What Does Army Stand For?

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Army (army, armee, armija) is a branch of a nation’s armed forces that fights on land. It is usually divided into several divisions, but it can also be subdivided into corps, and further subdivided into units. The army also has its own special forces and support units. It is designed to support and complement naval and air force operations. The army usually includes army aviation, and sometimes even a space force..

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What does ARMY really stand for?

For a long time, BTS’ fandom was known as A.R.M.Y which stood for A dorable R es pectable M ade Y oung F ans. But recently, ARMY has become a popular nickname as well. In light of this, Rap Monster answered a fan question via Twitter. He said that the official meaning of ARMY is Adorable Representative Makers of Youth. Fans can shorten ARMY to Y if they wanted to. Just like the word YOLO. Y is a shorter version of Youth and it’s used more commonly than the word Youth. YOLO is an abbreviation of the phrase You Only Live Once . It is commonly used as a hashtag on Twitter and other social media sites such as Instagram. The abbreviation for ARMY is used as a hashtag on Twitter and other social media sites..

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What are the initials for the ARMY?

The actual acronym for the Army is RA. This is derived from the old French word Royale. However, the practice of calling the Army the ‘ARMY’ was started by Napoleon Bonaparte. He started calling the Army ‘The Army of Napoleon’. When the British joined hands with the French, this soon became ‘The Army of the NAPOLEON’. This may have been shortened to ‘The ARMY’ when in civilian use..

What does BTS and Army stand for?

BTS stands for Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The name was chosen by fans after a public poll. The word “bangtan” is the Korean translation of “bulletproof.” It’s an acronym which contains meanings of “Beyond The Scene (BTS)” and “Best (B)oys (T)ogether (S)peak (T).” This is why you see BTS written as BTS..

Why is it called Army?

The name Army was derived from the word Army when it was formed in 1954. The name Army was derived when Indian Army was formed in 1954 after India got Independence in 1947. It was created by the act of Parliament. The act came into force when the President gave his assent. The Army can be divided into three parts. They are Army, Navy and the Air Force. Army is the land based force in India. Army is responsible for the defence of India. Army is also responsible for conflict, war, peace keeping etc in the land. Army does the total defence of India. Army is the largest part of Indian armed forces..

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What does BTS stand for in English?

BTS is an abbreviation for Bullet Train. It was the first high speed train line in Japan. It ran between Shimbashi Station in Tokyo and Shin-Tsurumi Station in Yokohama. The BTS was used for both passengers and freight trains. The train line started operating in October 1964, and shut down in March 2013..

What does Navy stand for Military?

Navy stands for military is the responsible department of the US Government. It is responsible for protecting nation’s waterways for trade for any kind of attack. It conducts warfare against the pirates, terrorists and any other country which is not friendly with the US Government..

What does Marines stand for?

The U.S. Marine Corps was officially formed on 10 November 1775. The Marine Corps’ motto is Semper Fidelis, which means “Always Faithful” in Latin. The Corps was initially formed for two reasons: First, to protect the ships that the newly formed American Navy would use to protect the U.S. coastlines against attacks from the British, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, etc. Second, to support the U.S. Navy in any land operations that the Navy might potentially participate in, such as the Revolutionary War..

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