What Does Army Mean?

Kalashnikov assault rifle and army helmet

Army is a military term that can mean a number of different things. It can be used in the military (typically called the Army for short), and in certain sports and other areas. If you’re in the military and need to know what does army mean, this article will give you a thorough definition..

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What is the full meaning of army?

There are two main definitions of army: a) a number of persons, ships, vehicles etc. united for a specific purpose b) a group of armed forces.

What does army mean in chat?

The term army in chat generally refers to an Internet relay chat (IRC) network where one can chat with people from all over the world. IRC chat is usually designed to run on one’s computer, but there are also online IRC chat networks that keep people together on the Internet..

Why are BTS fans called ARMY?

There are a number of theories about where the word ARMY came from. The first is that it comes from the acronym of A r m y. In the past, fans of boy bands used to be called this way. In addition, another interpretation is that the word originated from the popular Korean film of the same name. ARMY is a group of peaceful yet strong-willed revolutionaries who fight against all types of tyranny. Their purpose is to save their friends and family from the vicious dictatorship. They are a group of people standing together and living together who fight for a common cause..

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What does BTS stand for in English?

BTS stands for “Beyond the Scope.” The origin of the name is as follows. After the Korean War there was a rule that the US military needed to be able to effectively communicate with (translation: to understand) the military of the countries that they were going to be going into. The problem was that the military uses a large amount of lingo..

What is this BTS ARMY?

BTS Army stands for Beyond The Scene. BTS is a Korean boy band. Their name stands for the Korean words “Bangtan Suju” which translates to “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. BTS is extremely popular in Korea and has gained international recognition in the recent years for their music and style. BTS has a rather dedicated fan following, The BTS ARMY. They are known to be extremely active and creative in the group and in the advancement of the group’s music and name. The BTS ARMY has helped BTS to become successful and has also provided the group’s members with a powerful online presence..

How do you spell Armys?

When the word “Army’s” is used in plural form, it is correctly spelled with an apostrophe in the middle: Armys. It is a simple mistake that you will only come across in the Quora community. The problem is that many do not realize that it is a spelling mistake and believe that it is the correct spelling. It is a mistake and not a common word. Everyone is writing it with an apostrophe when it is not necessary..

What are soldiers called?

It is common to refer to the inhabitants of military barracks as soldiers. This is also true for members of the military, whether they are enlisted in the army, the navy, the marines, or the air force, and regardless of whether they serve on land, on sea, or in the air. But what are soldiers called? They are called soldiers..

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