What Happened To The Afghan Army?

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The Afghan National Army (ANA) is the army of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Afghan Army was re-established in December 2001 with the aid of the United States Armed Forces. It is officially an all-volunteer force, but there are incentives for early deployment, attendance, and length of service. The Afghan Army is divided into seven regional Corps..

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Why did the Afghan army collapse?

The ANA resembles other militaries, in the sense it relies on strength, training, and discipline. The Afghan army was greatly suppressed by years of instability, corruption, low morale, drug abuse, and poor leadership. The ANA are no match against the Taliban, because the Taliban are fighting for their homeland, whereas the ANA are fighting for a government that they have no faith in. The ANA are also fighting beside the US Army, which has taken heavy casualties over the past eight years. The US has depended on the ANA to fight for them, but after the brutal battle of Kunduz, the US may find themselves fighting alone again..

What happened to the Afghan National Army?

While more than 100,000 soldiers were trained, __% of the trainees had dropped out after two or three days. According to an army spokesman, the dropout rate was the same in the regular army. But some international observers had more serious concerns. They estimated that __% of the trainees were drug addicts. And 25% of the recruits had lied about their age – many were actually under-age. Others had given fraudulent information about their background – information that had more to do with their ethnic group than any real background. This meant that the ethnic composition of the army was not at all representative of the ethnic composition of the country. Many of the soldiers were also illiterate..

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How Massoud was killed?

Massoud was killed by a suicide bomber on September 9, 2001. The suicide bomber was posing as a journalist and detonated a bomb hidden in his camera during a live interview with Massoud..

Why did the Afghanistan war start?

There are two views on the reason of the war. The first is that Afghanistan was used by terrorists to plan and execute the 9/11 attacks on America, and the Afghan government was unable to control these terrorists. The second is that Afghanistan was not involved in the 9/11 attacks on the US, but the US administration, under the influence of the neo-conservatives, thought it was necessary to invade this country to change the ruling regime, the Taliban. The US administration, despite the CIA intelligence reports, claimed that terrorist leader Osama bin Laden was hiding there, and that Afghanistan was used as a base of Al Qaeda terrorists. Thus began the invasion of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001..

How big is the Afghan army 2021?

Afghanistan is in the middle of a massive army buildup in order to combat the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS. By 2021, their army will be 505,000 strong, per the 2017 security agreement between the two countries..

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