What Happens If The Military Finds Out You Have Asthma?

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If the recruiting office or MEPS doctor discovers you have asthma or any other medical condition they will not allow you to join. They will often require you to see a military doctor. If you have asthma you will most likely be disqualified. There is no minimum amount of asthma attacks you must have had, it’s based on how long you have had asthma, if your medical records are clear and if you are currently taking your asthma medications, if you are a current smoker. If you have a progressive condition such as asthma then the military won’t allow you to join, but if you can show that you can control it and can take care of it then you may be allowed to join..

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Will the military kick you out for asthma?

In the United States, asthma is one of the leading causes of hospitalization in the military. It is also one of the reasons why people are disqualified from military service. If your asthma is controlled with medication, a doctor’s note, and a letter from a doctor who is familiar with the features of asthma and its treatment, then you will be processed through the military. Some of the things the doctor will need to consider are the frequency, severity and use of the medications, your inhaler technique and how you are doing in school or at work..

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Can you have asthma in the military?

Yes, you can have asthma in the military. It is important to note that the military does not screen for asthma. Rather, the Department of Defense (DoD) offers a Self-Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ) to help determine if you can serve in the military and if you may have any underlying medical issues. It is important to discuss this with a military recruiter. If you have asthma and are prescribed your medications, you do not need to disclose that to the DoD; however, if you are required to use your inhaler to remain active during training, you will need to disclose that..

Can you be deployed if you have asthma?

No doubt asthma is a serious disease. A person suffering from asthma will have a difficult time in any physical activity. But the Army has a special group of personnel called ASTPS or “All-weather soldiers”. These soldiers are trained to fight in the extreme environment of snow, rain, heat and cold. The training is so tough that even a person suffering from asthma can complete it. Before any person is inducted into the ASTPS, he is put through a test and if the asthma does not affect his performance, he is inducted into the ASTPS. During extreme weather the soldier is not required to take his asthma medication which makes it more difficult to breathe. But with proper drills and training a person suffering from asthma can easily function in the toughest of the weather conditions..

Does asthma go away?

It is a disorder that could go away or stay with you for life. Chronic Asthma is not curable, but it is controllable and often can be managed quite easily. Treatment plans are often tailored to your situation, so the courses of treatment can vary. Severe cases of asthma that do not respond to treatment can lead to death, but this is relatively rare. Asthma symptoms are generally worse at night. It is called Nocturnal Asthma. Your symptoms could be worse after eating or during exercise. When you exercise, your bronchial tubes constrict resulting in difficulty in breathing. Asthma is a fairly common disorder that affects millions of Americans..

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Can you join the FBI with asthma?

There are certain prerequisites in order to join the FBI. One of them is that the applicant must have a high school diploma. This is something that one might go without if they have asthma. Before you are even accepted in the training program, you must be tested for any other disabilities, such as asthma. There aren’t any guarantees that you will be accepted into the training program if you have a disability, and so it’s best to work around it..

Can you develop asthma?

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, asthma is a chronic lung disease. They also state that you are more at risk of developing asthma if you are in a bad environment. For example, if you are in a country where air pollution is in high amounts or if you have an allergy to something..

What happens if MEPS disqualifies you?

If you fail to meet the standards of the Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPS) as indicated in the contract, then you will be disqualified. In some cases it might be because of your medical records, while in others it might be physical fitness problems. The MEPS staff members are trained to detect any medical conditions and physical ability problems. If you fail to undergo any required medical treatment, the MEPS may deny you a military contract..

Can I join the military with Crohn’s disease?

It is not very easy to get into the army with Crohn’s disease, but it is not impossible. You have to give a written proof from your doctor and the army doctor will examine you before you are allowed to join. You will be allowed to join the army if you are physically and mentally fit. If you are found to be physically fit, but if your doctor says that you need medications while you are in your service, they will give you a schedule. On the other hand, if you are suffering from mental disorders, then the doctor can grant you a temporary waiver, but it will only be valid for that year. You will be given a re-evaluation and if your condition is still severe, you can take a permanent waiver..

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