not like to be away from your family, Navy job is for you. As you know Navy is at sea while Army is more on the ground..

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Which armed force is best to join?

The armed forces are the best place to build your career , improve your skills and give you a sense of belonging. The Armed Forces of India caters to the needs of every individual , whether you want to be an Officer , Soldier or Civilian employee. Your question of which is the best armed force to join is easy to answer, if you are ready to pay the price. I would recommend joining the Indian Army. It is the best armed force in the world. You are well trained in keeping yourself fit , keeping yourself disciplined , keeping yourself self motivated, keeping yourself in the top form. You are completely mentally prepared to lead a team in any situation. You are physically prepared to do anything you are asked to do in the toughest of the conditions. And in the process, you make yourself a better person..

Which is good navy or army?

There are many differences between the Indian Navy and the Indian Army. The Navy is more focused on ships and seafarers. The role of the Navy is to patrol India’s coastline and protect the Indian maritime interests. The Indian Navy is responsible for securing the country’s maritime borders. It protects our exclusive economic zone (EEZ) i.e. 200 miles into the sea. The Indian Army is more focused on land forces. The role of the army is to protect India’s borders from any intrusions which may come from other countries. The Indian Army is the biggest fighting force of the world..

Is being in the Navy worth it?

Becoming a member of the Navy is one of the best ways to earn respect and status in American society, and does not require a college degree, only a high school diploma. Today, the average Navy salary for all officers is about $62,000 annually. Most sailors are required to serve five years on active duty, but it’s possible to earn an early discharge if you are one of the first to volunteer for an overseas deployment. As with any job, the more experience you have, the more you will likely earn. Those who decide to join the reserve component of the Navy, which is known as the Navy Reserves, will have to attend various drills, trainings, and deployment events. The Navy Reserves are paid on a per drill event basis..

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Which bootcamp is the hardest?

This is a difficult question. It all depends on your definition of hard. Some people may take the route of “the most difficult” as the one where the least amount of people complete it. This is definitely not the case with AppSumo, as we have some of the highest dropoff rates in the industry. I would say AppSumo is one of the hardest, because of its intensity and focus on very specific goals..

What is the weakest branch of military?

U.S Military is divided in joint military service. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard. To my knowledge, you are looking for the weakest branch of the US military. To me, Coast Guard might be the weakest. Unlike US Army, Navy and Air Force, Coast Guard doesn’t do any out-of-country deployment. They are completely responsible to protect the country’s coastline, ports, and other territorial waters. However, to save them political trouble, they are still considered as the fifth branch of the US military..

What is the baddest military force?

The US has the biggest defense budget in the world, but they also have the best military. This is because the US is the most developed country too..

What’s the most badass military branch?

Navy Seals, U.S. Marine Corps, Green Berets, Air Force Pararescue, Air Force Combat Controllers, Air Force Special Operations, Army Special Forces, Marine Raiders, Army Rangers, Army Pathfinder, Army Delta Force, Navy Divers, Navy SEALs..

Can you fail Navy boot camp?

No, you cannot fail navy boot camp. Anyone who thinks that he or she can fail Navy boot camp is wrong. What you can do is get kicked out of Navy boot camp after the first three weeks of training. The first three weeks are called “Reception Battalion” or “boot camp.” If you are kicked out of boot camp, you are considered a washout. “Washouts” do not receive any benefits that other sailors who graduate from boot camp receive. Washouts are sent to their home stations for further assignment. The only way that you can fail Navy boot camp is if you quit. Quitting is something that most recruits think about doing at some point. However, I do not recommend it at all..

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What branch pays the most?

If you are looking to make the most money in the shortest time, accounting is probably your best option. A certified public accountant can make over $100000 a year. However, the more you are looking towards the future, the more engineering will make sense. An engineering graduate can make 6 figures by the time they are only 25. This is because of the many opportunities that are available to engineers in the industry. So if you are looking for a stable career that will allow you to make money over the long term then engineering would be the best choice..

Is it hard to get into the Navy?

Getting into the navy is not hard but getting into the elite SEAL teams is not that easy. Out of the thousands of applicants, only 25 are qualified to enter SEAL training, and this is even after the six-month screening period. SEAL training is among the most elite of its kind, with many aspiring SEALs not completing the course..

Why should I join the Navy?

The United States Navy is the world′s largest and most powerful navy, and is under the command of the United States Department of Defense. The Navy is responsible for the naval defense of the United States, as well as oceanic defense, power projection and foreign policy duties, and is engaging in peacekeeping operations, including anti-piracy missions. The United States Navy consists of over 400,000 personnel, with approximately 280,000 active on assignments afloat and approximately 60,000 in reserve..

Why do people quit army?

People quit the army for various reasons, the main reason is the low salary. In India, the initial salary of a person joining the army is less than Rs.15000 while a person with a Bachelors degree is getting a salary equal to +2 passout. This difference in salary is 3 times..

What is the safest military branch?

The safest military branch depends on the definition of “safest.” Every military branch has different risk factors. Some branches have a higher chance of being deployed to a war zone, while other branches experience less risk of being deployed to a combat zone. Each branch also has a different level of risk for serious crimes. The Marine Corps, for instance, has the highest rate of violent crime while the Air Force has the highest rate of property crime. When a soldier is a family member, a spouse’s or a parent’s main concern is often whether a soldier will come home alive and in one piece. That said, the safest military branch depends on the individual situation..

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