What Is An Asthma Attack?

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Asthma is a condition in which the body’s airways become obstructed, making it difficult to breathe. An Asthma attack can range from mild to severe, with the most severe cases being life threatening. What is an asthma attack? An asthma attack involves difficulty breathing, wheezing and coughing, which are brought about by inflammation in the airways. During an asthma attack, the muscles surrounding the lungs tighten up, which makes it difficult for the lungs to expand. This makes it harder to bring oxygen into the body and wastes the vital gas..

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How do I know if I’m having an asthma attack?

An asthma attack can be classified as a time when it is difficult for the person to breathe. The person may also have chest pain and have feelings of tightness in the chest. They may also have coughing spells that produce a large amount of phlegm or mucus. They may also experience wheezing. Wheezing is a sound that is caused by the tightening of the airways. Shortness of breath can also occur when you have asthma. The person will often sound like they are out of breath or struggling to breathe. They may also begin to feel lightheaded. If you are having trouble breathing, see a health care professional right away..

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How do you treat an asthma attack?

At the time of an asthma attack, you have to make your child to breathe slowly and deeply. Deep, slow breathing helps to relieve asthma symptoms. Try to keep the child calm. If the child collapses at any moment, you should call your doctor. If the condition is severe, he/she may need an injection of epinephrine. This can be used in emergency situations where medication is not helping. It is given in the thigh or the upper arm. You may be taught how to give the injection by your doctor, but the doctor will probably be the one to administer it. Also, ask your doctor to write down instructions of how to use a rescue inhaler/ nebulizer in case of an asthma attack. If your child has a history of asthma, take your child along to the doctor’s office and ask the doctor to give a prescription just in case your child has an asthma attack..

What are the 3 types of asthma?

Asthma is a disease that inflames, narrows and clogs the air passages. This greatly restricts air flow and makes breathing difficult. When people contract asthma, these air passages will react to triggers in their environment by constricting, then swelling, and then becoming inflamed. There are three types of asthma. These include: (1) extrinsic asthma, (2) intrinsic asthma, and (3) exercise-induced asthma. Because the air passages are inflamed, it will cause a cough and difficulty in breathing..

What is silent asthma?

“Silent asthma” (which refers to ‘asthma’ which is not causing any symptoms) is becoming a more and more common condition. While asthma has been known to affect over 300 million people globally and over 7 million in the US alone, the chance of it affecting someone without them being aware of it is high. While there are many treatments available and a good number of asthma sufferers are able to manage their condition successfully and enjoy a high quality of life, there is still a need to understand the condition better and all that can be done to manage symptoms..

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How can I open my lungs without an inhaler?

You are trying hard to open your lungs, but for some reason it is not working. It might be due to any of these reasons. 1. You may be not trying hard enough. Try more, but deeper breaths. 2. You may have a chest infection or any other lung infection. Take a medical checkup and get the reason behind. 3. You are a chronic asthmatic. You are using the inhaler too much. Please take a break. 4. You are using you inhaler improperly. You might be using it only for asthma, but you might have any other lung infection, so you might use it for that too. Anyways, you don’t need the inhaler. Use any of these techniques in breathing exercises to open your lungs..

What triggers asthma cough?

Asthma cough occurs when the air passages in the lungs are irritated, which then results in the production of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract, causing plugging and triggering cough reflex. Wheezing and shortness of breath is another sign of asthma cough, which appears when the patient is unable to get enough oxygen by inhaling and exhaling the air through the lungs. Asthma can cause chronic cough, but it is treatable and most patients who suffer from it can do something about it. Asthma is a chronic condition that can be treated, but does not go away. The only way to address it is to manage it. Some of the triggers for asthma cough are dust, pollen particles, perfumes, cigarette smoke and irritants. However, this will trigger cough reflex in some people and not in others..

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What foods can trigger asthma?

Asthma is a respiratory disease that is characterized by the swelling of the airway, making it difficult to breathe. The inflammation can be triggered by a variety of factors including allergens, exercise, colds, infections, and various irritants. Some of the common triggers include outdoor allergens, like pollen, dust and mold, while indoor irritants include cigarette smoke. If a food allergy is involved, then the trigger may also be a food. Milk and peanuts are commonly associated with asthma, since they are common allergens. But any food allergen can trigger asthma if a person is allergic to it..

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