What Happens After Basic Training Army?

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Basic training is the first step in the long, slow process of training you to be a soldier. After basic training, you’ll move on to Advanced Individual Training which will last for up to two years, depending on your chosen career field. This training consists of on-the-job instruction and classroom instruction, and will prepare you for your role as a soldier. If your needs to find out more information about this training, please call the Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCOM)..

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Do you go home after basic training?

After basic training, you’ll be sent to your MOS school (job specific school). This is where you learn the skills required for your job. For example, when I enlisted in the Army I was a Mechanical Engineer, so my MOS school was Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in automotive..

How long after basic training will you be deployed?

The average time after completing basic training to deployment is approximately 12 weeks, though it may take less or more depending on the service and jobs. This time may be stretched out further if you still have to attend additional schools. For example, personnel in the Navy must go to “A” school after basic training. Each branch has different schools that they require their personnel attend after basic training..

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How much money do you get after basic training Army?

The amount that recruits receive is determined by rank. When they are in basic training, they are awarded the military pay per the base pay chart. Depending on the branch of service they choose, they can be hired at the lowest rank, E-1, or they can be promoted to the highest rank of O-10. The difference in pay is huge..

What happens at the end of basic training?

At the end of basic training, the people will finally get to be a soldier. Basic training is a phase that is specifically targeted at “instilling a sense of discipline and developing the skills necessary to function as a member of a military team” as per Wikipedia. The training begins as soon as one steps out of the plane and enters the military base. It consists of a series of exercises that help one get used to the lifestyle of a soldier. This phase is the stern phase where the recruits experience the most physical and mental pressure. Once the basic training phase is over, the people will be able to enjoy the perks of being a soldier..

Does AIT start right after basic?

No. AIT does not start immediately after basic training. AIT locations are announced at the time of MOS assignment. An AIT start date will be on your MOS-OPT form. An ETS date for AIT will be one year from your MOS-OPT date..

Can you leave Bootcamp for death in family?

According to Army Regulation 600-85, all Army soldiers have personal emergency leave (PEL) available to them. The Army spouse or Army family member needs to be a U.S. citizen. Army soldier does not have to be physically present in the United States to use this leave. Army soldiers may be authorized up to 5 workdays or 14 days of leave in a calender year to be used for the birth or adoption of a child. Leave may be used for other emergencies including natural disasters, domestic violence incidents, child abuse or neglect, or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the commanding officer..

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Can you serve 2 years in the Army?

Yes you can. The Army allows men and women of any age to enlist. If you’re more than 17 years of age, you can enlist in the active Army, Army National Guard or the Army Reserve. It’s important to remember that there are height, weight, and health standards you’ll need to meet before you can serve, however..

Do you get paid in boot camp?

In most cases, you get paid in boot camp. The wages usually start from $204 per week, but the amount could be slightly higher or lower, depending on the branch of service. In addition to the weekly pay, the military provides a bonus to active duty enlistees called the “Bounty,” which can be anywhere between $100 and $1,000..

What is the shortest military contract?

The shortest military contract can be awarded by the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency for “Repair of Commercial Items”. This contract is for a 12-month period, with no option periods. The government can award this contract for any item that is repairable by the commercial sector, including office supplies, clothing, small arms, etc. This contract has to have a price of at least $100,000 and must be issued under the authority of FAR Part 12..

How much is Army salary?

Army salary is one of the highest in the government. Whenever a fresher joins the Army, he is never too highly paid. This is because a lot of people want to join the Army and they have to be paid a fair amount. He will get a monthly salary of around Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 55,000, for a Private with no experience. In the next ten years, the salary will go up depending on the level of experience. The highest salary for a General is Rs. 5 lakhs a month. A major part of the salary is paid to the soldiers in the form of various allowances. This includes the special allowance for serving in the high altitudes of the north and north-eastern states and the special allowance for serving in areas affected by insurgency. This allowance is given for serving in the north-east and the north and north-eastern border states. The serving soldiers can claim some other allowances too, such as the married accommodation allowance, the special duty allowance and an allowance for the children’s education..

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Which military branch pays the most?

The U.S. military is the world’s most powerful fighting force. Generals are its highest-ranking officers, while enlisted men are at the bottom of the military hierarchy. The branches of the military are the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Marine Corps. Soldiers are part of the Army, sailors serve in the Navy, aviators serve in the Air Force, and Marines serve in the Marine Corps..

How much do army make an hour?

An Army pay chart shows the pay for each rank. For instance, an E-1, Private (PVT) serving in the Army National Guard is paid $14,353 per year. The E-2, Private (PVT), would be paid $15,547. The salary of an E-4, Corporal (CPL), would be $19,799 per year, with an additional $547 per month for housing allowance. So you can see the difference in the pay is significant. For an E-7, Sergeant (SGT), the pay is $28,859 per year, with an additional $547 per month for housing allowance..

Do soldiers go home after AIT?

No, not before they go on a deployment. AIT lasts anywhere from 3 to 5 months, and during that time, soldiers are not allowed to contact friends or family. They only get 1 week of R&R before they deploy. Soldiers deployed to a combat zone spend a lot of time on deployments. They might go back to a garrison base for a few weeks, but they usually spend a lot of time deployed overseas..

Can you fail boot camp?

Boot camp is a training program, so if your body is not in good shape, you will not be able to complete the program. Just like any other training program, boot camp is also designed so that people get the maximum benefit and be physically and mentally ready to take up the challenge. If you fail to complete the program, then you will not get the maximum benefit..

Do you graduate after basic training?

No you do not graduate after basic training. The training may be over but you still need to complete your MOS or Military Occupation Specialty after basic training to be able to graduate and carry on with your service in the Army. Some Military Occupation Specialty courses take time thus you must wait before you can graduate and move on with your training..

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