What Does Army Stand For Bts?

United States Army ranger in the mountains

Army is a slang term meaning to do a variety of activities that help a criminal or drug-dealing organization. Army can refer to a specific criminal or drug-dealing organization or to a more general affiliation with the criminal lifestyle..

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What does MC in ARMY stand for?

Master Corporal (MCpl) is the sixth and highest rank in the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force for military police and non-commissioned officers. This is the highest rank that a military police NCO can attain. Master corporal is the first and highest rank of those ranks reserved for those who perform general military police duties. The insignia of a MCpl is the letter M superimposed over the fouled anchor. The insignia is worn as a collar pin on the service dress uniform. On the combat uniform and combat uniform withdistinction, the insignia is worn as a chest pin on the jacket and as a lapel pin on the shirt..

How does ARMY call BTS?

BTS, or Bangtan Boys, are a very popular Korean pop group around the world. ARMY are their international fans, who are very dedicated to the group, always defending them against haters..

What are BTS haters called?

They are called BTS (BTS), or Bangtan Haters (alternatively spelled Bangtan Haterz, Bangtan Haters). These are people who do not appreciate BTS, and other K-pop artists, and post hateful comments on social media, but also other sites like YouTube. They usually call other BTS (BTS) (BTS)..

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How big is the BTS army?

The “army” (fans) of BTS has been estimated to be around 10 million global. The exact number is not known and the fandom is growing rapidly..

Who Is Oppa in BTS?

Seokjin is the oldest member in BTS. It is said that he is the leader of the group. … He also recently admitted that he sees himself as the 3rd maknae of BTS..

What are Suga fans called?

Before BTS’s debut in 2013, ARMYs, A.R.M.Y, and Admirers were often used to refer to fans of BTS and other groups in the company (i.e. BigHit). Nowadays, Admirers is used for entertainment idols in general and ARMY is the most used name specifically for fans of BTS. Army, is a name used by BTS, by fans mostly in social media such as Twitter and Instagram. BTS called their fans Army (아미) because they thought that all their fans would protect them like an Army..

Who is BTS First Army?

The name “First Army” is a reference from a Korean online comic from 2007 called “태풍나는날에도움은없어요” or “Noonbongneundeyo” in English. In the comic, the protagonist is a normal high school kid who has a strange power. Whenever a national disaster occurs and death toll is higher than the total of the first and last digit of the year he turns 21, he gains superpowers and becomes “First Army”. The number of BTS fans who joined the fandom together is called the First Army. They usually refer to themselves as “First Army”, so this is a special term of respect. Fans who started following the band around 2013 is also called the First Army. Fans who also started following the band around that time will often use the term First Army to refer to themselves and their fellow fans. You can see why they call themselves this because it’s the first army to show each each and every member of the fandom respect and love, and their love and support is also like an army..

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