What Do You Do In The Army?

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The Army has a career army but also a reserve army. The career army is made up of people who have signed a contract with the Army to serve for a set amount of time. The career army is made up of officers and enlisted men. Officers are ranked from second lieutenant to general or admiral..

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What kind of jobs are in the army?

There are many different jobs in the Army. Some jobs are combat-related and some are supportive roles. If you are considering a career in the Army, it is likely that you will serve in a support role, such as a medical or engineering position..

What do you have to do in the army?

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is the military wing of the Israeli security forces. As part of the world’s most powerful military alliance, Israel plays a leading role in combating terrorism, containing the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and providing humanitarian assistance where it is needed at home and abroad..

What do you do in the army everyday?

Most days in the army are the same as those in civilian life. You work at a desk, doing paperwork or going through reports. You walk around outside with a rifle, practicing combat skills. You have to make sure you remain in good physical shape. You will be expected to follow orders and take orders from your superiors. The army doesn’t really care if you make friends with other soldiers, but you should still be able to work well with others. Make sure you follow the guidelines and orders of your commanding officers..

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At what age can you join the Army?

At what age you can join the Army depends on the agreement of the nations that exist in the nation. There is no specific age limit to join the army that will work in any country. * Countries like US set the age to join the army at the age of 17 years. * Countries like Pakistan set the age to join the army at the age of 15 years. * Countries like UK set the age to join the army at the age of 16 years..

Is joining the Army worth it?

The answer to this question depends on the individuals in several aspects. If you are looking forward for gaining experience in certain skill or something that you intend to do in future, then it is worth it. However, the pay is not that great and you don’t really have any control over your career. There are certain other things that are not worth it. However, if you are looking forward to have a stable life along with the job, you should not join the Army. When you join the Army, you are required to follow the orders of your senior officers. It does not matter how good or bad your orders are, you have to carry them out. So, if you are looking for a stable job, then joining the Army is not worth it..

Can you quit army?

Yes, but not exactly how you think. You cannot not resign without seeing the consequences of your choice. There are federal laws which do not allow you to resign without consequences. What exactly you will be punished for, is not clear. But the consequences will be ******. If you consider yourself to be a coward, why would you want to do that? It will be like running away from an enemy, but because there is no enemy, there will be no glory. Hence, you would be completely banished from society, and wouldn’t even be able to survive on your own. Also, you should understand that there is no good outcome for anyone. If you do not report for duty, you will be taken to jail, court-martialed, and dishonorably discharged. They will hunt you down. If you report for duty, you will be treated like a coward. If you are willing to face the consequences of your decision, you can always request a discharge..

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Can anyone join the Army?

No, not everyone can join the Army. You must be a US citizen to join the Army, but there are other requirements as well. You must be at least 17 years old to enlist. You must also be in good physical condition, which is verified during the Army’s physical exam. If you can pass the Army’s physical exam, you still have to pass the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery test. This is a series of tests that helps determine your job specialty based on your aptitude..

How long do soldiers work daily?

Private soldiers work longer hours than most people who have a 9-5 job. They work anywhere from 7 to 16 hours per day. In addition, soldiers must work during weekends and holidays, which is sometimes mandatory. But, they are compensated for their additional hours with extra pay..

Do soldiers get paid?

Yes, upon completion of initial enlistment or upon promotion to the next pay grade, soldiers receive their pay. The soldiers’ pay is computed in the three branches of the service with respect to rank, years of service with the branch in which they hold the rank, and time in service, in the Armed Forces. There is also a special compensation called Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) which is given to the soldier based on the location of the duty station. Each rank within the service has different pay scale with respect to their years of service in the Armed Forces..

What do soldiers do for fun?

I’m not a soldier but I do play airsoft, so here are some of my experiences. Airsoft is a game that’s more about teamwork than anything else, so the only way to get into it is by trying it. You can get a lower-end airsoft gun, mask, and loadout for around $150, the only real requirement being that you have a loadout. Most games are either defensive or offensive. Defensive games are more about intellegence, or staying in cover, while offensive games are about more action. Both are fun. The more realistic your loadout, the heavier it gets, but there are ways to get around this. For example, if you have a loadout with a lot of accessories, you can always get different colored tape or markers to put on your goggles or gun, or vice versa..

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What do soldiers eat?

Soldiers are given three meals a day if they are stationed. Breakfast usually consists of oatmeal or cereal, milk or orange juice, fried eggs, hash browns, toast, jelly, waffles with syrup, bacon, sausage, pancakes with syrup, juice, coffee, water with ice, and fruit. Lunch usually consists of meat, potatoes, gravy, bread or buns, vegetables, oranges/apples, dessert, water with ice, coffee, and fruit. Supper usually consists of meat, potatoes, gravy, bread or buns, vegetables, oranges/apples, dessert, water with ice, coffee, and fruit. Soldiers are given snacks between meals if their duties are less strenuous. Breakfast is usually cold cereal or fruit with coffee. Lunch is usually a sandwich with fruit. Supper is usually soup, sandwich, or pizza with fruit. Sandwiches are made with whole wheat bread or buns. Soldiers are given one snack per day within three hours of waking up, one between meals, and two after supper. All three meals are required to be eaten by the soldier. All meals are supposed to be eaten during their scheduled times..

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