What Does The Army Do?

Old barracks of the Finnish army on Suomenlinna, Finland

The Army is the branch of the Armed Forces of the United States responsible for land-based military operations. It was created in 1775 and was made official on June 14, 1784 by the Continental Congress. The Army is the largest branch in the military and the second largest employer in the nation. The Army has a very large and complex hierarchy and organization. The Department of the Army and the Department of the Air Force and the Marine Corps are all led by the Secretary of Defense. The Army is divided into three branches: the Army National Guard, the United States Army, and the United States Army Reserve..

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Does the Army go to war?

The U.S. military does not go to war. It always takes the orders from the President, who is advised by his staff. The army is an important part of the U.S military. Its main role is to defend our nation, but it also can be used to fight wars or conflicts if it is required. The army should always be prepared to fight whatever the threat is. The army protects our country from other countries especially terrorists. We can say that the army is the first line of defense to any conflict..

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What does the UK Army do?

The UK Army is one of the three services that make up the British Armed Forces. Its role is to defend the United Kingdom’s interests at home and abroad, providing the Prime Minister with the military resources to do so. The Army is currently engaged in several overseas operations, most notably in Afghanistan, where they are fighting the Taliban. On average, the Army maintains approximately ___-strong forces on deployment at any one time. It is currently headed by Chief of the General Staff, General Sir David Richards..

What do the Army do when not at war?

The U.S. Army is a very active service, even when it is not at war. One of the first acts of the first Continental Congress in 1775 was to organize the first national army, known as the Continental Army. The Continental Army was disbanded in 1783, but was reorganized by Congress in 1789 as the U.S. Army. When the country is not at war, the Army’s main responsibilities are to keep the President safe, defend the borders, provide disaster relief, and keep the Army ready for war..

Is being in the Army hard?

Being in the Army is not easy. Even though you may get to do a lot of travelling, it is the lack of freedom and the long days and nights. It may not be what you’re looking for. However, the Army is full of opportunities and if you’re looking for a steady job and a challenge then the Army may be for you..

Is joining the Army a good idea?

It all depends on what you want to do when you leave the Army. If your idea is to rise to the top and be a general then yes, joining the Army is a great idea and you will be trained for it and earn a lot of money. If you join the Army and your sole purpose is to get a college education and then get a desk job and earn a good living, then is is not a good idea. Apply to the Army, but with a plan. You can get a lot more out of the Army if you have a plan, and the plan is to get the training and education you need to succeed. By applying to the Army with a plan you are more likely to rise to the top..

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What do soldiers do all day?

A soldier’s day can be both boring and terrifying. Boring: During the day, soldiers tend to do a lot of standing around and watching. As long as there is no attack or no other emergency, there is not much to do. When soldiers stand guard, they just stand and wait for something to happen. They don’t do much else besides stand guard. Terrifying: Soldiers may have some time to sit around, but that doesn’t mean they are not exposed to danger. One of the most frightening parts of being a soldier is the uncertainty of what each day will bring. A soldier might have some down time between missions, but no one knows when the next mission will start. Soldiers are on high alert throughout the day..

How much do UK soldiers get paid?

Currently, the UK army recruits 16-year olds for the ranks of private, lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, warrant officer class 2, warrant officer class 1, and second lieutenant. The salary for each one of these ranks are as follows: 624 pounds, 693 pounds, 797 pounds, 1,188 pounds, 1,445 pounds, 1,916 pounds, and 2,314 pounds per year respectively. The commission, or the starting salary of a second-lieutenant is 2,314 pounds. The income depends on the rank and kind of the soldier in the army, and that in itself is a reason, in my opinion, to sign up and become a soldier. If you’re lucky, your income may even go beyond the expectations..

Is the UK currently at war?

Yes, the UK is currently at war. It has been involved in fighting campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has also supported NATO forces in fighting campaigns in Kosovo and Libya. The UK has been involved in the fighting campaign to remove ISIS from Syria and Iraq as well as fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The UK’s armed forces are currently part of the 62 nation coalition against ISIS. The UK has also been involved in non-fighting operations such as disaster relief and peacekeeping tasks..

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Can you quit Army?

It’s up to you. But you can try asking the recruiter again to be released from the contract. Some people do successfully get out of their enlistment contracts. However, in most cases, you can only get out of the contract for extenuating circumstances you can prove. For example, if your life is in danger in your current location, you can try asking to be released..

Do you go to jail if you quit the military?

This is a really basic question, but let me think about this. I don’t think it’s advisable to quit the military especially if you are in the middle of your contract. You will be subjected to court martial and sent to prison. I don’t think it’s a good idea. If you’re thinking about getting out of the military and you’re already deployed, then I think it’s a good idea..

How long do soldiers work daily?

Soldiers work long and hard, and make sacrifices most never consider. They work longer and harder than most knowledge workers many weekends each month. When I was working in high tech, for example, I could choose to work every weekend, but even though I worked hard during the week, I was usually free on Saturday and Sunday. Soldiers are not always so lucky..

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