What Drinks Do Coke Own?

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Coca-Cola Company also produces drinks such as Sprite, Dasani, and Mello Yello.

The world’s most popular soft drink is Coca-Cola. The company sells everything from Coke to Diet Coke – more than 1.9 billion servings of the two beverages a day around the world – and has a presence in nearly every country on Earth.
Besides drinks it also deals in water productions It manufactures Minute Maid juices, Powerade sports drinks and juice lines including Odwalla and Hi-C. In 2014 it announced plans for a new water brand called Topo Chico made with mineral sourced from an ancient desert aquifer beneath Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountaines ́wins market share with sugary fruit flavored.

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What beverage companies does Coca-Cola own?

In addition to its namesake Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola also owns the following brands:
Minute Maid, Georgia Coffee Company, Odwalla, Honest Tea and Simply Juice; Fuze;
Deja Blue (privately owned), Barq’s Root Beer and Dad’s root beer (privately owned); Gold Peak tea and Dasani water.
It is currently the second most valuable brand in the world with a value of around $79 billion.
Coca-Cola is available in 120 countries around the globe.
Information missing from answer: What beverage companies does Coca-Cola own?
Information missing from answer: In addition to its namesake Coca-Cola, Coca Cola also owns Minute Maid, Georgia.

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How many drinks does coke own?

They don’t. Coca-Cola discontinued operations in Libya, Tunisia and the Arab Republic of Egypt in 2010..

Who owns Coke today?

Share of ownership is as follows:

Coca-Cola of Chicago 148,000 *** AT&T 18,700 *** JPMorgan Chase 12,368 416 551 *** Knight Capital Management 11,112 13 873 **** Argonne National Laboratory 3.37% ^* 606 ^* 69 *# EDS Freelance Employee Co-Op 99.13% 7018 ^* 43 ## Yahoo! Inc. 0.0054% 277 **^** 123 ? Hewlett-Packard Company 0.0047% 143 **** 489 ? Raytheon Company 0.0031% 130 ** 170?*** Nordstrom Incorporated 0.0187% 99 ******** 30 * BorgWarner Incorporated 0.

Who owns 7 Up soda?

7 Up is a brand of lemon lime soft drink, which enjoyed its greatest period of popularity in North America during the 1950s and 1960s. Created by Charles Leiper Grigg, it was introduced nationally in 1948 with a heavy advertising campaign.

In 1965, the company lost the right to call itself “The Uncola” when that phrase became associated with another drink from PepsiCo. In 1991 ownership changed from The Charles W. Stroh Brewery Company to what is now Dr Pepper Snapple Group. It is currently licensed for production exclusively in Canada by Cott Corporation’s Canadian subsidiary Cott Refreshments Canada Inc., which produces nearly one-quarter of their products for them under license from 2009 onward following the acquisition of Mir.

Is 7UP a Coke product?


While this question is bound to come up from time to time, here’s the answer you’re looking for: 7UP is not a Coke product and there are no plans with regard to future association between 7UP with any such company. There are some similarities in the ingredients of both brands of soft drink, but that’s where their similarities end..

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Does Coke own Red Bull?

No, not to my knowledge.
Based on the questions you’ve posed to me, I think it’s in your best interest to read this article about Coke’s Revenues in comparison with Pepsi’s for 2009 to find out where they stand today in the soda industry. It could answer your question better than I can here.

Coke owns many other brands including Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Honest Tea and Minute Maid which are all mentioned at However Red Bull is no where listed there so if they do own them I would suspect you’ll only get a healthy dose of billboard advertising stunts -.

Who owns Mt Dew?


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