What Does Cali Stand For In The Army?

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Cali is short for California. In the Army, a Cali area is an area where there is a large number of female soldiers serving. It can be considered as a slang term for a barracks or a female-only floor in the barracks. A high number of female soldiers in an area will increase the probability of sexual harassment and favoritism of female soldiers, hence the term is not regarded as a positive one..

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What does acronym Cali stand for?

Acronym “Cali” stands for California. #CaliDay 2017. The day California became a state. The day California became a state was 9th September 1850. #Cali stands for California. The people of California do not pronounce the “i” in California. It is a local custom. In Spanish the word is pronounced “Ka-lee”. You might see “Kalifornie” or “Kali” on an old map or historic document. But the people only ever say

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