What Is Army?

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The army is the land component of the armed forces of a country. The function of this army is to defend the territory of the country against any outside threat. The army is the permanent force, which is why it is also called the regular force..

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What is the full meaning of army?

The full meaning of army is the organized forces of a nation or state. A common synonym for army is military or ground forces. This article is about the common army. For the specific armies of countries, see land forces..

What are the 4 types of army?

There are four type of army in the world: 1. Land army: This army depends on tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery. It is the one that has all the weapons and machines. In this field, the army is considered as the strongest force. 2. Air army: In this army, the main thing is the air force. This force has a very strong air force, but it lacks a strong land army. This army uses jet fighters, helicopters, and bombers. 3. Sea army: This army is very big and it has a sea fleet and ships. It has the most powerful and strongest navy and it has a very strong and powerful air force. 4. Cyber army: This army has the latest technology and the latest military equipment. This army has a very strong and powerful air force and a very strong and powerful navy. This army is considered as the strongest force..

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What is the role of the army?

The role of the army is to safeguard the integrity, security and sovereignty of the country, and to defend it against any hostile aggression..

What are the three types of army?

__% of the army is active duty personnel. The other __% are reserves. The __% are national guard. The __% are the army national guard. The army national guard is a reserve force under both state and federal control. The three types under the army national guard are the __% and the __%. The army national guard is designed to be a state controlled force, but its pay and allowances are federally controlled..

Why is it called the army?

The word “army” has been used since the dawn of history, but it wasn’t always synonymous with soldiering. During the late Roman Empire, for instance, it designated the area around a military fort. Some scholars believe that the word itself comes from the Latin arma “tools” or arma “arms” (since soldiers used tools of war). Others trace the word to the Old German ermen , meaning “war band.”.

Why are BTS fans called army?

BTS stands for the biggest boyband on the planet and ARMY stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. BTS is a K-pop group which has members, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jimin, V and Jungkook between the ages of 20 and 25. BTS is also known as Bangtan Boys and Bulletproof Boys. Fans of BTS are called ARMY. Fans of other groups are called fandoms..

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How many types of Army are there?

British Army, Indian Army, Sri Lankan Army, Pakistan Army, Iranian Army etc. are the main armies in this world. The British army is one of the largest armies in the world with more than 1000000 personnel. There are more than 15000 personnel in the Indian army..

Who commands the military?

The Constitution of the United States laid the foundation for who commands the Military of the United States of America..

What is the Army motto?

The motto for the United States Army is ” This we’ll defend” . It was adopted by an Act of Congress in 1984. The motto has been used since 1775 and is a symbol of the Army’s fight and dedication to the nation..

Why is military important?

Military is the ultimate force to defend and protect the country and the citizen and also it offers various kinds of employment and business opportunities. It’s a global phenomenon and it offers a wide range of career and professional development..

Which country is first in army?

No country in the world is the first in the ground. This is because of the history of their development. The army was built in the presence of the country, the country was built in the presence of the army. A country’s military can be called the strongest when they are able to control the weakness of the country. Eastern countries are strong, they are not afraid of war. Western countries are shrewd in their policies..

What are soldiers called?

Serving in any military is no longer just a job, but a matter of pride and honor. It is a profession and a lifestyle. It is a calling and a commitment. It is a way of life and a philosophy. It is also called as a career. The armed forces of a country are known for their valor and bravery. They are the symbol of the great nation to the world. So, what are soldiers called? They are called as “soldiers”..

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How can I join the Army?

You can get enlisted in the Army through the Army careers page, which is the official site of the Army. The Army career page will ask you a series of questions to assess your suitability for service. It can also help you get support for clinical depression and PTSD..

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