What Does Salvation Army Take?

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The Salvation Army is a Christian church and charity. It’s a non-governmental organization, so it’s funded by private donations and money from government agencies and private foundations. The charity offers a wide variety of services to low-income people. The services include shelters, food, clothing and money for paying for utilities, rent and prescriptions. Each year, the organization serves more than 30 million people..

What Does Salvation Army Take? – Related Questions

What kind of donations does Salvation Army take?

The Salvation Army can take almost anything from clothing to furniture to toys. It’s not as simple as that, however, as certain items are worth more than others. In general, the Salvation Army will take any used clothing or household items, but you may have to break them down to make them easier to transport. Don’t worry about this too much, because recipients at your local Salvation Army store will take the items and sort them out. This is a very common practice for non-profit organizations..

What items should not be donated?

If you are wondering what items you can donate, then this is the opposite of that. Here are the things you should not donate. Don’t donate anything that is expired or outdated. Don’t donate anything broken, stained, ripped, or anything that doesn’t work. Don’t donate things that are not in good condition..

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What can you not donate to Salvation Army?

Salvation Army advises users not to donate the following items to their services: Used or broken items, old towels, sheets, blankets, mattresses, pillows, toilet seats, metal, aluminum foil, vacuum cleaners, worn clothing, mercury thermometers, toys, stuffed animals, food waste, light bulbs with mercury in them, alarm clocks, magazines, rugs, mirrors, leather items, wallpaper, paper products, car seats, food waste, paint, yard waste, toiletries, Styrofoam, hazardous chemicals, oil, latex paint, vehicle batteries, household cleaners, kerosene, fluorescent bulbs, foam, paint thinner, varnish, fluorescent tubes, nail polish remover, insect spray, nail polish, pet beds, toddler toys, or any stuffed toys with small parts. Also, they do not provide pick-up service..

Does Salvation Army have a drop off box?

The Salvation Army is a world-wide organization with many different branches. Each branch will have their own policies regarding donations. As you’re not sure where the Salvation Army is located, I suggest you call your local branch to see if they have a drop off box. If they do, drop off your donations and then you can ask them the next time you visit..

Can you donate used socks to Salvation Army?

Yes you can donate used socks to Salvation Army. If you check out some of their branches, you will find a bin to place your old socks in. The socks will then be distributed to homeless people or anyone who needs them. You can also drop them off at your nearest donation center..

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